Aford rebuilding, selling party cards: Chihana accused of killing party

The Alliance for Democracy (Aford)  members are calling for party president Enock Chihana to call for a national convention but  the party says it will not hold the indaba this year.

Chihana: Rebuilding Aford

According to Aford secretary general Christopher Ritchi, the party is rebuilding and aims at bringing back old members who dumped the party due to lack of direction.

“We want to rebuild the party first and then hold a national convention,” said Ritchi.

He said Aford has  started selling party membership cards to raise funds.

Aford  been failing to win convincingly for the past two electoral calendars following the death of the party Czar and founder Tom Chakufwa Chihana  (father to Enock Chihana) who died in June 2006.

Enock Chihana, the son of Chakufwa, is being accused of of killing the party and  it for self-serving on political interest.

Members of Aford argue that the party is virtually reduced to serving interests of an individual, putting itself at the mercy of a highest bidder.

Aford was founded by trade unionist Chakufwa Chihana in 1992.

In the 1994 general elections, the party swept all the 33 seats in northern region and three others in central region.

By the time Chakufwa Chihana died in 2006, the party had only six parliamentary seats.

Currently, it has Enock Chihana as the only lawmaker.

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10 thoughts on “Aford rebuilding, selling party cards: Chihana accused of killing party”

  1. RAYMOND says:

    Honestly speaking, Kamlepo is the only person i see to stand as a northern figure. We do not need to necessarily revamp AFORD. We all know that as it is today, PP has more MP’s in the north. We cannot focus our discussion on projections and political forcasts. DPP has more MPS in the south, MCP in the central and PP in the North. Who is leader of PP in the North? KAMLEPO. Who is a visible northen figure at the moment? Kamlepo. Egoes aside…..with proper backing. the new Kamlepo can lead the north with the likes of Frank Mwenifumbo, Harry Mkandawire, Nyalonje, Mhone from Nkb etc……..

    @Kent your analysis on seeing MCP becoming a national party is wishful thinking to me. Fact remains that all regions need a sense of belonging. What JB should do is face the facts and relinquish power. What DPP should do is face the fact that Peter is old and sick hence they need a succession plan fast. What MCP should do is align themselves with a strong northern block, they have high chances of winning the next election. UDF is dead to me……..they will pull crowds but it will just be a political carnival

  2. winston msowoya says:

    Northerners,please wakeup.It would be treacherous and unpatriotic to align AFORD WITH MCP which has inflicted untold sufferings to the Northerners in particular and the rest of Malawians in general.It would be very advisable and constructive if the Northerners can form a UNITED FRONT with UDFand PP and leave alone the MCP the Party of death and doom.How would the souls of Yatuta Chisiza,Dunduzu Chisiza,Kanyama Chiume,Masauko Chipembere,Lutenganno Mwahimba,Matupi Mukandawire,Pemba Ndovi,Orton Chirwa,Rose Chiwambo,M.Q.Chiwambo,Simphawaka Nkhwazi,Machipisa Munthali and many more,look at us?Believe you me,Malawians are desperately looking for change and change must be there at any cost,but the suggestions by some opportunistic Northerners such as Enoch Chihana whose father through his naked political prostitution,contributed to the ultimate demise of once mighty AFORD.With the current political regionalism and tribalism,AFORD must abandon any hope of forming the national government soon,but with regional path,it can control Northern Region Parliamentarily with 30 or more MPs as in the first multi-party elections that gave the Party 33 MPs.Not only the world will laugh at us if MCP forms the next government,while all the independence political Parties in Africa have become political dinosaurs once and forall..Northerners will be astonished to know that their brothers and sisters in Canada and the United States would never support any Party that has fallen in love with the MCP murderous gangs.I have no doubts in my mind that if AFORD comes to life again and work with PP and UDF,2019 will be a reckoning factor.DPP has completely lost grip politically in the country because of its inept leadership that has thrown our sweet-mother Malawi into the mouths of the hyenas.Northerners think twice,MCP will remain the Party of death and darkness.Be reminded that Northerners have been at the fore-front of any liberation struggle of our land,LEAVE ALONE THE MURDEROUS AND TRIBALISTIC MCP.By the way,where has NYIKALAND GONE? ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU PEOPLE?

  3. Kent Y.G. Mphepo of Blantyre, your comment on AFORD rebuilding exercise has touched and tackled on issues that all parties from DPP, MCP, UDF, PP and AFORD must seriously consider if any tangible national development and mature politics can take a meaningful role in the society. Your analysis has been so unbiased and well presented. If indeed all parties can adapt this approach on national politics our country would be different because this is the approach whereby individuals will not via for political positions for personal gains but national ones. I wish if our politicians had time to read and listen to comments like these……….alas they are not. What else can be done then. Enoch Chihana, if you read Nyasa Times please take this advice seriously, we need genuine change in this country and you are one of the people that can bring that change. It does not need a professor to do this, just humble yourself and patient enough. You should look at a very big picture then you will be able to grasp what Kent Mphepo means. He has already given examples of parties in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana who fought for Democracy in 1990s but are no where on the scene because of the same approach AFORD has taken. learn from what is happening in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and nearby RSA.

  4. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Dada Chakhalira,
    Precedents are already there for AFORD to learn from. It is just a matter of going back to the history books and to see what is taking place in modern Malawi politics and learn from it. Let’s, for example, learn from how, in the 1950s, the then Nyasaland African Congress solved problems similar to what AFORD is facing in the 21st Century. The older generation (party founders) in the class of James Sangala, Charles Matinga, Chinyama (of Ntcheu), Chief Mwase, T.D.T. Banda, etc roped in young and energetic firebrands such as Kanyama Chiume, Rose Chibambo, Masauko Chipembere, Yatuta Chisiza, Dunduzu Chisiza, etc to give the party a new face and mindset. And when the tribal bickering between the North and the South took a center stage, they SWALLOWED THE BULLET by inviting, the party’s long-time financial supporter, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda with a specific mandate to unite and lead them in the fight against the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. This, as you can imagine, was not a simple decision to make on the side of people who had been part of the party’s founding membership of the party. Bringing in the youth and bringing in a matured outsider but whom they knew would be at par with the white rulers was too humbling a decision to make. But, after much debate, they realized that this was the best decision if they were to make progress in the fight for independence. So, Dada Chakhalira, do you want to know how I think AFORD can begin to move forward? Simple: a) bring in fresh minds, – the youth b) find a matured outsider (not necessarily from the North) to lead the party c) rebrand the party. How they do this is entirely up to them. See how NAC did it: Nyasaland African Congress hooked in Dr. Banda who arrived on 6th July, 1958 and immediately (in August, 1958) they made him President General of NAC and in October, 1960, he was declared President. Nyasaland African Congress (NAC) became MCP and Dr. Banda became its President (let’s not debate the usual sticky question of “who founded MCP?” That’s a topic for another day). But, the fact remains: Dr. Banda became the first MCP President and MCP was, in my view, a rebrand of the Nyasaland African Congress (NAC). Life came back and the nation was soon on fire!

    See what Dr. Chakwera is doing in modern MCP: a) the “proverbial” District Chairmen and their allies are now out of power in the districts and at national level – he has brought in new blood from the grassroots – majorly young men and women b) he is rebranding MCP by bringing in fresh blood – the youth. Several times he as publicly apologized to Malawians for the evils that the party was associated with. Yes, some have rejected the apology, and there are also many who have accepted the apology c) I now see that lot of matured people are now coming into MCP. I hear that he is personally approaching matured people to join MCP. This is what a transformational leader does. Don’t be surprised next time you hear that MCP has taken over the whole NORTH and the whole South!

    Hear what Jesus said: “You don’t take new wine and put in old wineskins”. NO! New wine goes into new wineskins. I know that some parties are failing to do what Dr. Chakwera is doing in MCP. Some have resorted to fighting him publicly. It could be a sign of inferiority complex. As an outsider, I find this approach admirable and historically correct. It’s a repeat of what NAC did in the 1950s and 1960s. I don’t know whether he reads his party’s history or it’s a mere coincident. I know, of course, that the Bible gives so many similar leadership strategies that he could be using. I can only wish him well. And I wish AFORD well in its rebuilding process it has embarked on.

    So, can AFORD do the same thing in their camp? I know that it is difficult but there is always a way of starting a revolution in an organization or party. Replacing people is one important way I know works. But, how you do it is also very important. This is where boys are separated from men in leadership. JUST MY FREE ADVICE TO AFORD and you, Dada Chakhalira.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre, (0888435629)

  5. mtete says:

    What is it that Mphepo is trying to say that will rebuild Aford,? It sounds so much of a lecture that leaves a student to make out what he can. Aford is dead, like it or not

  6. Chakhalira says:

    Kent, apa wayowoya vya zelu nadi!!!!!! But you have not clearly touched how Afford can move forward. My take is that the push that was there by the Simphawaka and Chipimpha is NOT there now and it is very doubtful that it can be rebuilt this time around. At that time Afford and the people there(North) had only one enemy, the type of Administration in MCP by the Youth League’s and MYP in the name of A Ngwazi Dr. H.Kamuzu Banda watituma when he did not send them to victimize others. Then came the nonsense of quarter system silently. Of course some power hungry and selfish people brought in this monster to victimize the already small population. Take my word this is still hurting the North and the style of Administration of this DPP.

    By the way, the caliber of Simphawaka and Chipimpha was very, very unique backed by Chakufwa Chihana’s courage. In short, this time around up to 2019, the route AFORD should take is to solidly join MCP. Campaign for Dr. Chakwera as the President. I can foresee that there will be many MPS for MCP there than for AFORD because rebuilding AFORD at this time around would NOT be very easy task. In fact the Young Chakufwa would just spend a lot of his resources in trying to buy back these corrupt and political prostitutes to rejoin AFORD. Then kick out DPP and there after AFORD will pick up again. NOT this time to 2019. But after 2019 there will be a NEW system of Government and that time will be conducive for AFORD to pick up again.

    This is my take Kent.

  7. gologoza says:

    Any party with members who are driven by greed for money can not progress. The Chihana’s have killed Aford because of greed. Its not surprising at all because that is the trend for almost all parties in Malawi. May be MCP could be an exception to some extent. UDF is dead as well because of greed of a young man we thought was going to represent the new thinking in Malawi political landscape. So, yes Aford can start the rebuilding process but I can guarantee that its tough and it requires a lot of sacrifice.

  8. Omex70 says:

    Mr. Y.G. Mphepo, is it a comment or supplementary article? if it was mearnt to be a comment then it’s too long. But otherwise you have analyzed the situation very well. Thank you for that.

  9. Mulopwana says:

    A tumbuka, I advise mungolowa nawo zipani za amzanu. Koma inu ndinu otani, every elections 4-7 candidates from one region. Terrible , think Tumbukas

  10. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Dear AFORD members,
    I personally have followed AFORD, since its inception during the one-party error – when it gave MCP sleepless nights. I have a strong belief that there is a STORY that you, AFORD members, must discuss before you can EVEN start thinking of the so-called rebuilding process. Your foundational story that I think has been lost. This party has so much potential (infact, more potential than any other party in the country!) and a clear mission. BUT you have wasted your energy on unimportant issues. You have majored on minors instead of majoring on majors. I lived in the North as a secondary school student in the 80s when it was clear to those of us from other regions that either, Dr. Simphawa Nkhwazi, & Chipimpha Mughogho or someone else up North, were keeping a party up sleeves that would one day take the country by a storm. This happened beween 1992 and 1994 when Chakufwa Chihana came on the scene with support of my two educationists (teachers?) mentioned above. Phwezi was, in those days, a cradle of young political minds – thanks to the man who used to sit in what we used to call “the White House” on top of Uzumala Hill – Henry Morton Chipimpha Mughogho! He was, in every sense of the word, a political educationist or educator! My classmates Khumbo Kachale, Chimango Mughogho and Juliana Lunguzi are just three examples of current politicians whose minds were being shaped at Phwezi when AFORD was about to emerge from the womb. During assembly Chipimpha would teach us songs that had very ambiguous/political meanings. “Chirombo Cha Minyanga Iwiri” was one of them. We were, therefore, not surprised when four-five years later, Chihana and Kamlepo came on BBC and Channel Africa respectively to call for political change in Malawi. We knew who else was doing the ground work for these people. Simphawaka and Chipimpha.

    But, alas! that fire is gone out of AFORD?? What went wrong?? Perhaps the blame should go on my child-hood playmate, Enoch Chihana. Although I am neither a political scientist nor a practicing politician, I still think that politics in this country is not ticking because of a weak AFORD among other factors. You see, Malawi needs a strong AFORD if its democracy will become vibrant one day. The electoral reforms currently being proposed by the Law Commission will require strong parties that can form coalitions and run government together whenever need arises. My view is that AFORD risks to completely fall by the way side in 2019 if the status quo remains and the North will completely lose its bargaining power both in Parliament and out of Parliament should the new proposed bills be passed into law. My honest feeling is that MCP will replace PP in 2019 up North and AFORD may remain stunted as it seems to be right now. In my view, MCP has learnt its lessons and Northerners at the grassroots are making strategic shifts towards it and this may create another form of imbalance in our democracy. So, you, AFORD, need to swallow the bullet and begin to discuss your BIG story so that the vacuum being created up North gets filled the soonest. My three questions are: What happened for AFORD and many other sister parties in Africa formed in the 1990s to lose influence so fast? What has changed between 1990 and 2017 that can stop AFORD from rediscovering itself? Have you, for example, learnt from parties that were formed in the same period in Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, etc? Have you learnt from MCP and UDF? Are you learning from PP and DPP? In my scheme of things, democracy in Malawi will not work if AFORD continues to remain on the peripheral of our politics like it has for the past decade. Corruption, nepotism and underdevelopment will continue to rise in this country. We need a strong AFORD, a strong MCP, a strong PP, a strong UDF and and strong DPP for effective bargaining power in Parliament and outside Parliament and this is what will foster effective economic development and force whoever is in power to start thinking national. If we continue to have weak regional political blocks, national leadership will continue to be mediocre and skewed towards the “majority” regions (Center and South) and tribes even if they don’t produce high quality leadership. With coalitions and effective leadership, supported by strong regional blocks, the role that AFORD alone has the potential to assume up North, the North should be able to “donate”effective leadership to the highest echelons of our national power structure in the near future. Colleagues, are you not surprised that since Kamuzu went out of power the North has not produced diplomats of the Rubadiri or Franklin Chunga stature (who were plenty in those days)? In my honest opinion, AFORD has a historical place in multiparty politics and that is indisputable and a strong AFORD is healthy for all of us – including those us from other regions. But, ndi pati padakhotela mchila wanyani? Where are you guys missing it? Only “one” MP only in a house of 193!? Is this the party that some of us witnessed its birth pangs? Is the formation of the Northern Region Block in Parliament by the Mwenefumbos of this world adequate to bargain interests of people from the NORTH? I beg to differ! This cannot work. You need a strong political unit to champion genuine needs and present genuine grievances in Parliament as a united political force like UDF & DPP and MCP are doing right now. Don’t you think that this country needs AFORD to effectively fill the gaping power vacuum that is there for all of us to see? God for bid!! Here is my take: “wake up and begin to discuss real issues. Malawi is weak today because of the weak MCP, the weak AFORD, the weak UDF, the weak PP and the weak DPP in that order! Strong regional blocks translate into strong democratic nations! Follow American, Canadian, British, German, European, South African, etc politics if you think I am wrong.

    Otherwise, I personally wish you well. But remember that AFORD is a sleeping giant and you don’t need much to turn things around. I was there when things started happening. I miss AFORD on the multiparty political scene. The dying AFORD is minus to our budding democracy. Come out AFORD, smell the coffee! I rest my case.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre (0888435629)

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