ACB dodges oral submissions in Chaponda’s case: Adjourned to April 20

The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB)   has dodged the oral submissions in a case aginst former minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda and asked the Zomba Magistrate Court to move it to April 20 in a move which has irked the defence.

Lawyer Jai Banda speak to reporters: State is playing delaying tactics

The State prosecutirs said the are not ready for the submissions.

Chaponda is answering three charges out of the four which include giving false information to ACB, influencing a public officer to misuse his position and possession of foreign currency while Transglobe’sdirectir Rashid  Tayub, the second accuse, is answering to the charge of persuading a public officer to misuse his position.

They both pleaded not guilty.

Defence lawyer for  Tayub, Jai Banda said they are disappointed with the delay tactics by the State.

“We are very disappointed. We maintained right from the beginning that we would want this case to end as quickly as possible. The State have always brought all tricks in the book to prolong this matter. First they asked the first magistrate to recuse himself.

“After they failed they got the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to have the matter transferred to the High Court and several times their witnesses were not available and now despite agreeing on time deadlines they want more time,” he said.

Banda added that “Our client’s business is suffering and we would like this case to end so that the accused are vindicated. Justice delayed is justice denied on the part of our clients.”

Chapondawas fired from Cabinet on February 22 2017 following public pressure after the ACB instituted investigations on allegations of his involvement in the K26 billion maize import deal from Zambia, popularly known as maizegate.

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The State is wobbling, as it suspects its case was weak, in the first place.
They are trying to save face, that’s all. Wasting our money basi.


the case was started just to extinguish the political fire set by Kamulepo and his northerner haters of Chaponda. Most of us knew right from the start that there was no case only that people wanted to get allowances by travelling. Justice Msosa has lost credibility by writing the useless report and the parliamentary hearing and report were all just useless.

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I cry for my Malawi. Every thing happening now for sure was planned. Power and money will influence the out come of this case. No one is even interested in finding the cause of fire ku agricultural ministry. Kuli nziiii.chingawuluke motani chimatera basi. So many weaknesses in this case but time will tell sure.

Kondwa Makoka

It’s clear that this story was cooked up to damage Chaponda because of his closeness to Mutharika and of his presidential ambitions. Mwinanso anali yemwe akutuma Callista panoyu..

Kingstone Kalulu

Malawi ndi dziko lomvetsa chisoni kowooopsa! Wina kungoyambitsa nkhani basi tonse ngwiii pambuyopo.Lero ndi izi ACB ikungothawawatha ku court.Tiyeni nazo mesa munatchukitsa kuti Chaponda waba..Ana anjoka!

Dean Gowa Nyamukeni

Kondowe anayamba nkhani imeneyi alibe ma facts.Pano ana achewa asowa nayo kolowera.Useless and clueless ACB

Moses Kalima

I feel for Hon. Dr. George T. Chaponda. The Overzealous Times just defamed him for nothing. Even though that’s the case for now, nobody can change the fact the that he is one of the most hard working and intelligent Malawians period!.

Manuel Kabazi

Anthu oipa munkangofuna kuononga mbiri ya Chaponda koma mukusowa kopita nayo nkhaniyi.Mulungu akukantheni.

Zomba Senior Analyst

ACB thought they had all the evidence against Chaponda just because the public said amangidwe.Atsala nazo okha akusowa kolowera.This is a problem when you mix your feelings with work.Learn to be objective malawians.

Mmalawi weniweni

ACB is being influenced by politicians. Their agenda is to deliberately derail business so that the Court should later rule that there is no case since the state does nt seem to be interested in this matter, the Suspect therefore is free. And Chaponda, like his party General Secretary will sue Government for dragging him to court when he was innocent, will again get the loot and use the same for this forthcoming campaign. ACB under this man is very corrupt and will take Malawians for a real ride while protecting his masters and money dishers. Lets wait and see…..

Murupale pa Thyolo

Mmalawi wakamba zezeeni

Justice Kossam

Chaponda will come out victorious. ACB relied on the public perception of George Chaponda but there was no concrete evidence against the former minister of agriculture.

Wamisala anaona Nkhondo
Wamisala anaona Nkhondo

Chaponda was born a winner. He will win both this case and the defamation case against times group

Game Changer

Try him now or leave him alone!!!!.Justice delayed is justice denied. Malawians want the truth

Francis Chikuyu

I will say what I said the other day. Anthu tinangokomedwa ndi social media. But looking at the facts presented against Chaponda will win the case. Imene ikanamukwenya bwenzi ili ya ndalama ija koma since minister of finance said he is the one who authorised basitu.Kungoti ukanena choncho umva wina akuti ‘wadyapo ameneyu”.

Yasin Yasin

Munthu wanzeru za Chaponda amangoyan’gana.Chifukwa onse opusa anamumanga kalekale pa facebook.hehehehehe

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