ACB quiz business lady Manganaye: AG Kaphale, Matemba clash

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Monday summoned Ms Manganaye Kambauwa, a socialite and prominent business lady in Lilongwe, to interrogate her in the ongoing cashgate probe.

Manganaye Kambauwa: Questioned

Manganaye Kambauwa: Questioned

ACB sources said they questioned Kambauwa following a tip off and that she was not charged.

“She was questions on allegations of extortion but no charges have been pressed,” said ACB investigator.

A whistle blower is said to have claimed that Kambauwa and Peoples Party official Ephraim Chivunde took K15 million  from cashgate chief suspect Osward Lutepo to pay off  ACB.

The money was allegedly paid by a contractor Israel Kaunda on behalf of Lutepo.

The anti-graft investigator said Kambauwa gave her side of the story in an  interview conducted by ACB  officers.

ACB investigator told Nyasa Times that Kambauwa denied the allegations and suspected it was work of one lawyer who is also answering cashgate related cases to “smear many people and confuse the cashgate trials.”

She claimed the lawyer is on “social media trial on cashgate and wants to win a court of public opinion” and that he has hired some reporters to be spinning stories in the smear campaign and also targets at Peter Mutharika administration.

Kambauwa  ACB interview comes hot on the heels of reports that ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba and Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale have been exchanging emails attacking each other on the handling of the cashgate cases.

Matemba accused the Attorney General of compromising the prosecution of cashgate suspects like Paul Mphwiyo, Victor Sithole and  convict Treza Namathanga Senzani, who were once his clients on Cashgate.

The Principal Prosecutions Officer, Jacob Nambiri  has meanwhile reported Kaphele to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mary Kachale  complaining that the AG was blocking the officers from doing their jobs.

Kaphale reportedly ordered the release of an Immigration Repatriation Officer, Pius Thamando, who was arrested for perjury.

The officer laid under oath in an inquiry over the deportation an Ethiopian national.

It is alleged that Kaphale also stopped the inquiry into the whole case, by barring the courts from summoning the immigration officer.

But Kaphale has argued that whoever is aggrieved by the court orders obtained “can apply to have the orders dissolved if there were no sufficient grounds to obtain them in the first place”

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Eliam k

How can somebody pay K18 million cash for bail bond?? A malawi a civil servant aa yaya foul play


zinazo nchabe koma ….

ine mantha

woman, what is your question got to do with Peter Mutharika? just answer the questions and not trying to hide behind politics and DPP. if you were involved, you will be arrested, if you’re not then fine not dragging our president into this. personally, i know you were involved.. you remember that very big check 114?


Just wondering how this Government with all the machinery at its disposal is dancing to this mafia lawyer’s tune. we know he is the main cashgate squanderer and corrupt. Has the Government forgotten about the pay outs he ochastrated when he was AG? He is bitter with Kaphale coz they have been rivalries since university days and he knows he is the only person that can finish him off apart from Bruno kalemba! Government Please work UP!


My simple question is People like Mrs Senzani and othe cashgate looters where are they or did they get the money to pay Kaphale & Company thelegal fees? Deposit for their cases? Is it not from the same looted money. If so, can we really our esteem AG is clean? I will not ask the same of Lough Kambara because he is not holding a public office but for the AG representing looters paying fees with lloted mone is just embarrassing pang’ono

original gobe

nkulukuluwe ungamaope kufa? sunalaweko zapa mimosa eti? zizingokudutsani zonzuna abraz

Unenesko pera

Abale tithandizeni, no one is left now. I see every top official is involved. Vimaoneka pamaso ngati vilibe milandu koma vikutchinga milandu a Kaphale.


Amene angakandibwerekeleko charger cha mose kwa APM andiuze.

Mbowe Mulambia

All these you call judges, Lawyers and politicians are thieves this is arottern country


Yes, its a pitty. Our systems have failed us. We can manage to hold people to account and sadly we have internalized a culture of theft and corruption. It will take strong political will, heavy handedness and a long period to turn Malawi around. Poor our children who are born into this immoral society


I don’t want to comment about the rest of the story , but just to open the eyes of most sleepy Malawians that this so – called lawyer Roughneck Kasathief is indeed busy trying to confuse our minds by bringing in names of people who are not connected to this cashgate shit to make us believe that they , not him, are the real culprits . He is tirelessly spending time on the internet spinning story after story . Wake up my fellow Malawians .

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