Activist Undule urges Malawi to probe Rwanda genocide  suspect

Malawi government should probe Rwamdan national Vincent Murekezi whoacquired the Malawian passport number MA078171 in 2011 using the name Vincent M. Banda, a Malawian, born at Mbeya, Tanzania yet he is  a genocide suspect wanted to face trial for his role in 1994  killings.

Undule: This matter can damage Malawi's image

Undule: This matter can damage Malawi’s image

Rwandan genocide suspect obtains Malawi passport, freely enjoying his life in Lilongwe

Rwandan genocide suspect obtains Malawi passport, freely enjoying his life in Lilongwe

Murekezi;s  Rwandan passport indicates the birth place as Ngoma-Huye in Rwanda. The passport number is PC 939663, the way it appears in a dossier by the Rwandan Government which names him as a suspect of the genocide.

Both passports show that Murekezi was born on January 6, 1962. The Malawi passport was issued in Blantyre on August 3, 2011 and is valid until August 2, 2021 while his Rwandan passport was issued on December 8, 2009 and expired on December 8, 2014.

Following an expose by Nyasa Times and also report in the flagship newspaper, The Daily Times,  the Rwandan has been using his strong links with Malawi government and ruling party politicians to shield him.

But human rights activist Undule Mwakasungura cautioned Malawi government to handle the matter carefully, saying the reports in Nyasa Times and Daily Times that Malawi has been hosting a genocide suspect “have potential to dmage the image of this country on the international scene.”

Mwakasungura said government need to swiftly invesitage and verify th suspect.

Some concerned Malawians want to ask the court to order government to extradite the Rwandan national.

Rwanda newspapers have picked the story from Nyasa Times but their government officials were not immediately available for comment on the issue.

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winston msowoya
Undule why can’t you urge the Malawi Government to probe the most shocking deaths of Dick Matenje,Aaron Gadama and Twaibu Sangala who are widely known to have been brutally murdered by Tembo’s and Kadzamila’s hired hitmen in order to clear the way for Tembo’s ascendancy to power after the rogue tyrant Hastings Banda’s demise.How about Focus Gwede who had bludgeoned to death dozens of innocent Malawians he allegedly accused of planning to assassinate his god-father Hastings Banda during his atrocious leadership.I think what Undule could have suggested is to deport the Rwandese back to Rwanda to face justice there and… Read more »
True Malawian
Kampango who said it’s only Undule who will fight for you. He did his part and left the space to others, bravo Undule for the good work you are doing for this country. I am proud of you and admire you greatly. You definitely need anational recognition and award. You are just unique UDK. What we must ask is where are the other NGOs leaders ? Do you mean the whole nation banking on Undule ? By the way you have not even honoured him … you Malawians are hypocrites. … Undule whether you are working with govt ot not… Read more »

Chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi. Wobwera amapatsidwa VIP treatment pomwe eni dziko kumabvutika. Enafe kuti tipeze passport zofunsidwa mbweee koma obwera awa angopeza ziphaso mosabvutikira. Muzalangidwa Mulungu akuona!

J Kamanga
Dear all Malawians, My advice we should not comment on things we don’t know, Vicent is not a criminal as some wants people to believe, You Rwandesee here, don’t bring your war in Malawi, we have courts of law here that can try him and if found guilty the law can take its cause. You Rwandese always when you fight in your businesses you use genoside to implecate your friends this is Malawi don’t think is Rwanda, here we live in piece. Immigration why don’t you check his finger print and come out clear if this other passport is also… Read more »

J Kamanga,you are not Malawian,why are you bringing the issue of Rwandese business people fighting.You want to defend your self here.We have known that


This guy is a murderer who must never ever be allowed to reside in Malawi. Kamanga or whatever name you go by you are not a Malawian but a Rwandese who is supporting your fellow genocide perpetrator. If the guy is not guilty let him go back to his country so that he can clear his name. During Thodi’s reign as CIO many genocide suspects got citizenship illegally. I have lived in Zimbabwe where it’s citizens jealously guard their passports.

This is a sad development of what is happening in Malawi. For small change,we are willing to sell our country to the willing buyer. For those that are involved in these kind of scams, they should be tried for treason. If this is not treason, then I do not know what treason is. In fact, I should put, if public officers are involved in corruption, they should be tried for treason. That is the only way we can clean up the country. I would suggest that all foreigners should be thoroughly scrutinized and if they were actively involved in crimes,… Read more »

Stupid Undule. Instead of fighting for the many Malawians suffering under the stupid DPP government you fold your lazy arms. Kodi munadya zingati?

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