Anglican Bishop condemns ‘deplorable’  political violence: ‘Malawians chose multi-party democracy’

Bishop Brighton Malasa of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire has condemned acts of violence that interrupted Gonapamuhanya Cultural festival in Rumphi district, describing the acts as detrimental to the country’s hard-earned democracy.

Bishop Malasa: Condemns political violence

Youths, believed to be ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters, unleashed violence against opposition Malawi Congress Party officials, including the party’s President Lazarus Chakwera, who equally invited to the cultural festival.

Other political leaders who were invited to the ceremony are President Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of AFORD Enock Chihana and former Vice President Khumbo Kachali.

Mutharika was represented by Grace Chiumia, Minister of Him Affairs and Internal Security, who apologised for the regime terror.

The presence of opposition political parties, according to sources, did not please DPP cadets, who subsequently started pelting stones at them, injuring people and smashing vehicles in the process.

DPP cadets blocked Chakwera’s motorcade to the venue of the ceremony, Bolero Ground in Rumphi, forcing Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, who was irked with incident, had to personally whisk Chakwera into safety.

Following the incident, Bishop Malasa expressed concern over the accelerating violence incidences resulting from political differences.

“We do not need to be reminded that in 1993 Malawians chose democracy and  surely that being the choice of Malawian, we accepted to live peacefully and to coexist with people who do not share our cultural and political affiliations, a thing which we seem to be slowly forgetting and if the recent acts of the violence are to go by our reasoning, surely that raises  a lot of questions as if indeed our democracy is maturing or not?

“What sort of Malawi are we going to leave behind? What sort of lessons are we teaching our children if the  recent acts are anything to go by? Have we chosen violence as opposed to peace?,” queried Malasa.

Malasa said as the church they value life, which he said, should be respected by all.

He called on government to bring all to book who may have caused all the mayhem in Rumphi.

The church leader pointed out that the rising political violence despite declarations made by all the political leaders to avoid such is of great concern. It still remains incumbent upon all the leaders of various political parties to restrain their utterances and those of their followers.

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Masikono anamuyika mukamwa asungunuka akufuna ena. You are a deplorable Bishop

zamuxolo ngalo

you have made my day, boss. apa po wayugha mundu!!!!!!

Joe M
Inu a bishop athu a Anglican you have always sided with DPP all along and you know its the DPP cadets who caused the havoc. Govts guest of honour Grace Chiumia already condemned the cadets act at the function and you want us to take your words seriously, I doubt. It seems you were not here during the 1993 you are mentioning in your statement. Most of us who were there know that these people were not in Malawi when Kamuzu was forced peacefully from power, thats why they use intimidation so that they continue to plunder our little resources… Read more »

Very true. Bishop Malasa has always been a DPP sympathizer. Stop pretending now. In fact this is probably the first time this Bishop has come out in the open to criticize such brutal acts allegedly orchestrated by DPP cadets. Maybe he has felt the ongoing wind for change. Don’t doubt, 2019 Malawi will have a totally new party led government ..

Mopiya Mulupare

The lone Bishop should have condemned vandals too and not only the violence. The vandals are known and he meets them when he in the company of DPP. He is partisan and no one should listen to his sugar coated poisonous speech. Partisan clerics like him are the ones that fuel violence by praying for long and good lives and eternity of those who live by the panga and sword.


Just tell Dpp point black to stop violence ,we had Pp but there was peace for 2years ,bvuto LA amipingo amakhalaso ma supporter azipani maka maka Malasayu ,siuja amayikira kumbuyo DPP Ku PAC conference

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