Analysis: Chakwera honours SKC’s wish with Usi appointment

President Lazarus Chakwera’s choice of Michael Usi as his deputy is a fulfillment of the late Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima’s wish. The late Chilima picked Usi as his running mate in the 2019 presidential elections and had the pair won, Usi could have been the Vice President of Malawi. So, the decision by Chakwera is a poignant tribute to Chilima’s vision and the ideals he held dear for Malawi’s future.


Chilima, known for his progressive outlook and commitment to ethical governance, saw in Usi a partner who shared his dedication to transforming Malawi. Usi’s background as an artist, social activist, and advocate for the marginalized made him an ideal candidate to embody the values Chilima championed.

By choosing Usi, Chilima aimed to create a leadership team that could resonate with the aspirations of ordinary Malawians and drive meaningful change. Michael Usi, popularly known as “Manganya,” has long been a vocal advocate for social justice and national unity.

His career in the arts allowed him to reach a broad audience, using his platform to highlight societal issues and promote positive change. This aligns seamlessly with Chilima’s vision of a leadership that is deeply connected to the people and responsive to their needs.

Usi’s dedication to grassroots engagement is another critical aspect that makes his appointment a fulfillment of Chilima’s wish. Chilima often emphasized the importance of leaders who are in touch with the realities faced by ordinary citizens.

The new VP’s work in community development and his hands-on approach to addressing social issues demonstrate his commitment to this inclusive leadership style. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life ensures that their voices are heard in the corridors of power.

Moreover, Usi’s approach to politics, characterised by integrity and a focus on collaboration, reflects Chilima’s desire for a new political culture in Malawi. Chilima was critical of the corruption and divisiveness that plagued the country’s political landscape.

In contrast, Usi’s reputation for transparency and his efforts to foster accountability in governance are in line with the ethical standards Chilima advocated for. Usi’s political ethos ensures that Chilima’s dream of a clean and transparent government continues to be a guiding principle in Malawi’s leadership.

Usi’s vision for Malawi, focusing on sustainable development, education, and health, complements Chilima’s strategic priorities. Chilima envisioned a Malawi where economic growth benefits all citizens, and Usi’s policy focus on social welfare and economic empowerment aligns with this aspiration.

His commitment to addressing systemic issues such as poverty, unemployment, and education reform indicates a continuation of the transformative agenda that Chilima passionately supported.

President Chakwera’s decision to appoint Usi as Vice President not only honors Chilima’s wish but also strengthens the foundation for a leadership that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens.

Usi’s presence in the vice presidency ensures that the progressive values Chilima stood for will continue to shape Malawi’s political landscape. This appointment is a testament to Chakwera’s recognition of Chilima’s vision and his commitment to realizing the late Vice President’s dreams for the nation.

The appointment of Usi as Vice President is a fitting tribute to Saulos Chilima’s legacy. It represents the fulfillment of Chilima’s wish for a leadership that is ethical, inclusive, and dedicated to the people of Malawi.

By choosing Usi, President Chakwera not only honors his predecessor’s vision but also paves the way for a future where the ideals of integrity, social justice, and national unity are at the forefront of Malawi’s governance. This decision ensures that Chilima’s dream lives on, guiding Malawi towards a brighter and more prosperous future

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