Uladi hands himself over to ACB over Malawi passport scandal

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) interim leader Uladi Mussa on Monday voluntarily surrendered himself to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in Lilongwe  to answer questions over alleged  passport scandal.

Uladi Mussa: Hands himself

Mussa surrendered himself to ACB after Nyasa Times first reported that the bureau was looking for him and obtained a warrant of arrest  from Lilongwe Resident Magistrate’s Court under case number 176/2017.

He is alleged to have abused his office when he was Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, when he allegedly granted Malawi citizenship to over 50 foreigners in 2013.

“I came here early even before they opened their offices. I am waiting for them so I can hear what they are looking for,” Mussa said.

He denies any wrong doing , saying the matter is “ trumped-up and politically motivated.”

Mussa said before scores of PP supporters that the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has an elaborate plot to paralyse  the opposition as Malawi prepares next elections due in 2019.

“This is a plot to annihilate the political competitors like Change Golo [Uladi],” said Mussa as the supporter cheered him.

Mussa’s cases follows the summoning of former chief immigration officer Hudson Mankhwala who appeared before the court on Wednesday where he was charged with neglect of official duties contrary to Section 121 of the Penal Code and abuse of office contrary to Section 25B (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act.

He is expected to answer two charges of neglect of official duties contrary to Section 121 of the Penal Code and abuse of office contrary to Section 25b (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act.

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11 thoughts on “Uladi hands himself over to ACB over Malawi passport scandal”

  1. Mdala says:

    We are back at dark ages where we used to clap hands for Satan

  2. Geof Wa Geof Sauka says:

    Its strange its strange indeed. If you ACB think you are clever one day you will regret. Can Matemba prove to this country that Uladi Mussa has a serious cade than Chaponda. Tell us what Money Laundering case is all about. Let me tell you guys this country is led by God himself so even if you may try to shield evil with your unplanned tactics you will end up stumbling for sure. If not you then it will be another set of ACB that will act in good faith for the poor Malawians

  3. Zoona says:

    It’s very fun that the real culprit a Mr Kwanjana has not been arrested. No minister grants citizenship or indeed any permit without a recommendation from the Chief Immigration Officer. Uladi is not guilty at all. Kwanjana used to send files straight to Chikhosi who was the PS without informing Mr Mankhwala. I have copies of files that were used by Mr Kwanjana and Z Chikhosi. ACB knows about this.

  4. Kfuse says:

    Amuchita Bwino Amake Ali Ku Jon Ameneyu

  5. Apao Kugola says:

    The arrest of Uladi Mussa is indeed a political ploy in trying to paralyse the opposition. I wonder how ACB can have a nerve to arrest Mussa after interrogating him and yet fail to arrest Chaponda. Between the two who has an impeccable evidence of wrong doing? For the record, Uladi Mussa will come out clean. It will be difficult to prove him wrong beyond reasonable doubt considering that below him there were technical officers in the names of the PS and senior police officers in the Immigration Department who did the work and were supposed to give the minister authentic documents for signing as to who qualified to be Malawi citizen. So, as you can see Uladi Mussa’s case is a bit lighter than that of Chaponda who was caught flouting money laundering laws in Malawi and yet he still walks free.

    Some have indicated that Uladi Mussa has not done well by handing himself to ACB. I beg to differ. A key political figure like him must have been tipped about the arrest plot. A true patriot would not have waited for the ACB to knock on his door. In fact what Uladi Mussa has done is what was supposed to be done by Chaponda. But alas, Chaponda is too arrogant to respect the laws of Malawi, yet he wants to remove Ung’onoung’ono Chilima from the highest position on the land. Shame on you all who have commented with emotions without examining the matter. Mitu gwa, abwampini what do you know about the law. Bravo to Uladi Mussa’s lawyers for the wise advice. It is not Uladi Mussa who will come out bruised but someone else…. Mark my words.

    The Fearless Samurai

  6. CYRUS BENGO says:

    Mmangeni angawone ngati moyo ndiwopweka

  7. dyomba says:

    akakhala wa opposition mukuti its govt ploy to paralyse opposition. Koma akakhala Chaponda ndiye mukuti rooting out corruption. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk malawi sazatheka

    1. Mbuzi Kamlepo says:

      Now its trumped-up and politically motivated…….hehehehehede these call them Lawmakers….Now the Law Biting don’t cry.Malamulo mumapangira ife amphawi eti.

  8. psyta says:

    Osamusiya ameneyo. How can he betray Malawians like that !!

  9. I thought it right that Honorable uladi mussa was indeed his case pushed on political ground in order to change peoples mindset, on chaponda case but if it is indeed true that he gave citizenships to foregners, but was it fit give them or not. malawi walero

  10. Kanthu Ako! says:

    If there is a warrant of arrest, one does not hand themselves in if they are innocent, they wait until the police come to arrest you.

    But if you know you have committed a crime and the police do not know where you are and looking for you hand yourself in the hope of being in the police good books.

    It is very strange that a whole so called leader hands himself in because a news paper said?

    Kaliati was right, something smells to high heaven in Malawi with our news media.

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