Anyone who dares to impeach Speaker Msowoya ‘azampokera vimwekumweku’ warns Mwenefumbo

Karonga central member of parliament (independent) Frank Mwenefumbo has warned legislators against attempting to impeach Speaker Richard Msowoya.

Mwenefumbo: MPs be warned, don’t you dare attempt to impeach Speaker

Mwenefumbo: MPs be warned, don’t you dare attempt to impeach Speaker

Msowoya is an elected member of parliament from Karonga.

Speaking in parliament, Mwenefumbo said the Speaker will not be impeached.

“The Speaker comes from Karonga. Karonga is a very tiny district in this country and yet the Right Honourable Speaker, you are the Speaker here. Whether one likes it or not, the Speaker shall not be impeached,” he said.

Mwenefumbo added: “ That bill (impeachement, whether it is from either side shall never see its day to the floor of this House. “

He warned: “The Right Honourable Speaker comes from Karonga, if anyone dares to continue with that bill azampokera vimwekumweku [will be stuck with lightning].”

But the Speaker ruled Mwenefumbo “ out of order” for using the word Vimwekumweku, saying it is not parliamentary.

There have been insinuations that ruling DPP were plotting to impeach the Speaker.

But Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu denied any knowledge of an impeachment plot facilitated by his office citing Section 53 of the Constitution which states that such a motion can only originate from the House.

Deputy government chief whip, Grace Chiumia denied that DPP has hatched a plot to impeach the Speaker.

She however claimed that some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmakers were not happy with the Speaker, who is a member of the party.

If anything, Chiumia, who is also Minister of Youth Development and Sports, pointed out that MCP would be gunning for the Speaker’s ouster, claiming that she had names of opposition MPs who were agitating for the Speaker’s removal for interfering with the MCP leadership.

Msowoya apparently faced impeachment over his alleged bias in the handling of the petition by rights activist Billy Mayaya to declare vacant seats of 11 United Democratic Front (UDF) MPs who moved to the government benches in Parliament to cement their party’s working relationship with governing DPP.

A Speaker can be removed by a resolution of the House following 14 days  of debate on a motion signed by a third of the members followed by a secret ballot for two thirds majority vote but the government can only achieve that with 128 MPs on its side, according to new Standing Order 32 to 34.

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Ndiwe ndani iwe mwenefumbo kuti ungaopseze anthu? Uona khala chete

Chindele chakufikapo

……and tell them kuti anthu oterewo azachotsedwa mafupa…..if the are young guys, tell them to ask the elders regarding history of wene Karonga ….”amatha kumuchotsa mafupa munthu aliwamoyo”….ndangodutsamo ine, sindidatchola nkhwani….




Chalo chamala malipiro A pitala mwachitika uli? Malawi for sale.Naluta kwa Mugabe ine chalo chanitonda,ndalama yawa kweni ninyengo ya hona kaweme kaliko ku Malawi kuno .Yayi banganya tatondeka


mulopwana khaleliwa,ndaleka mwenefumbo anganding’ambe ndi zimphaliwali kapena vimwekumweku.


Eeeeee!!!! Mmmmmmm!!!!! Zavutapo apa. Leave Msowoya alone PLZ!!!!!!


thats the stupidnes of having cowards in the house instead of discusing issues u ar discussing people,silly


even though,we are leading the country through minister of economic planning.look on those things.that is a northerner.what are you saying?

shuaib muha

Ndale plus ufiti Mwenefumbo….

Dingi Mputeni

It is not about ruling but the quality leadership.Malawi is the most backward country in the world because the illiterate measurement of putting somebody on the post is tribalism instead of policies.Akubwera Ku Malawi anthu amachita kumvetsa chisoni.They looked malnourished,osasamba and older for their ages.Its only a few people who are benefitting from the system.A Udf anatha style trying kumwera pamsana wa Pitala in a dodgy way.Wachita bwino Mwenifumbo kuwamasula.Azaone vimwekumweku.

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