Aford exodus, executive member Msowoya backs Mwenifumbo resignation, says quitting party

Outspoken Alliance for Democracy (Aford) national executive member Dan Msowoya has fully backed the resignation of Frank Mwenifumbo from the party, saying party leader Enoch Chihana has brought the once mighty party to its knees.

Aford’s Dan Msowoya also quitting

Msowoya said he was also quitting the party he once served as a publicity secretary, accusing Chihana of poor governance.

“The resignation of Honourable Mwenifumbo is a very big loss not only to Aford but to the efforts to consolidate democracy in the country. Honourable Mwenifumbo has been striving to root out corruption from the beginning. Unfortunately, the leadership of the party was not committed to this cause, this is why he is frustrated,” said Msowoya.

Msowoya said Mwenifumbo has been very vocal and open on the lack of intraparty democracy in the party, saying the former Karonga central legislator wanted Aford to be run on democratic principles as the founding father of the party Chakufwa Chihana wanted.

“His resignation is a very big loss to the party but I know that Honourable Chihana is now celebrating. Honourable Chihana looked at Honourable Mwenifumbo as a threat. He labelled him and me as confusionists of the party just because we always wanted the party to be run according to the Constitution,” said Msowoya.

Msowoya says Mwenifumbo has always challenged the party president to call for national governing council meetings every three month as stipulated in the party constitution but Chihana has always ignored such calls.

“Honourable Mwenifumbo has always called for transparency and accountability in the way the party is run. Honourable Chihana did not like this. No wonder the party has no money,” he said.

He said the party has no secretariat because Chihana wanted all party meetings to be held at his house so that after the meetings he gets refunding from the party for hosting such meetings at his residence.

There was no immediate comment from Chihana who has since accepted the resignation of Mwenifumbo.

Mwenifumbo refused to comment on the issues, saying he has resigned from the party and has nothing to do it with Aford now.

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Enoki is dictator so is Mwenifumbo. Frank has been to all major parties! No principles. He even became running mate to Atupele as Aford yet Aford was not in any alliance with Atupele! No leadership


Chihana has been working hard to kill the once popular party founded by his father, because of selfishness and greed. He behaves like an illiterate dictator, whose uncle is Dada Idi Amin.
He aught to feel ashamed, as even his own shadow will run. away from him!


You aford is not popular and utm has gained ground hence u want to run for u MP pa ticket ya utm ku consitituency anamwalira mwalwanda


if there are highly qualified political prostitutes we have Mia and Mwenefumbo. These two have slept with any party in Malawi and I know Mwenefumbo is headed for mCP to replace the late Mwalwanda.