Ailing Mzagada desperate for help: Feels betrayed by  Netball Association of Malawi

She was one of the best team player for the Malawi Queens with great skills on the pitch. Her playing partner Mary Waya and Coach Griffin Zagalo Sayenda once described her as a true legend of the game. Emma Mzagada was once regarded as an influential figure but now feels to have been used and dumped.

Ex Malawi Queens top-notch shooter Emma Mzagada is poorly: Lives una ramshackle her late grandmother left and needs help.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

Mzagada has been ill since 2009 and her health has deteriorated to an extent that she can no longer force herself to the hospital.

The former Queens international  told Nyasa Times that she was once diagnised with Tuberculosis but her condition has not changed despite receiving treatment.]

She also underwent a surgery at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital to remove abnormal swelling on her thigh after help by well-wishers.

“Doctors suspect that I might have cancer of the leg because I have had a swollen leg since playing days. However, since the death of my mother a few years ago, life has been tough to me because I cannot afford to go for proper examination and medication.

“All I need now is for well wishers to support me so that I can go for proper check-up. I have 3 kids whom I look after and I can no longer give them the support they deserve since am grounded,” said Mzagada while shading tears.

Asked if Netball Association of Malawi was informed of her condition, Mzagada said that’s none of her concern because she felt she is one of those to have been used and dumped by them.

“Why should I panic when they (NAM) no longer have the desire to check on former players? It’s unfortunate that we have an association that doesn’t care for  former players. Mind you, during our playing days, we used to play for the love of the country and they (NAM) knows that. Am not bitter with them because I know they have their own priorities too,” said Mzagada.

For  14 years between 1995 and 2009 Mzagada diligently served the Malawi Queens as a top-notch shooter winning numerous individual awards, including the ‘NETBALL Player of the Year’ accolade six times in a row from 2000.

Mzagada stays in Chilomoni township in the city of Blantyre.

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15 thoughts on “Ailing Mzagada desperate for help: Feels betrayed by  Netball Association of Malawi”

  1. Lilongwean says:


  2. Gift Mkandawire says:

    Its very unfortunate that the tendency of Malawians is that we respect a person when he/she is gone than when alive. I believe this is the best time as sports stakeholders we should hold hands and support such a situation. Hopefully some account will be opened to help the ailing sister.

  3. Criminal A says:

    It’s sad that Emma Mzagada is experiencing this. The big girl really loved her country. I remember in 1995 she didn’t sit for her JC examinations at Mkwichi DEC because she was going to participate in the 1995 Netball World Cup in the UK. Does patriotism surpass this? The government should do something. Get well soon Emma.

  4. wokonda netball says:

    Please publish how we can help Emma. For me she was simply the best, the praise went to Mary but Emma was a clinical attacker

  5. sithembile says:

    Get well soon Emma, ambuye akukhudze mwapadera dera ndi mphavu yake yamachiritso.

  6. Khima says:

    The issue of wellfare for ex-players needs a well worked out solution than asking for arms from the government. First we must establish proper contracts & insurance policy at every “professional” club level so that players are rewarded accordingly and in injury situations compensations are with no hustle in place. Through such proper contracts players can prepare for the future endevours through savings just as we all do. As for those that serve at national level, government through ministry of sports, sports council and respect sports bodies like NAM/FAM must come in clear with rewards policy than what we are currently doing. Everyone must know what to expect from the government and the government it self must know its responsibilities on its “servants”. Koma on Emmah situation NAM ntengeleni kuchipatala and oversee the whole treatment process.

  7. popapo says:

    Malawi at its best , they dump former diplomats, Directors, ministers, sports personalities, freedom fighters even presidents. Emma is just coming on the endless list but all this is as a result of hate, tribalism, envy and short of foresightedness. Pepa Chemwali Let the Almighty Lord visit you and heal you. Amen !

  8. Abnel Makluch says:

    Indeed it is a pity Emma is suffering and crying to the nation for assistance. Komano one needs to be aware kuti national service in the national team does not mean one is “employed” by the national team. at that point the employer was her club and it is her club who should have put her on some form form of retirement package or insurance. Komanso even in normal employment, kodi munthu akapanga retire, it their former employee that would look after them in such situations? Let’s be fair to the Government. Ndiye boma liyang’anial angati? Is it not incumbent on the players to save for their future. Nanunso olembanu nde mwapangapo cha? Emma was not playing for the Government only koma the whole nation and all citizens. Nanunso mupangepo kanthu osangolalata

  9. Whatnext? says:

    May the Lord have mercy upon her life and heal her frail body. Isaiah 53:5 “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed”.

  10. Joseph Mabedi says:

    Ndingathandize bwanji Emma mzagada?l remember whn she was playing 4 MTL Queens. I was a small boy but she entertained nd made us proud so lets help.

  11. ntandire floods says:

    ine ndichifukwa chake ana anga ndinawauza zoti kusewera mpira wamapazi ndi wa manja ku Malawi ayi koma alimbikire sukulu. Chifukwa sukulu makosana siinama. Akuyipisa ndi magraduate a cashgate and some politicians called Dr ……. ndinenenso apa ananu limbikirani sukulu pa Malawi pano osati kupanga masewera. Mukalephera sukulu anzanu akuchita bwino muzizawazemba mtauni kuwanena kuti ndi onyada chifukwa anaphunzira. Inu NAM muthandizeni Mzagada or ndipanga march muona. Kodi ankaswera team yanji paja. Tigress, Civo or MBC? Tikumfunira kuchira mwamsanga. Koma azinzake ena achina Mary, Peace, Mpinganjira ali kwani amuthandizenso zawo. Osamangonamizira kupemphera muli osakonda anzanu. Iya

    1. Khima says:

      Hi School and Sport can go together of course if we go via the US model where by noone plays NBA, NFL or anyother sport without going through academic process. If we are to adopt this model we cant get to this sad situation. Sport offers best scholarships.

  12. chodziwadziwa says:

    You cant believe that this lady was very famous among the netball fans and players. But a word to the other players is that we should look after our lives well..healthwise…at least invest a little something that we get though we know its not much and sometimes we aren’t paid at all. Get well soon Mzagada.

  13. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Sad. Very sad indeed. I knew Emma in the late 1980s. She was a friend of my late sister Jane. They used to call each other “a Girl”. I followed her netball exploits through the 1990s when she was talk of the town. The news of her current situation, especially failure by the netball authorities (and indeed sports authorities in general) to help her is very disheartening. I hope the people in authority will wake up and help not only her but all former sportsmen and sportswomen who helped to put Malawi in the limelight but are now in need of assistance. I wish you well a Girl.

  14. Nyopex says:

    Ngati akulephera kulipira ma allowances, ndiye angamuthandize uwu.

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