After Chibwana, who goes next in Malawi’s ruling PP? – Editorial

We should ordinarily be opening a bottle of champagne and toast to the resignation of PP secretary general Henry Chibwana for his outrageous remarks last week which we condemned unreservedly suggesting, rather outlandishly, that Malawi should adopt a PP one-party because, in his warped wisdom, President Joyce Banda has delivered on her mandate.

But we would not do that as it would be tantamount to flogging a dead horse. Instead, we would rather take the debate to the next level and ask the million dollar question: Who goes next in the ruling PP?

We are asking this question in full realisation that making careless political statements or overplaying the role of PP in national politics and development at the expense of other institutions and national good has been a habit in the ruling party rather than a one-off thing.

Malawians cannot forget that last year PP chose to overplay the celebration of President Joyce Banda’s 90 days in office at the expense of independence celebrations on July 6.editorial

Then during presidential campaign meetings, you have PP bark dogs such as Uladi Mussa making it a habit of sending volleys of obscenities and abuse, bordered on discrimination which our Constitution prohibits, towards some innocent sons of Malawi whose only crime is showing some presidential ambitions and challenge to the President.

All this is duly covered live and uncensored on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation during prime time.

The point we are making is that since PP became a beneficiary of death last year and took over the reins of power after Bingu wa Mutharika passed on, many of its officials have overplayed its hand and Chibwana was merely following the script.

Granted, Chibwana went too far by attempting to tread where angels fear and compare the country’s 1993 struggle for real democratic emancipation to a paltry few months of the so called PP achievements since last year but he has paid the ultimate price for it yet we dare say he is not the only who has taken this route before in this party.

But when everything is said and done, we hope the Chibwana saga will teach politicians of all shades and colours in Malawi that there are certain fundamentals in our democracy which are no-go area and, therefore, non-negotiable and it includes the respect of the country’s multiparty democracy and all its institutions.

While they are enjoying the jolly ride on the gravy train of being in the ruling party, PP politicians who may harbour similar views to those of  Chibwana should simply get a life and accept that one-party system in Malawi is a foregone chapter which is cast in stone.

After being brutally dehumanised for a good 31 years, Malawian adopted in 1993 the system to ensure political competition and breed freedom as well as respect of human rights.

With this, Malawians will treat any suggestion that runs counter with the utmost contempt it deserves as Chibwana has realised, rather too late, and has paid the ultimate political price in full.

In final analysis, we, at Nyasa Times, hold the view that PP has not always respected this maxim and hence our question once again that after Chibwana, who goes next?

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