Transformation Alliance writes open letter to Mutharika condemning violent prone DPP Cadets

Leader of Malawi’s leading political movement Transformation Alliance (T.A) Moses Kunkuyu has strongly condemned the recent violent conducts by rulling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets towards opposition politial leaders and party members particularly the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Kunkuyu:  DPP terror campaign unacceptable

The DPP youths commonly known as DPP Youth Cadets recently attacked MCP officials in Nsanje Lalanje where they wanted to conduct a campaign rally ahead of the October 17 by-elections as well as opposition members who attended a Tumbuka annual ceremony known as Gonapamuhanya in the northern region district of Rumphi over the weekend.

In an open letter written by the T.A leader addressed to Mutharika and seen by Nyasa Times, the T.A Leader lightly starts by welcoming back President Petr Mutharika from United States of America (USA) where he went to attend the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

“Allow us therefore your excellency to express our concern over the conduct of your party loyalists while you were away. Almost everything they did is something they have done even in your full view but considering that you are fresh from a peace crusade in the USA, we feel before you get re-baptized in the mud, a word with you may bring the much needed change in the country’s political landscape” leads part of the letter dated 2nd October 2017.

In the letter, Kunkuyu went on to inform the DPP and Malawi leader that: “While you were away, your party loyalists were engaged in in running battles with supporters of opposition political groupings in Nsanje in an effort to outsmart each other in the run up to the
October 17 by elections”.

Kunkuyu therefore called upon Mutharika to ensure that the situation in Nsanje is stable and peaceful.

He also asked Mutharika to make sure that the Tumbuka Gonapamuhanya annual ceremony which was marred by nast acts of ciolence be held peacefully just like Mulhakho wa Lomwe from his Lomwe belt which he attends every year.

Kunkuyu said it was confirmed that the DPP cadets were on the wrong side folowing an immediate apology by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Obama Chiumia who is also a senior official in the rulling DPP.

“It has been confirmed and apologized for by Minister of Internal Security that your party people in a desperate effort to register your presence at the function, which is never there even while you are in the contry, caused havoc at the function and tried to block those who
attend the function annually from doing what they are now customed to,” reads the letter.

The statement adds that: “These are some of the unfortunate incidents that characterised Malawi while you were away apart from many that happened behind our eyes and ears”.

Kunkuyu therefore emphasized that if what is happening currently in the political field in Malawi is anything to go by, the Malawi nation does not even deserve to send a delegation to the UNGA summit.

“These acts your excellency defeat the whole purpose of us sending a delegation to be part of UNGA where issues of peace were discussed at length. We condemn these acts in strongest terms and we demand action on the same” it reads.

He therefore warned the President that he needs to sort views from independent people just like T.A since his party die hards will give him wrong information aimed at defending the position of those who think the President represent most than the rest of Malawians.

In conclusion, Kunkuyu warned the State President, his party as well as other political parties that failing to brought to book perpetrators of such violence regardless of their political lines will render every such party incompetent to lead people that must enjoy political freedom.

President Mutharika arrived in the country from UNGA summit on Monday with a call to local journalists to write positive stories about Malawi.

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We are tired with so called DPP,MCP any new strong party we go for it


I congratulate nkukuyu for strong youthful leadership time has come to work with your youthful readers join DEPECO work with Criss Daza you will make a good Malawi don’t forget Chilima also join DEPECO you will change Malawi to the Malawi we espect


I also go for DEPECO these old party ate taking malawian for granted


DEPECO the only party which will make Malawi to forget about electricity brack out the only party will make the youth to florish with their own businesses with good business loans to the youth and all who want to live life without beging Malawian time has come for change


I Like nkunkuyu you are young brave man I want you to join the coming wining party DEPECO with only youthful reader Dr Criss Daza no more old killers party DPP and it’s Mother MCP join wining wining youthful party DEPECO woye!!!!!!!!!°!

Yusuf Jonas

Mutharika Vs UNGA


Hmmmmm…that’s the way to go …Mature politics


In the letter Kunkuyu has apportioned blame on “other political groupings that might have contributed to the mayhem” to desist from such acts for a better Malawi. A well balanced letter it is


Well said …I love to tone…is amakhala a Mwano like Mr So….Just come over and join your fellow young man Chilima

Macs dp

This makes sense…a lot of sense. We need to sober up and do things in a diplomatic way. I am beginning to fall in love with this TA grouping each passing day

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