Zangazanga tells new boards of directors to get parastatals back on feet

Secretary to President and Cabinet (SPC), Zangazanga Chikhosi, Wednesday challenged the newly appointed boards of directors to revitalize the country’s parastatals which, according to the SPC, are currently serving unsatisfactorily.

SPC Chikhosi: Wants nothing short success Pic. By Kondwani Magombo _ Mana
Mthambala : There’s no excuse for non-compliance to corporate governance rules and regulations Pic. By Kondwani Magombo _ Mana
A cross-section of board members at the orientation meeting Pic. by Kondwani Magombo _ Mana

The SPC made the call in Mangochi during the official opening of a three day workshop aimed at orientating the new boards of directors.

Chikhosi said President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is “extremely excited” with the team and that nothing but success is expected of the new boards of directors.

Said Chikhosi: “This is the first time we have, with due respect to the past, real boards; the President is extremely excited that he has a good team. You are game changers and the President expects nothing but to ensure that parastatals deliver.”

“I can say, without batting an eyelid, that all parastatals are giving unsatisfactory services to the public. Admarc, MERA, Water Boards, Maneb and many more: the performance is wanting.”

He said parastatals have, for a long time, been a frustration to clients and a drain of money that has been burdening government with bailouts.

The SPC described the appointment of the boards as time for turnaround and he expressed optimism that Malawians will now begin to enjoy the services of their parastatals.

He added that the Tonse Alliance government is working tirelessly to achieve the 1 million jobs and a better Malawi for all and that the appointed boards “should not be a hindrance” in their mandate.

“Let us together bring back the lost trust in public parastatals and avoid self-enriching; most importantly, the President doesn’t want any politicization of public parastatals,” said Chikhosi.

Earlier, Comptroller of Parastatals, Nwazi Mnthambala, also challenged the new boards to strive to “leave a legacy of excellent performance” and that “there’s no excuse for non-compliance” to stipulated rules and regulations of corporate governance.

According to Mnthambala, the orientation will, among other areas, cover legislation in terms of corporate governance in Malawi and also the relevant legislation in terms of the 3 P Acts, namely: Procurement Act; Public Audit Act and Public Financial Management Act.

One of the new board members, Ezaius Mkandawire, concurred with Chikhosi and Mthambala saying as new board members the challenge for them to turn around things is enormous.

Mkandawire, who is board member for Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA), noted that some boards have failed to perform because of political interference while others it’s because government owes them huge amounts of money.

“We know there are statutory corporations that are heaving owed by central government and they cannot perform so it’s a question of putting up proper negotiation between the two sides so that the statutory corporations remain buoyant,” said Mkandawire in an interview.

Mkandawire said, having been oriented, there’s a need for the boards to conduct functional review for them to fully understand the functions of the boards they are in and to appreciate previous performance to identify inefficiencies and what road to take to improve things.

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Touch down
Touch down
2 years ago

What do u mean Zangazanga. You are failing to sort NOCMA coz u pocketing $10 a barrel – please don’t spoil our noble regime coz of of dyela- we watching you
The President said you sort this out but you seem reluctant

Zio ine
Zio ine
2 years ago

Chikhosi is just a heap of Crump. Rededant and useless. This man was part of the people that destroyed the civil service and trusting him with such a high position shows the appointing authority is stupid. We need to rise against such mediocrity.

Chakwera Mkazi
Chakwera Mkazi
2 years ago

Ngati pali munthu amene anaba kwambiri ku ma parastatal ndiye Zangazanga Chikhosi! I challenge the Central Internal Audit or the National Audit Office to publish in full the amounts of money Chikhosi claimed from parastatals while serving as Comptroller. Zangazanga Chikhosi claimed over K1 billion kwacha in bogus sitting allowances during his two year spell as Comptroller. Just check with ESCOM, Malawi Gaming Board and the Water Boards.

APM and Zameer in K145 million Scam

Parastals were serving the interests of dpp. Why did they appoint politicians as CEOs? Helen Bulum is a pure cadet. Felix Jumbe is a pure cadet. Clear the rubble if you want Malawi to be a better place.

APM was crap and destroyed the public service. Nkhalamba yokuba. Destroying the country at that age showed lack of patriotism. Rest In Pieces.

Last edited 2 years ago by APM and Zameer in K145 million Scam
2 years ago

Tell me honestly if Chakwera is not appointing party supporters into these boards.

Savage Appetite
2 years ago

Sloppy. (.chilope..) .. ..!

Truth ambassador
2 years ago

Not all past boards were inefficient. Some were extremely professional than current boards only that the OPC was frustrating their efforts. It’s not the board members that do the day to day operations of these statutory corporations but management, which in most cases is backed by OPC and the department of statutory corporations when board members report about abuse of office. It’s sad that Zanga zanga Chikhosi who is soliciting favours from CEOs in statutory corporations is at the forefront giving performance warning to directors. More of your dealings with CEOs will be revealed at an opportune time. Don’t think… Read more »

Zonse West
Zonse West
2 years ago

Zangazanga Chikhosi was once a Comptroller of Statutory Corporations during APM’s rule. He has nothing new to say about performance if statutory Corporations during APM’s rule.

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