Activist outraged by Kyungu’s ‘fools’ slur on Malawi govt critics

Youths in the northern region have vehemently attacked Paramount Chief Kyungu for calling government critics ‘fools’ saying the word was an insult and too strong to come out from him as a senior traditional leader.

Kyungu: DPP critics are fools

Simsokwe: Kyungu’s ‘fools’ comment is regretable

Kyungu made the remarks on Sunday during the official opening of Karonga stadium.

While backing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under the leadership of Peter Mutharika for developing the country especially the northern region, Kyungu described his critics has big fools.
“This government has done a lot of development in the country. Those who are not thanking but criticizing this government for failing Malawians are fools,” said Kyungu.

However, the youths in the north while backing government critics said Kyungu is teaching his subjects especially the youths to use insulting words.

Fearless youth activist Steven Simsokwe said such words are suppose to come from greedy as well as nomadic politicians, not a traditional leader like Kyungu.

According to him, Kyungu’s remarks was a total insult to the northerners who are segregated by this government.

“How do you expect the youths to behave if they hear such words from their traditional leaders. Apart from that, northerners have suffered or are suffering a lot in the hands of this government. We need many people to criticise this government in order to receive equal development,” said Simsokwe.

Simsokwe who was ranked as the best youth activist in the north in the year 2017 asked Kyungu to open his eyes and see the kind of development he praising this government and calling critics fools.

In his remarks, Alex Mkandawire said Kyungu’s reaction toward critics strongly manifest what kind of a leader he is and the type of ‘banzi’ he has eaten from DPP.

He said Kyungu is now working as DPP regional governor and not a Chief.

“Why should Kyungu be against with anyone against this government? If he want to eat much from this government, he has right but should not insult others,” he said.

Kyungu’s slurs also attracted condemnation from Malawi’s flagship newspaper, The Daily Times, through its editorial comment.

“If Kyungu and like-minded chiefs want to be schooled, the one thing we can tell them is that the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi provides for rights, one of which being the right to impart an opinion. There are many other guarantees, including international instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the like,” the paper said.

The paper advised Kyungu,and other misguided chiefs that they are not supposed to be tainted by partisan politics, especially because they serve all people, regardless of sex, political affiliation, religion and the like.

“So, by clearly towing a party line— the blue line of the DPP, to be precise— Kyungu has crossed the boundaries of impartiality and failed miserably on the scale of unspotted leadership.

“It is high time Kyungu and others of his ilk realised that critics oil the government’s engine of development. Through criticism, the government is able to identify gaps in national development efforts and work towards the betterment of all. Otherwise, there would not be such a word as constructive criticism,” said the paper.

The paper asked Kyungu to leave politics to politicians, or throw down the cloak of chieftainship and get into the ring of active politics where he  will encounter  “foul-mouthed human beings who may, after all, prove his equal.”


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Mr Mkonda

That is the problem of eating together with the government I think kyungu mwadya zambiri kaya ndikupasidwa mwapasidwa zokukwanirani ndithu look back people of notheren region are in big troubles with the issue of equal development. You were suppose to fight against big discrimination which is going on in the country really with your all education speaking pointless like that really God should help you.


Paramount Kyungu was right. Whoever says or believes the opposite of reality is a fool. Fools say there is no God!!! The same fools in Malawi say DPP has done nothing. Viva Paramount for telling Malawians the reality.


Nyamtengo if chakwera said educated fools and we didn’t comment, that means he hit the nail on its head, but for shithole kyungu statement has attracted wrath because he’s saying the opposite as to what is on the ground, simply put we don’t like pitala and his government.

Dick Head Kyungu (DHK)
Dick Head Kyungu (DHK)

Kyungu is a shithole chief, supporting a shithole government, by a shithole president. No offence Kyungu. If you want to support DPP just do so and not call those of us who don’t fools.


Jonson i hope you also understand that the so called subjects or youth from the north are a changed lot. The chiefs have to deal with these changed subjects. I do not support Paramount Kyungu if he really uttered such words but I know how unruly are the youths in Karonga. The youth respect people who are violent, foul mouthed and the like, just like what Morgan writes it is sad that the so called learned, intelligent youth from the north are the best at insulting leaders country wide. It is very sad to say the least !!!


Apart from his youthful wife Kyungu has no other attachment. Mind you he has no Children to worry about, so quota system and selection of children to secondary schools does not worry him


kkkk …Men will always be men

Mulomo wa Mulomole

Anayambisa zotukwanazo ndi bishop wanu uja Joseph Zuza. Munthu wamulungu koma owola mkamwa. If it was not for the foul mouth of that late bishop, northerners would not have been pathetically bad mouthed like Saulos below is.

Simply put, northerners lack good manners that’s why they fail to sustain even a single political party. The Livingstonia synod is also the most divided church. Too selfish people. All they know is to cheat in examinations and to steal government money. Foolish northerners.

The only sane person in the north is KYUNGU. Period!

Kunena Mosapsyatila

You are the one who is stupid and a dundahead with your shallow analysis including this dull professor of a President.

You are pure clap. No wonder Malawi is a laughing stock among her neighbours with people like you and Kyungu himself who will say anything to please their bosses.


Bravo Paramount chief Kyungu, you are a great man. Though I may not 100% agree with some of the vocabularies used but I think it’s fair to give credit where it is due and criticize where criticism is required. Chief Kyungu is that type of Leader. He is not influenced by emotions, envy, bitterness, acrimony, hostility, empty excitements, greed, anger etc. etc. he is the kind of chief who look at things objectively and bases decision on fact and figures. KEEP IT UP CHIEF, you have my support and that of right minded individual. Kodi a Malawi is it not… Read more »

Kodi mafumu as you call them amatithandiza chani? In Uganda they abolished them…cant we do the same here. i see them as a source of problem rather than the so called leadership and development

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