Admarc officials off to US to buy maize

Three senior officials of State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) , including their biard chairman James Masumbu are in the United States  to buy maize, Nyasa Times understands.

Masumbu: Reportedly leading Admarc team

The trip comes at a time when two tax payers funded inquiries and the graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) are investigating suspicious dealings in the procurement of maize which led to suspensions of Admarx CEO Foster Mulumbe.

Nyasa Times sources said others on the trip include Admarc deputy CEO Margaret Mauwa and director of Finance Henry Kanjewe.

The trip has shocked some section of Malawians, including the civil society who are describing it  as money and time wasting.

The three Admarc officials have gone to buy the maize when both Admarc and National Reserve Agency have  repotedly enough maize.

It is not known when the three would return to Malawi.

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20 thoughts on “Admarc officials off to US to buy maize”

  1. Chitukuko says:

    Late President Bingu dealt with hunger in 2008 -2009. Why can’t this government use those strategies he used to do away with hunger?

  2. Ndakhumudwa ndi Muthalika ndi Amzake says:

    Peter and Chaponda stealing and trying to hide themselves by doing other worst mistake of misusing money through buyng maize that we already have, harvesting in 2 to 3 months period and maizegate issues with the Chaponda and DPP.

  3. naphiri says:

    i heard we have enough and in a few months tikolola? this is very sad indeed.

  4. charlie hebdo says:

    US maize is GMO! Be careful

  5. Rift Valley says:

    Haven’t we had enough scandals? This is sickenning and yet our President is sitting phwiii

  6. luciusmlotha says:

    I thought we’ve got enough maize

  7. Will says:

    Someone educats me. Wby do we have an embassy?

  8. bulutu says:

    So it is cheaper to buy maize than to grow when we can also increase our taxes through employment at the same time reducing unemployment. Don’t we have land and ready waters to grow in 3 months and harvest several times in a 12 month period? The lake has water from Karonga to Mangochi as well as furrow land along the waters. I see.

    May be my school is too little to realize the whole issue.

  9. lucius says:

    I thought they say we have enough maize

  10. lucius says:

    This is nonsense mesa amati chimanga nchambiri?

  11. Kaerdfty says:

    This is really unfortunate! NFRA has just reported a stock of around 52000 metric tones, and we hear ADMARC has adequate stocks in its warehouses, mainly as people are still buying from the pvt traders. Why waste our hard-earned money? Besides, we’ve evidence that some private traders have reserves enough to supply to ADMARC or NFRA. This is killing local entrepreneurs, farmers, inclusive! Why don’t you buy from the private traders? Mukufuna tonse tikhale opemphetsa, ie odalira relief interventions from WFP and partners? Komanso inu a WFP and partners, can you try to source locally whatever food items you are distributing? (ie, as ua distributing relief items in Neno, for instance, find local suppliers within Neno, neighbouring districts before u go to national supplires). If you are not careful, local traders’ failure to make profits from the little purchase they made will increase pressure on you next year as they will join the category of the low-income food insecure households. Anyway, poti ndizomwenso mumafuna for your job security and abnormal allowances….

  12. Achimwene says:

    What!!!This is total madness! God is watching! Fellow Malawians let’s rise up from our deep slumber!

    1. lucius says:

      I understand they said we’ve enough maize

  13. Mphwache says:

    Simungawathe anyani awa:

    Mulumbe is a first cousin to President Peter Mutharika
    Masumbu is business partner to the Attoney General
    Chaponda is second in line to President Peter Mutharika, in the ensuing succession battle.
    Saukila is a cousin to Chaponda, and family friends with Mutharika and Goodall Gondwe.

    No wonder these guys are untouchables.

  14. nzima says:

    Nyasaland has gone completely mad.

  15. nzima says:

    Nyasaland has gone completely mad.

  16. Poor Nation says:

    Guys we are not serious in Malawi. seriously of all the countries surrounding us then we opt to go to US to buy maize. How i wish Trump would have heard this so that the officials sent should be sent back.

  17. benjones says:

    To late fellas.

  18. Vyatola says:

    lets deal with the pple enough now

  19. The Hunger Games says:

    All over sudden we are this rich buying maize from the US. Alimi tonsefe ku malawi kuno zoona kukagula dowe ku Amelika? Kenako muziti ndalama zapelewela cause we had to ferry that maize across the Atlantic like yah simunkadziwa…Total BS…Ng’ombe za anthu

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