Anglicans make fresh allegations on episcopal misconduct:   Bishop Malasa’s sexual immorality

As demand to have Bishop Brighton Malasa removed from his position, Anglican Petitioners in the diocese of Upper Shire claim to have  evidence that the bishop has indeed been involved in adultery and having children out of wedlock with women other than his wife.

Anglicans protest against Bishop Malasa

Speaking during a press briefing held at St George Anglican church in Zomba Wednesday, Chairperson for the petitioners John Awadi said their fellow priest Clement Matewere is another victim where his wife has been in love affairs with Malasa.

“Our new evidence is the letter in which Fr. Clement Matewere wrote  addressed to Bishop Malasa demanding the return of the Chasuble where he collected at his house when he was meeting his wife,” said Awadi

He added that Malasa’s sexual immorality ha damaged the image of Anglican church and has gone against the laws of the church canon and Acts of the dioceses hence calling for immediate resignation.

“This is the evidence that we, the petitionersof what we have been saying that we have been saying that bishop Malasa is a womaniser,” he added.

The leader of anti Malasa must go further said the letter by Fr. Matewere is another witnessed towards petitioners to the removal of the Bishop saying they are following procedures as advised by Arch bishop of the Central Province Albert Chama.

Concuring with Awadi, Fr Dyson Chombo said the letter which Fr Matewere wrote show that his wife Alice and bishop Malasa admitted that there is sexual relationship between the two.

“The evidence we have in possession through the letter by our fellow priest indicates that Malasa is adulterous man,”added Fr. Chombo.

When contacted, bishop’s number was out of reach.

Meanwhile, the group of petitioners has told us that Archbishop Albert Chama has not been responding to their letters several times alleging that he is in good relationship with Malasa.

Bishop Malasa has been accused of mismanagement of diocesan funds and being involved in sexual immorality with former diocesan secretary.

The church is waiting with keen interest the audit report which is expected to be presented soon on how the money both from donors and Christians have been used before under leadership of Malasa.

Almost 75 of all churches in the diocese support the resignation of the church leader.

Petitioners since threatened to demonstrate for the last time and the way this demonstrations will be conducted, will result into total resignation of the bishop.

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joe ted guta
joe ted guta
3 years ago

Bishop Malasa, are these allegations true ? You know the correct answers yourself. Have you got a wife ? Are you not satisfied with your God given wife ? If you feel these allegations are true, you have ample time to simply repent of your sins. God and not man, is going to forgive you and your red sins shall as white as snow ❄️. The ball is in your hands.

Chakwera Mkazi
Chakwera Mkazi
3 years ago

Malasa is a real blessing to the Anglican Church! He is being victimised for his no nonsense approach

Concerned citizen
Concerned citizen
3 years ago

Very surprising article with interesting allegations. Mismanagement of funds, how much? A Pastor writes complaining to protesting church members instead of the court? What kind of assistance is he looking for? Is it not a matter of just implicating the Bishop? By the way, does that marriage have counsellors? The protesters allege that the Bishop has children outside the wedlock, who should be the rightful complainant in that case? The Bishop is chosen amongst the pastors, right. One Pastor complains about sexual immorality of the Bishop, but we hear nothing about what has happened to the Pastor’s marriage, has he… Read more »

Swalala wa Salama
Swalala wa Salama
3 years ago

Malasa is a disgrace to the Anglican communion.

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