ACB investigator testifies in court on Cashgate beneficiaries

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) investigator Clemence Tembo on Tuesday testified at the High Court in Lilongwe that law enforcing bodies were compromised in investigating the infamous Cashgate—the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill.

Head of FIU Atuweni-Juwayeyi Agbermodji : Her body  is Cashgate beneficiary

Cashgate was exposed through the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe on September 13 2013 where about K24 billion was stolen during a randomly chosen six months period auditors covered between April and September 2013.

Tembo told the court that Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) – now Financial Intelligence Authority –  and Accountant General’s Office where given a share of the Cashgate loot in 2013 to pervert the course of justice.

He was testifying in the K2.4 billion Cashgate case involving former budget director Paul Mphwiyo and 18 others.

Tembo said the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) was given K100 million while the Accountant General ‘s Department got K200 million.

The court heard that Tembo found the beneficiary list of the proceeds in a drawer in the office of Cashgate convict and former tourism officer in the then Ministry of Tourism, Leonard Kalonga.

“I found the list in the drawer of Kalonga with names of 18 suppliers,” Tembo testified.

“The cheque numbers and the money that was there were confirmed to be valid, but during investigations, we discovered that some of the money was distributed to the departments.

“There was a K100 million which was distributed, but we don’t know where this money went because, I’m his own handwriting at the back of the printed list, K100 million was given to FIU, K200 million to the Accountant General’s Department.

“There was K100 million which was just signed but without indication of where it went.”

FIA, formerly FIU, an institution responsible for detecting and preventing fraud, was found in a compromised situation in dealing with Cashgate according to the account given by the ACB investigator.

The case in which Mphwiyo and the 18 other suspects  are answering charges of conspiracy to defraud government, holding property belonging to government, theft, money laundering, fraudulently issuing 24 cheques worth K2.4 billion, abuse of public office and usage of proceeds of crime continues.

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13 Comments on "ACB investigator testifies in court on Cashgate beneficiaries"

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Just wasting more taxpayer’s money with no any positive endpoint. Useless ACB!
And the names we keep on hearing are same old names involved in K24 billion, Kalonga, Mphwiyo, Lutepo, blah, blah!
The same FAKE ACB is completely silent on the K577 (ignore the new fake figure).
Parliament should just STOP allocating funds to this ACB this budget session.
ACB bosses connive with thieves to deliberately loose convictable cases so that money is later SHARED in bedrooms!
Shame on THIEVES!!!

Mwana Mchawa

You are focusing too much on the Mhangos and subsequently failing to look at critical issues with a logical mind. Think! Think! Think!


DPP has collapsed all three legs of government (the executive, legislature & judiciary). The entire system is in the pocket of DPP with no one with guts to challenge the president, DPP or its senior leaders. Anarchy is around the corner especially when the youths wake up and have nothing to lose. DPP is slowly becoming a risk to Malawi democracy.


Malawi wanga you are right. ndiyetu paja atumbuka akafuna kuba alibe pepani. Mr and Mrs Mhango amalankhula motumbwa kuti palibe amene angawakhudze




mukulimbana ndi Joyce nanga juwayeyi bwani. ali busy kutulutsa ndalama thru the foregn husband


When is the police arresting Joyce? I thought they said they had done their investigations and they have a warrant of arrest for her?


There is just no hope left.


That is what Malawians are expecting . However, some of the information that is still missing is much more important . There should always be someone higher in authority who started all this and that the rest were just following the leader.


Why are Malawians deliberately refusing to acknowledge that cashgate was engineered by Mwanamvekha and Daliso Kabambe. We all know that the MOU between govt and banks was the genesis of cashgate. Every senior civil servant knows the truth but cant talk. Joyce Banda was just a victim. Remember that ACB wanted to arrest Mphwiyo in 2008 but was foiled. Cashgate has nothing to do with any specific tribe because in every tribe there are thieves. At the moment corruption is proceeding unabated .

Malawi wanga

Mhango Mr at FIU and Mhango Mrs at Accountand General. Malawi sidzatheka. Mafia style!


abwana mwangodana ndi anthu akumpoto

chimanga chaponda

Malawi watchdog institutions are a total disgrace…………

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