Advertise positions for  parastatal boards, MP Lunguzi advises Malawi govt

Opposition law maker has advised the government to advertise for the positions of board members of parastatals in order to improve services in the statutory corporations.

Lunguzi: Political patronage affecting efficiency in boards

Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi said this on Friday in parliament when she responded on behalf of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to a bill on the borrowing of money from European Union for Northern Region Water Board.

“We should not be choosing board members just because they have been nice to us, as a ruling party,” she said.

She said this syndrome of appointing political friends as board members is running down the performance of parastatals in the country.

“We should advertise for these posts so that we have right people in the boards,” she said. She said this would ensure that the board is able to give excellent policy direction for the smooth running of the boards.

Lunguzi  said some countries, including Botswana use the advertisement method of selecting board members.

Her remarks come barely days after President Peter Mutharika appointed board members for 19 statutory corporations.

The boards are mainly stuffed with the ruling party sympathisers, traditional leaders and religious leaders who show their affiliation to the DPP.

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10 thoughts on “Advertise positions for  parastatal boards, MP Lunguzi advises Malawi govt”

  1. Khumutcha says:

    Good idea JL.

  2. zuzo dekha says:

    indeed ma yes bwana who cannot even express themselves in the HOUSE OF DISCUSSIONS nepotism
    dausi= son in the UK embassy
    kaliati= daughter in the UK embassy
    kalilani= son in the …
    nanga ku Zimbabwe
    nanga sawewrengera
    nanga caponda…
    munthalika…beni etc
    mma office mwadzaza ndi ma nieces ndi nephews ankolo a ma bwana.
    dziko lino opanda mbale wa mma office palibe chako popeza ophuzila ndaamenewa.
    nanga ce mulumbe ma pepala awo ngotani?????????????????????????????????????

  3. Achi says:

    Mjiba! I dislike your type of thinking! Living in the past! The MCP of today wants to create and fashion principles that will promote efficiency, accountability and meaningful development.
    So shud we remain where we were 30 years ago?
    I applaud Juliana’s briliance on the way she views national issues.
    She is not living in the past, when in actual fact, most men in the august house continue to live in the past.
    A sober scrutiny of the recent appointees of boards remains a disgrace. For instance why in all fairness shud Apostle M. Mbewe be a board chair? Is it because he is indeed capable and for the first time the water board will be one example of an institution of excelency? Or he has been remembered because he pastors Ben Phiri?
    If the latter is true then the apostle will come out worse and spiritually destroyed cos he now has to dine with mommons.
    If the latter is true, will apostle continue to stand in holiness and rebuke evil at water board especially from the appointing authority and his close allies or he will get absorbed into the politician’s strange dance?

    Men of God, beware of the Malawi politics. You are called to holiness

  4. mjiba says:

    Oh Juliana, this practice started with MCP ukudabwa chiyani.

  5. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    Botswana is the least corrupt country in Africa. It could compete on corruption index on equal footing with Denmark.
    The remarks by Dedza East MP Juliana Lunguzu on the appointments should be taken very seriously if the war
    against inefficiency is to succeed. Let Malawi borrow a leaf from the Tswanas.

  6. Ngalamayi says:

    When board membership is a gift given for support, family ties, boards don’t get the best candidates. Advertising will solve the problem.

  7. Yahya Jammeh says:

    My sister Lunguzi you have a good point, but I differ with you in that government should be advertising positions of board members in parastaals- why? – these are are full time jobs. I would have loved if you suggested that governement should be advertising senior positions like Director Generals and Deputy Director Generals in parastatals as opposed to handpicking Chief Executive Officers like Mulumbe who are not qualified, but know how to steal our money. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  8. Nganya says:

    Nzeru yabwino and good advice.

  9. yes if we love our country and our children lets dothe t thing

  10. chemuyaya says:

    She is young but with a living brain. I worry for the big headed men in the DPP benches what they know is Yes Bwana.
    By the way is Mr. Mapondo still the MP?
    Ever since he won his sit I have never seen or hear of him in the August House.

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