Anti-Corruption Bureau raid houses of Chaponda, Mulumbe’: Find stacks of cash at Malawi Minister’s house

The  graft busting body Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) which is investigating Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Thapatula Chaponda following a recommendation by the commission of inquiry into Malawi’s maize imports from Zambia on Tuesday searched the house of the embattled minister in the capital Lilongwe.

Mulumbe and Chaponda , their houses raided: ACB discovered money, stored in a bag at the minister’s house.

ACB also searched the House of chief executive officer for State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc), Foster Mulumbe.

Chaponda and Mulumbe are being  investigated by ACB in relations to the questionable procurement of maize from Zambia.

ACB spokesperson Egrita Ndala confirmed the bureau obtained a court warrant of search to raid houses.

“People are out there conducting searches,” Ndala said on Capital Radio on Tuesday afternoon.

“Currently the operation is underway,” confirmed Ndala.

She could however not disclose the houses which were being searched.

But Nyasa Times learnt from ACB sources that house raided included that of Chaponda and Mulumbe.

The search of Chaponda’s home revealed stacks of cash both in foreign currency and Kwacha but the value could not be independently verified.

Sources says  the searches turned out to be “quite productive”.

ACB has not commented on whether they have seized the cash.

“The final amount is unknown. But a bag loaded with cash has been found,” said a source.

Chaponda who was attending a sitting of  parliament when ACB conducted the search,  refused to comment on the nature  of the money or its origins, only claiming that he is not guilty.

According to ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba, the  bureau launched an investigation into the maize procurement saga in January this year where they have been investigating the roles that a number of individuals and institutions played in the whole procurement saga.

“We are also currently conducting a joint investigation with the Anti-Corruption Commission of Zambia and three of our officers went to Zambia a month ago as part of the investigation. We wish to confirm that the bureau is also investigating the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. George Chaponda,” he said.

Chaponda and Mulumbe maintain they are innocent.

Meanwhile, government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi, who is also Minister of Information and Communications Technology, refused to say anything on the matter.

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41 thoughts on “Anti-Corruption Bureau raid houses of Chaponda, Mulumbe’: Find stacks of cash at Malawi Minister’s house”

  1. Himza says:

    Boma la anthu akuba,osakhala ndi chisoni ndi anthu osauka.Anthu opanda chikondi inu mukuba kwambiri ,Malawi mwina bwezi ili ndi misewu yatala palipose.Koma chifukwa cha chombwe inu kuba,Malawi adzakhala osauka mpakana kale.shame on you chaponda.

  2. oscido says:

    kuda ngt ujeni yakoyo. uziona nyengo yakukwanira mphwanga wayaluka iwe chitsilu chibwano choopanda ndedvucho

  3. Jnr malawi says:

    God has ansd malawians

  4. adadi says:

    A dausi information minister .why have u failed to comment ,when u were favouring chaponda. talk talk now. Zikakala za opposition mmalankhula zambiri. Apa wagwanayo. Acb keep it up.

  5. Chakanda says:

    Boma soni zavikola ku adimaki no kulutako ngoma tugula kuma venda kweniso tugula gilandimilo ku chipiku,mwavindele imwe mwatikoma mwe.

  6. Chakanda says:

    Boma soni zavikola ku adimaki no kulutako ngoma tugula kuma venda kweniso tugula gilandimilo ku chipiku,mwavindele imwe

  7. Tifelanji says:

    Where are those whom were supporting the guyguy? Look soon you will be exporsed and you will join your uncle.

  8. OWEN says:

    so sad, gvt is failing to recruit health wokers so as to improve healt of people in the country, but busy enriching themselves because they know that they can go everywhere in the world to seek medical services while we are dying. Mulungu atithandizebe kuti zivumbuluke zambili.

  9. wakumudzi says:

    mtuwuza chiyani anthu andale inu.popeza zanu ndizimodzi mukungochalira kuti wina achoke mulowe mmalo ndinuyo.tatopa nanu zitsiru inu.

  10. winston msowoya says:

    Congrats Anti-Corruption Bureau!!!! Now Malawians realise the fact that Northerners are scape-goats,are not what the majority of Southerners and Central Malawians are taking them for granted.Chaponda is not alone,he is the right hand man of the evil President Peter Munthalika as J0hn Tembo to late Hastings Banda. This saga has just come in the wake of the EUs’ decision to suspend economic aid to Malawi because of its level of corruption that has reached its zenith.The discovery of looting in the house of Mr.Chaponda,does not astonish any body for he has been Muthalika’s confidante for along time,now the truth has comeout,what would Muthalika say as he has been defending the rogue for a long time,mind you,birds of the same feathers flock together.Just recently,Chaponda declined to lower maize prices from ADMARC sidelined the sufferings of our poor people who cannot afford the present prices,of course,he and his family would not starve because he has stollen billions of funds from government coffers making the national economy stagnant and yet a gang of looters including Mathanyula of course,are scotfree.Malawians,our country under the leadership of Peter,would continue to regress, for him and his late thief brother Bingu,came to Malawi to enrich themselves and did not have compassion over the Malawians and in fact,these two rogues had never suffered in the struggle for our independence,they are just travelleres and bogus Malawians.It is sad that the Malawians are in for along trip to economic and political emancipation,MAY GOD HELP US!!!!!!!

  11. Mike says:

    Why the president keep quiet on this issue,why not suspend chaponda to wait for investigations.these people are together,may be that money ws to help his party forcampain.

    1. GLADYS BULLAH says:

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma abaleeee.. mone money atigailekoo maluz ife

  12. The Partriot says:

    Bravo ACB!
    Hidden wealth= undeclared wealth= unexplained wealth= corruption!
    Enough is enough! # Chaponda must Fall!

    North -South antagonism, my foot!!!

  13. Hon Pwhisi says:

    acb bulldog is now biting keep it up we are with u in prayers.fear not take the bull by the horn

  14. ACB Well wisher says:

    My real fear is, if this is true ACB simamaliza ma cases awo. This case will die a natural one muona. Kaya kapena ngati atumidwa kapena amaliza ntchito ayambayi.
    Let us pray that this is a start of new Malawi of holding people accountable.

  15. joe says:

    Apa zikuwoneka kuti ndunanzi nzakuba zas y Nakhumwa managed to spend 23 milion

  16. kelvin says:

    I don’t think he should be given a chance this time,but I am surprised that all th I while,the president is so quite en he has never commented on this.Ali limodzi amenewa,I will never vote in any election akutiona mystic zitsiru ,but we implored u.

  17. Ajijo says:

    Tchuzi kaye….Dr Chaponda knows he is suspect and he surely read the report where the Commission chaired by Justice Msosa recommends that ACB investigate the issue further. Foster Mulumbe knows that he is a suspect and according to allegations ACB will be on him. Why would these 2 keep such amounts of money in their homes unless they have good explanations? Are you sure? Whoever is playing this drama played it well until this point. Of course I also question the fire. One of these days we will know what is really happening. It is something beyond the maize issue. Whoever it is must be targeting Dr Chaponda and Foster Mulumbe is a mtsamilo chabe. My thoughts.

  18. Usama bin laden2 says:


  19. Hoitty says:

    Apa a mdala mbwenu vyasuzga.. Ka mutengesu uli apa nthena. Atumbuka akayika ndalama.kunyumba kwanu eti??

    1. Aggrey Goodluck Mandele says:

      Kayuni Karghyarghya kawira mulomo.

  20. C10 says:


  21. Nyotso says:

    Go and search at Relatives houses am sure there is something in their houses.

  22. Achi says:

    It smarks of money laundering, besides the maize gate. When God joins the battle for the helpless, HE hits below the belt

    1. voice says:

      God doesnt care about us boss. We are on our own. This is entirely up to us.

  23. Dodolido says:

    ACB are there to destroy the any information that can implicate Dr Chaponda. Who at this stage can still be keeping cash at a house? ACB would like to show the world that they are doing something yet they are not. This is MAFIA mwana. Nicholas strategy. You this Dr Chaponda would burn his office and keep information at his home. kikikikiki. Malawi is a JOKE. APM is a true MAFIA.

  24. santana says:

    Found money or sensitive documents? But why is Chaponda in parliament? I thought the
    opposition boycotted parliament last week coz of his presence? Ironically the opposition
    said did not want him as leader of the house yet they let him practice his ministerial duties
    of which he made scandles, Is that reasonable?

    1. Charlie says:

      Santana, always controversial and a supporter of wrong doers! Even when you have nothing to contribute you still look for some rubbish to write about. The issue at hand is about huge amounts of cash both in Malawi and foreign currencies being found in George Chaponda’s house. This issue has nothing to do with Chaponda still doing his ministerial job! Is it really difficult to restrict your comment to the issue at hand?

  25. Maizegate says:

    Chaponda mpakana K124 million and $58,000 kunyumba

  26. Ngudei says:

    ma imkwayale apitilire kuyenda bwino chotere………
    ndimwe kaye frozy

  27. sabata says:

    It is only in Malawi where a Minister refuses to resign after all allegations and the president listen to the devil and no action taken

  28. Ngondolo Mbusi says:

    The amount found so far is MK12,563,945,115.00 in kwachas and then there is another stash in USD…TO BE COUNTED.

  29. JOHN says:

    Bravo ACB do not spare anyone

  30. gadaffi says:

    chaponda ufa yowawa a malawi akwiya bola ungothawa kupita kuli akazi ako ku america kma ndkudako Trump wl chase u kmanso ukayamba kuba chimanga kumeneko

  31. gadaffi says:

    i thank ACB u hv done a good job,now pipo wl trust u ,mr matemba i followed u on zodiak pa tiuzeni zoona u assured us dat u wl deal wth chaponda dats gud .my fellow malawians lets pray for mr matemba & mr kondowe kut asaphedwa kut apitilize gud job ayambayi,galu chaponda usauka uwona .stupid malawi leadership mmaikila kumbuyo galu ameneyi y?gad

  32. Dums Magulajena. says:

    Now why Mr Chaponda still saying that he is innocent? And how much money does he to reach at belling in stack? If we say that this government is fond corruption together with their leader Peter. Mbava zachabechabe.

  33. alholwe atilaula says:

    hehehe koma yha! tiona zambiri chaka chino!

  34. Nachanza says:

    Koma ndiye zafikapo kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  35. Search that criminal says:

    Hehehe. Zili bwinooooooo

  36. Chimanga says:

    Ma style a mbuyanu Bingu osunga ndalama mnyumba…… shupiti

    1. fanny says:

      And why keep foreign currency. It is illegal. He should charged of illegal possession. Add this charge on top of corruption kkkkk

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