An MCP-led House draped in shame: The painful context to Malawi democracy

The current status of Malawi National Assembly in the eyes of the populace is that of an institution which has run out of shame in how it is misspending public money willy-nilly without any iota of humanity.

Chakwera and Msowoya (L)

Chakwera and Msowoya (L)

Only last week were Malawians informed that the three persons in the Speakership office managed by Richard Msowoya and Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, have just acquired a new fleet of four vehicles, one for each, to a sickening amount of K300 million.

An immediate reaction to the transaction was disappointment from the public who view this economic lean period as a prerequisite to austerity at any level of the government structure.

As if that K300 million saga is not enough, the honourables have done it again, more shockingly this time around.

The revelations that Parliament is failing to account for over K213 million of public money thickens the plot. It leaves citizens wondering at what cost we should sacrifice ourselves on the altar of petty legislative politics.

Shocking is the fact that Parliament blew all this money under the pretext of convening committee meetings and foreign travel.

Ironically, only months ago, Msowoya spoke through the media that they are failing to carry out some duties due to lack of funds.

At the end of the day Malawians now know that there were no committee meetings and no foreign travels but K213 million went in the drain.

Interestingly, even after such shady operations, Parliament is still demanding from Treasury an extra K1.2 billion for among other things, the purchase of a new fleet of pool vehicles worth K900 million.

What wisdom is this when someone wants to spend K900 million just after an expenditure of K300 million has already injured the soul of the nation?

Any demands by Parliament as things stand is tantamount to disrespect to the Malawians in view of the performance of the economy.

Though this issue involves the National Assembly, the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) needs to dig their faces in their faces because the Speaker and Leader of Opposition constitute their presidency.

An imprudent Parliament speaks volumes of its leadership and in this case Msowoya and Chakwera have a lot of explaining to do on many of the decisions that are being made at the National Assembly.

What disturbs many is how hasten this August House is breaking negative records at an alarming rate. From the dawn of democracy in 1994, all contingents of parliamentarians have been led by eminent Speakers who have always been accountable to Malawians both in political and administrative terms.

The likes of Rodwell Munyenyembe, Louis Chimango, Sam Mpasu, Davies Katsonga and Chimunthu Banda executed their duties with willful professionalism and maturity.

Where Msowoya gets it wrong is that he mirrors himself first as MCP Vice President before being Speaker.

Whenever an issue raises that demands parliamentary explanation, he is quick to misfire with political statements as his defence mechanism.

As for Chakwera, he has rapidly descended from being an admired pastor to a politician with little or no clue of his role to Malawians.

The pastor should rise above pettiness and realize that his rhetoric against government provides a yardstick with which he is going to be measured at all times.

It makes no sense for someone to attack government left, right and centre only to later on feign ignorance on what has been happening in his own office.

In the face of this maladministration at Parliament, does the MCP leadership really count on the trust of Malawians?

They better put their house in order and offer leadership at National assembly level before they can even start talking leading the whole state system.

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it can not take one to b expert to know… current MCP leadership can not offer this country any good. let me advise central pple Chakwera is selling MCP to northeners…even if MCP wins,chakwera wil not finish his term.. he wil b killed & msowoya shall rise..thats the only way wakumpoto angalamulire dziko lino, and all chewas in MCP wil b buted out.can’t u c? a chewa azanga chakwera asatipusitse! mudzifunse mafuso bwanji kamuzu,muluzi or bingu sanayikeko wakumpoto as first vice. amayi anayika khumbo sanamuchotse? amayi akanawina bwezi khumbo ali president lero. a chewa opusa kwambiri inu simukumva akuti ndi… Read more »

Is chakwela mad ? how can he delegate khumbo to represent him in the north yet his vice was there in the north? kodi abusa mwatani ? Dont u know that he is pp? Or where was njovu ? Koma abusa mutithandiza? Aliyese munapikisana naye akhale mdani? Chipani mwaonongatu ichi. Chitani manyazi ndithu anthu tikuonatu.

marvey marvei

Big minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events/the weather, small minds discuss people.

The Objective Person

If i have wronged her please do not hestate to call me or inbox me. I can as well come up with several write ups for this yakumbuyo diehard Yolanda /Chilanda/ Snatcher. Come to equity with clean hands osati manja anu ali ndimanyi ndiye muwapakize anzanu ena. Ndakwiya nawe kwambiri. Remember what you did with that lecturer after failing ICT module paper. Sunachotse mimba iwe ya miyezi folo. Samala usagwiritsidwe ntchito kulemba nyasi pamene iwenso uli nyasi.

The Objective Person
Yolanda the prostitute masquarading as a journalist. Remove your trash. You deleted my post for yesterday with reasons best known to yourself. I still stand by what i said that you are a daughter of a bitch from a father who is a womaniser. You turned to prostitution at a college. You are a political condom protecting the vagina from infected sperms. Zip up your holes by trying to write balanced articles. Satana amakonda zonyasa koma iwe wekha atha kukukwiyira. Chonde nyasatimes i do not just speculate the issues here as such do not delete my post for the sleeping… Read more »
Lion Chigamba

Again another useless article only meant to promote strife and hatred ! What is the issue here? Why is MCP dragged in this issue?
The story is full of malice and anger ! Only small minds can believe this! Nyasatimes do you take time to analyse the CVs of your reporters?
You are now turning into a platform for the promotion of hatred and misery!


The reason why people do not use facts to argue is because they write with motives. anger or emotions. The current debate is nothing but emotions deliberately raised by government to drawn its own iniquities. When parliament presented facts, people are still stuck with falsehoods advanced as truths. It is interesting that respected journalists, columnists, writers haven fallen prey to a simple propaganda


This is crazy. It is “Parliament” not Chakwera and Msowoya. Why is the leader of the house not included in the story? Where did you do your journalism? Did you even study? Remember, Mass communication is not Journalism


Leave Chakwela and Msowoya they are not in pod

A Malawi tadzukani ku tulo tofanatotu. Magalimoto mukutchukitsa nawo Chakwera ndi Msowoya ndi a boma osati a Chakwera kapena Msowoya. Enanu mukukokeramo MCP. Kulakwa kokhakokha. MCP palibeto gawo lomwe likuwakhudza. Umbuli okhaokha. Now nkhani ya magalimoto, boma linayenera kuvomereza kugulidwa kwa magalimoto asanagulidwe komanso a parliament ayankhapo kale kuti magalimoto amenewa adayikidwa mu budget ya m,mbuyomu therefore being govt vehicles there was no point for the two to refuse because that is an entitlement to those positions they are holding. They are not their personal vehicles. For those of you calling for the withdraw of the vehicles that’s just nosense… Read more »

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