All set for Malawi prophets summit:  It’s not a prayer event, organisers say

Organizers of Malawi Prophets Summit expected to take place on Friday, February 6 at Golden Peacock in Lilongwe have told Nyasa Times that preparations are through for the much anticipated summit.

Prophet Hara:  Its a very important summit

Prophet Hara: Its a very important summit

One of the coordinators who spoke to Nyasa Times reporter said that the event will start in the afternoon and that all prophets are welcome.

“Let me start by giving an emphasis that this is not a prayer event as some people are saying. It’s purely a meeting by Malawi prophets that own different ministries and as I speak, preparations are through for this big day in the history of prophetic ministry. All prophets are welcome and they don’t have to bother registering or paying any fee as all costs have already been met by organizers,” he said.

Prophet Justice Hara of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International also talked to Nyasa Times and explained that it’s high time for prophets to have a voice of togetherness.

“We want to come together and establish unity among ourselves because we have been operating independently. Our aim is to have one voice that will represent us all when need be. We also wish to see how we can help each other spiritually and financially to expand our ministry. Other national issues will not be skipped and we wish to see how we can work together with government to help the nation,”explained Prophet Hara.

He also hinted that the summit will also tackle how prophets can bridge the gap between them and Malawians so that they are accepted as prophets of God raised to build the nation.

“I know we can’t really force ourselves on people as being true servants of God, that’s for them to judge based on our fruits, but at the same, we simply want to take necessary steps in assuring that the nation understands the role of prophets to the nation, both spiritually and socially. Look at prophet Shepherd Bushiri for instance, he is a prophet who has done things for the benefit of the nation and these are things that even some of the politicians simply dream of. Prophets such as him have helped the country so much economically through tourism potentials that his church provides during international gatherings,” Prophet Hara told Nyasa Times.

“Take time and check statistics at Malawian Airlines, they will tell you that there have been times when the plane has been fully booked by international visitors coming to his church to meet him and he even endorsed the airline as a first choice airline when coming to meet him. That’s not all, you can even talk about those who come by bus and private transportation. When they come, they bring along foreign currency which in the end boost our reserves. But what effort has government done towards helping such people or to work closely with them just the same way Nigerian government works closely in contact with prophets like TB Joshua who get thousands of international visitors on weekly basis,” explained Prophet Hara.

Asked on why prophets failed to prophesy about floods, another prophet, Andrew Kambeja who has confirmed his availability played down the gossip saying such talk arises because the media pays a blind eye to prophetic ministry.

“It’s not true to say that some of the prophets never prophesied about floods. The problem is that the media gives a blind eye to such prophecies, but rush to report about political prophecies which end up being a campaign tool for particular people whom the prophecy favors. Take time to dig deep into the brighter side of prophetic ministry, give prophets platforms and you will be amazed with their revelations and the nation will later understand what prophetic ministry is all about. The only time we see prophets being given media coverage is when they make mistakes. Should this be the case? And accusing prophets for not praying against the floods at hand then it’s simply ignorance of the bible because there are things that can be avoided and others which cannot be avoided,” said Prophet Kambeja adding:

“The problem is that when a prophet says something wicked will happen, but let’s pray for it not to happen and if it really doesn’t happen because of such prayers, people make earthly conclusions that the prophecy hasn’t come to pass and rush to nail the prophet to the wall of shame. If the same thing really comes to pass, everyone then condemns prophets for not praying against it such as the case now. In the end, we are reminded that even Christ met the very same fate. People mocked Him to save Himself if He was really a son of God, but Jesus even though He could change it, accepted to be nailed to the cross because it was the will of God that he dies on it to save you and me,” said Kambeja.

Some of the notable prophets to attend the conference include Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Prophet Justice Hara, Prophet Andrew Kambeja, prophet Wakisa, prophet Kalolo, prophet Kautsire, prophet Mbewe and many more.

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Ambuye akantheni anthu adyera ndi a chigololo awa akukakumana mu dzina lanu. aneneri onyenga chonde akantheni akuononga dziko. akupangira business dzina lanu


Ma prophet a Satan awo…


prophet Knox akakhala komwekonso.


How do the prophets speak one voice? I thought the speak that comes from the Lord?


I wonder y people hate prophets.

Uncle Thom

Prophet Mbewe wake uti,Madalitso Mbewe kapena mbewe wina wa tchuka tsopano uja wa ku mapiri a ku Machinga uja?

INU Lalirani
These are not prophets! Why, because prophets dont have different ministries with some differences in what they believe, for God is one, we don’t see dis in de Bible. All true Bible prophets fell unconscious when in vision and were like dead men which isn’t de case with ours today. In the Bible u don’t find a prophet calling himself ‘I’m prophet so, so, so. Bible prophets never errored in prophesying, Bible prophets never rejected God’s law, they kept all God’s commandments, and God’s true prophets won no fame while they were alive as is the case today! God’s prophets… Read more »
Porty Geoff

A bunch of frauds who bring nothing to Malawi. They just make it all up.



Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

Wawa prophet Hara. Suit ngati jeans. Hehehe. Koma ma prophet mutionetsa zambiri shaaaaa

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