Analyst hits at DPP for salvage attack on Chakwera

Political governance commentator Henry Chingaipe has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for dismissing advice that leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera continues to give to government and only focusing on attacking his personality.

Chingaipe: Blame politics of personality

Chingaipe noted that government response to Chakwera’s statements focus on attacking the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president’s personality other than the issues of national interests that he raises.

“The governing party is attacking the personality and the characters of the opposition leaders and not the issues he raises,” noted Chingaipe.

Recently, DPP reacted to Chakwera’s critique of Malawi situation by attacking him.

DPP accused Chakwera of being “completely ignorance of the principles of governance in Malawi.”

Francis Kasaila, DPP spokesman said: “We are totally baffled and bewildered that Hon. Dr Chakwera has the audacity to pose as a Pharisee and holier –than-though man who can dare accuse others of moral corruption.”

Kasaila claimed Chakwera has been struggling with accusations of a “liar, thief and a suspect man of evil,” saying he has no higher moral ground on matters of corruption.

DPP claimed it has “details” of Chakwera’s “cleric’s skeletons from holy cupboard of his dark past.”

But Chingaipe said DPP reaction is attacking personality not the issues he raised.

“These people [DP] are still practising politics of personality and not the issues,” Chingaipe noted.

He said such politics of personality is an indication that the DPP do not understand the concept of democracy.

Among other issues, the opposition has been hitting at DPP for failing to deliver on most of its elections manifesto.

The following are some of the major promises the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) made in the manifesto that ushered it into office:

Promised to build five universities in five years: APM Promised to build five universities in five years: APM

  • Complete construction of university campuses in Karonga, Mzimba, Nkhotakota, Mangochi, and Nsanje;
  • Reduce presidential powers by empowering a special public appointments committee to handle the appointment and removal of top officials in various public institutions such as appointment and removal of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
  • Others were the Auditor General, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Clerk of Parliament, Malawi Human Rights Commission executive secretary, the Malawi Law Commissioner, director general of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) director general, and that leaders of other accountability institutions shall be on merit through a special public appointments committee;
  • In Chapter 4 (11) it emphasises zero-tolerance to corruption, fraud, theft and other economic crimes
  • To implement recommendations of past constitutional reviews including the facilitation of revised Section 65 on crossing the floor and to bring back of Section 64, on the recall provision;
  • Operationalising the Nsanje Inland Port;
  • Abolish the coupon system for subsidized farm inputs;
  • Make subsidised fertiliser available for every farmer who needs it.
  • Cooperate with and collaborate with the civil society and non-governmental organisations and the media; Pass and implement the Access to Information Bill
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I for one agree that DPP has weaknesses but Chakwera and his MCP are not a better option. The DPP should listen and embrace constructive criticism.


Tell me you are joking!!!
You mean you could be planning to build universities in Karonga, Mzimba, Nkhotakota, Mangochi Nsanje (& now Ntcheu) when the capital city has none of its own?
And a university in Metropolitan LL has to wait for change of administration to MCP? That looks like terrible planning.
Also, when you are done with your TERRIBLE plan, the North (with- 2 million people) will have 3 universities and the Centre (with 8million people) will have 2 universities!!! Now where does that happen?

Apao Kugola
Kudos to Chingaipe. The guy has presented the issue in a mature and wise manner. Jacob Zulu, sorry for blindly following mbavazo. In fact some of us expected MCP to portray some resistance to democratic principles considering how Dr. Ntaba, Manjamnkhosi, Kam’phulusa, Chiponda and others behaved or rather misbehaved between 1992 and 1993. But surprisingly, all those who resisted change in political system are bunched and dumped in DPP and continue talking nonsense there. It is DPP that shows all its gullibility when it comes to comprehending the tenets of democracy. DPP could improve if it followed some of the… Read more »
DPP under Peter has shown to be the worst party ever to govern this nation. It is indisputable fact that Malawians have learnt but a bitter lesson with DPP. Little did we know that DPP wanted to get back to power to settle scores with opponents and steal public resources and not to develop this country. Little did we know that DPP simply wanted to get back to power to finish their shaddy unfinished business in government. Little did we know that DPP with Bingu would be different from DPP with Peter. All because of mphuno salota. We have suffered… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa
Some people have very poor minds, they support dpp because either its their home party or adadyanawo za katangale. What they should know is truth always prevail, and it has started prevailing no matter what. A human being was created by GOD not dpp, this evil party may steal, kill, lie, burn or cheat us but they can’t cheat God. They should consult Chaponda and Daniel Phiris spirit. This evil party never learnt anything from their mose waleros death and they are bound to face heavy concequences if not cardiac arrest very soon. These other blind followers will tumble, we… Read more »

bwana Chingaipe, chaipa ndi chani pamenepa kuti munthu wayanlhidwa nkhawa zomwe anatokota. do you mean Chakwera has the right and freedoms to talk and govt stays quiet? demokalase yakuvutanitu pamenepa

Bololo Sakondamadzi
Dont worry Prof. Malawians know who is the lesser devil of two-Nkhanga zaona. Let them talk or even arrest Chakwera. The 1994 voting phenomenon is back. People are tired – we will not even look at their faces by 2018. If today people can not listen to MBC guess what will happen in 2019. People would rather choose Abusa Hellen Singh or Prof. John Chisi if Chakwera is not available for one reason or the other. Let them waste their time hitting Chakwera. What they dont realise is that the harder they hit him the stronger he gets. Gold can… Read more »

Old habits die hard. There’s no way this country can move forward democratically under Mr. Ibu because he was not in Malawi when we fought for the democratic change. He still thinks there;s one party rule in Malawi. Democracy entails that there should be opposition political parties to keep government in check. So whenever the ruling elite listens to the opposing views then we call democracy not what is happening with Mr. Ibu’s gvt.

Jacob Zulu

Why cry bwana Chingaipe? They say, “when you throw stones don’t live in glass houses.” Did you expect DPP to take all the salvo from Chakwera lying down? You must be very naive!!!!!!

Chaponda vs Chimanga

A Jacob Zulu. Inu ndinu magulu oti kuyika galu kuti ayimile DPP ngati president and fisi ngati vice mukhoza kuvoterabe DPP. Who is naïve between you and Chingaipe? Chimunthu chopanda nzeru iwe. Chimunthu chopanda chisoni ndi a Malawi anzake. Chimunthu chokakala mtima iwe. Tell the DPP to change the log of maize, mbava inu.


Jacob Zulu, you suffer from an overdose of worshipping APM and his thieves

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