Activists plan anti-Mutharika protests

Civil society groups in Malawi are secretlly meeting to organise “peaceful and constitutional demonstrations”  to force President Peter Mutharika to address the country’s deteriorating economic situation and protest that the President is increasingly becoming arrogant and intolerant.

Mayaya:  Protests on the cards

Mayaya: Protests on the cards

Sources close to the organising group confirmed the development but said details of the demonstration like places and dates are yet to be worked out.

The source said high on the agenda are the arrogance and intolerance of President Mutharika on crucial issues such as the chartering of presidential dates and the sending of over 100 delegation to the UN when the economy is down at its knees.

When contacted, civil rights activist Billy Mayaya said Malawians will be mobilised into peaceful protests and other forms of expression.

On Thursday Mutharika ruled out slowing down on global trotting on expensive chartered expensive presidential jets, defiantly boasting he would be up in the skies heading to India and England before December.

“Do you want your President to be at the airports for 10 hours?…I dont want your money but I want to help you,” he said.

Mayaya however cautioned the President to stop shouting at Malawians as if they were his own children, saying he is accountable to Malawians.

“We will not be silenced. Malawi is going down the tubes and he is busy gallivanting around the world instead of showing leadership,” he said.

It is yet to be seen how the civil society will organise the protests as the government tactitfuly divided the movement with some massively benefitting from the DPP administration.

However, the fact remains that Malawi is going through the worst economic turbulations that calls for belt tightening and sacrifice starting from the presidency.

CSOs argue that Malawi was facing a “series of catastrophes” with the cost of living was rising alarmingly and fears that Malawi was turning into an “autocratic kleptocracy”.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with an estimated 75% of the population living on less than $1 (60p) a day while the President and the super rich ruling class are living in opulence.

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chimwana chamatako abwino

ma demo akufunika basi zayambikazi ndizawuchisiru

Kadzuwa Evans
Don,t blame Peter blame Muluzi,he is selfish,this is wat he wanted ,we trusted him this is how he repayed us,Mutharika family was an ordinary family like any other families in malawi,went abroad for economic problems ,came back politicians because of Muluzi,we had lots of comrades,to name few Late comr ALEKE BANDA,Harry tomson ,Brown mpinganjira,Friday Jumbe e.t.c,what was wrong with all those guys,for him to handpick the Mutharikas,who knew nothing about malawians,muluzi betrayed us because we coundn,t give him athird term,he was furious sothat he wanted us to suffer for refusing him to stand again,Now years later he made his own… Read more »
Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs
Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs
Nonse amene mukudana ndi mayaya ndi demo iyi Nonse ndi alomwe anthu amitundu yoyipa yakumwera achawa ndi amang’anja anthu okuba kutereku sumuwona zowawa chifukwa kuba 577 billion si pano kutereku achawa a UDF ndi alomwe a DPP muli nazo zokuba Mboma mungodabwa kuti ku malawi kuno anthu akuvutika koma aaaaa muli patsoka likubwera tsiku lomwe likudza mothamanga pome alomwe mudzamve kuwawa koopsyaaa mark my words, no one is above the law. Pitala wanuyu ndiye chipukupuku cha pulezidenti iiiii ochititsa manyaziii ankakadziyikilanji malo a u president osamuyenera ngati awo. Kodi a kuti sakufuna ndalama zathu manga ankapangilanji campaign sakaziwa kuti ukakahala… Read more »
kamowa John

Please respect the views pieces of advice from peace loving Malawian. We dont want bloodshed here.


No issue here to demonstrate for.Read the article written by Seud White on herface book last week . She cleared the minds of many people who were talking about this issue.If you have personal issues against the President just go to court.Mxiiiiii

I cant waitfor the demos. I am tired of this foolish educated idiot who lacks wisdom! Tiyeni naye. After demos, it must be impeachment! Asotiwopseze kuti he already told us that whoever has solutions must provide and we did not. So he does not see anyone else who can rule Malawi with better options and solutions than him. Bodza! He is just trying to play around with our psychology! He is not God. After him our good Lord who loves us so much will grant us a visionary leader. The time you were busy paying Chilima, Bowler and the Dausi’s… Read more »
Bikiloni Nachipanti

Ng’we ng’we ng’we!!!

Let me help you to plan this Demo properly: Go buy 10 liters of petrol Set a day and take with you the petrol chigubu and a lighter Go and stand at a roof top at a shopping mall or the parliament gardens Shout on top of your voice about your displeasure with APM’s government to attract attention After you have seen a large crowd having gathered, dose the petrol on your whole body and drink some. Light yourself and thus the way to send a message of demonstration in the Tunisia way. Go for it Mayaya, we will support… Read more »

Muzingolalata pomwepa basi.mmene munayambila muja?what will ma demo benefit?the problem in this country we all want to be in power something which can’t happen.there’s time for everything and if you want to be in power wait for 2019 this is the time for running the government and we do it together and that is the only way that we can overcome our problems not demonstrations.go for your big walks mukamaliza mutipeza


Demo or no demo things won’t change in this country. Lets just joins hands & pray to yehoveh to help us.

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