Board queries Mzimba NGOs’ K11 billion programmes

The  Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Board says the amount of money NGOs are spending annually in Mzimba does not reflect development activities being implemented in the district and suspects a lot is being swindled.

Muyaya: I dont know where this money is going

NGO Board’s Director of Programs, Kamwana Muyaya made the sentiments  during a District Executive Committee meeting.

Muyaya said, in its recent mapping exercise, the board registered 33 NGOs operating to the tune of K11 billion.

He said this is a lot of money worth more development activities than what are currently on the ground.

“During our research we interviewed 33 NGOs in 10 Traditional Authorities and their collective annual budget for programs being implemented here in Mzimba amounts to K11.3 billion,” he said.

“Actually, I don’t know where this money is going. Had it been that the money is being shared equally among people in Mzimba, situations would have not been where they are,” he added.

Muyaya said refusal by many NGOs to give out their audit reports suggests misuse of donor funds.

“Many NGOs shun submitting their audit reports. This raises fear that those in positions in the NGOs are feeding themselves with a lot of money and buying themselves good cars,” he said.

However, some of the NGOs complained that they cannot afford to engage external auditors and asked the NGO Board to put in place other measures of accountability.

In response, Muyaya said if an NGO cannot afford audit fees then it should degrade to Community Based Organization (CBO).

In addition, Muyaya said the mapping exercise established that there is uneven distribution of NGOs among the TAs of Mzimba such that Mzikubola has the highest number of programs compared to others like Khosolo.

If you look at Khosolo there are a few programs happening; perhaps coming programs should all go to Khosolo for equity.

“We know that Khosolo has bad topography but we want to negotiate with the government to put incentives for NGOs working in Khosolo,” he said.

The NGO Board mapping exercise started in Dowa District where 33 NGOs with collective annual budget of K3.7 billion were registered.

The exercise is expected to be completed countrywide by June 2018.

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Mtumbuka Usatana

Pathakopinu atumbuka okuba inu. Atumbuka kunyasa nkhope ndi mtima omwe. You are busy tarnishing the image of Government and yet you cant account for NGO money. Panyapanu atumbuka nonse.

Namadya anyezi

Hey guys wait a minute. Whats wrong if someone is swindling the donors who are atsamunda. Remember for them to get rich they enslaved our grand parents. This time it s pay back time as we will continue to steal without mercy their hard earned tax payers money. Right now am planning to open three more NGOs as this is good business.

Let me differ with the assertion being raised above. Look at NGOs like CRS, Dan Church Aid, USAID etc plying their trade in the mentioned areas. 1) Look at their funds disbursement procedures! They are clear and audits do take place. 2) These NGOs are based in Lilongwe and elsewhere. Their head offices are not in Mzuzu. They may have officers who are audited and unscrupulous fellows are discharged from duty. 3) Some of these NGOs are dealing with mindset change with which results are very difficult to see! I will give examples like modern farming methods, establishing cooperatives so… Read more »

We have been saying this for a long time. NGOs or CSOs are corrupt and their work does not reflect the huge amount of money they get from donors. K11 billion could have changed Mzimba but it is going into the pockets of the same self-righteous, loud-mouthed activists who condemn government everyday. Can there be systems of transparency so that these idiotic CSO or NGO thieves do not continue enriching themselves in the name of poor people and those who are suffering in so many different ways.


Amenewo ndiye a Tumbuka


Exactly, most of these international NGOs send e greater chunck of funding back to their countries through employment of international expert. They give miserable salaries to locals, fat salaries to their so called expatriates whose qualifications equals those of Malawians and remit drops to interventions. Do you expect districts across the country to develop? Just look and INGO1s and see the noses there. Lots of white noses compared to black ones. Dont use the word racism in your feedback to my opinions!


Well, that is a good point; however take note that many malawians regard having an NGOs is some sort of Entreprenuership ; we have evidence of young men and women enriching themselves through donor funds; kumangogula tima galimoto and put them on roads as taxis, ena kumanga nyumba and turn it to be an office, NGO kumapanga rent. We are fraud!!!!!


The majority of these NGOs are international. Bring a law that would force international NGOs to be subgranting to indigenous NGOs that are locally based. The international NGO have a lot of overhead expenses. Nepal has one of the best laws on the operations of NGOs, go borrow a leaf from Nepalise government


These NGOs are owned by atumbuka nd you know kuti atumbuka ndi anthu akuba kwabasi!


U r not being sincere!


Clearly money is swindled,11bn is a lot of money…no wonder NG boss turn onto millionaires over night umbava uwuu.people of mzimba that is food for thought

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