Aford maintains Chihana dynasty as Mwenifumbo faction expelled

On the second day of Alliance for Democracy (Aford) national convention at Don Bosco Youth Centre in Lilongwe’s Area 23, delegates re-elected Rumphi Central member of Parliament, Enock Chihana, as party president where his challenger Karonga Central legislator Frank Mwenifumbo was expelled for holdin a parallel elections during dawn.

The polling by queuing behind the candidates at Aford convention

Chihana: I am Aford leader re-elected by genuine convention

Chihana polled himself 571 votes against his fellow contender Thoko Phiri , Luwa Mwase and Mayamiko Zonsewho polled  got 17, 8 and 7 in that order.

Former National Executive Committee member, Reverend Precious Chisi has been elected  Vice President.

During the convention Grace Tchupa has been elected as party Secretary General while Khumbo Mwaungulu has been elected as Publicity Secretary.

The convention also resolved to expel from the party Mwenifumbo for alleged misconduct together with members of his faction that include party secretary general  Christopher Ritchie who fell out of favour with Chihana, Dan Msowoya,  former party chairman Gulani Guta.

The delegates accused the faction of holding a parallel elective convention at dawn , saying their type of behaviour was an embarrassment to the party.

In his accepted speech, Chihana vowed to take the party to the people.

“I will now go flat out to take the party to the people, as you are aware we have been in court for long time I had no time to work but now I pledge to ensure the party belongs to the people,” said Chihana, son of party founder late Chakufwa Chihana who is credited for bringing plural politics to Malawi-a feared one party state then.

Chihana said the convention was an important gathering that is meant “to crystallise our vision for the future.”

But commentators are skeptical of the once  powerful Northern Region political force.

“The inability to unite and collectively work towards unity is slowly but surely diminishing the party’s relevance to many,” Malawi’s flagship Daily Times newspaper said in its editorial.

It said Aford  has “squandered the people’s goodwill” and ruptured into factions of Mwenifumbo and  Chihana.

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Zachitumbuka izi inu asiyileni. Paliponse pali mtumbuka pamakhala chipwilikiti, search me!

Walira Mvula

In Zambia KK left the party to son. It collapsed,. It doesnt even have ward councillors. In Kenya Uhuru learnt that father’s party doesnt last so he left it and formed his own and he has survived. DPP, UDF, PP and Aford will go the same way of death because parties that are treated as family kingdom dont last.


Mwatiwonongera chipani anthu inu. Why did you not sit down and have a concesus and resolve your differences before convention. Hon Mwenefumbo, how many parties have you joined so far and how long have you been in the afford party?


Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo, just re-group yourself and form another party but not aford! The parties belong to the founder and their next of kin. Looka UDF ( Father to son), DPP ( Brother to brother), PP ( mother to son), Aford( Father to son). It is a form of chieftainship. It is this big man syndrome that must end.


Chitsiru Chamunthu. This guy will even lose u MP in 2019. Chihana gave birth to a total fool!


Useless party. Useless leadership. As long as Malawians continue entertaining stupid leadership this country will never prosper. Chihana is a bigot. He can never rule Malawi . He knows but wants to use fools who follow him. Mwenifumbo you are a bright politician . Group yourself together as sons of the north and form an inclusive and national party. We need you not that baffoon.

mbwex mbwex

Chakufwa anabeleka mbuzi ya mwana. Ukumuopelanji mzako Mwenefumbo. All the tactics was to avoid confronting him….shame


Congratulations Enock Chihana. You have learnt a bitter lesson by having accepted into Aford a dangerous disease. Let it be a lesson to other parties never to admit Tumpale Mwenifumbo. Peter knew the problem that is Frank when he refused to admit him back into dpp

We thank the heavens for the successful elections with parallel results now that you’re presidents of the Aford we have it in our hearts that the courts will give us the correct gate into Aford party the party no longer belongs to people. It is incumbent on these headless power hungry leaders to outline what exactly the party stands for having shared the political offices a critical look offers one the impression “mad people fighting over a chicken’s leg” not in control of their sanity Mwenefumbo there you’re you’ve soiled your name blindly driving over a cliff now rise!! Enoch… Read more »

This is not party presidency rather
(Ufumu wa bambo wanga )
MY father’s inheritance

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