Asian businessman, Monsin Rafik Mussa implicated in kidnapping and abductions

“As a community we are working very closely with the police to bring the perpetrators to book.”

One of renowned Asian businessperson in Malawi, owner of MG Industries Limited Company Monshin Rafik Mussa has been implicated to be allegedly one of the the mastermind of recent spate of kidnappings involving the Asian community in the country.

Monsin Rafik Mussa’s implication into the kidnapping purportedly operating as part of criminal gang comes after the the police had zeroed in on a kidnapping ring and netted a Lebanese woman in the process who spilled the beans on the kidnapping, which in the recent times has made the Asian community in Malawi gripped with jitters and trepidation.

The Lebanese woman, Rola Rabah Nasr Eldinne who spent over two weeks on remand at Maula prison while police investigations were underway.

A police officer who was part of the investigations team confided in Nyasa Times that it was in that time that police found leads to the case and one of the persons who the police found to be in very close regular contact with the busted Lebanese woman, was Mussa.

“When pressed as to why she is in a strange close regular contact with Mussa, the lady confided in the police that Mussa was part of the syndicate and that she and him and their gang have been abducting and abducting Asians especially Indians for hefty ransoms.

However, Nyasa Times understands that Rola Rabah Nasr Eldinne, who got divorced not a long while ago by a Palestinian Mzuzu based man, Rabie Rabah based in Mzuzu whose father was a medical doctor was behind all threats and attempts according to her three phone lines.

It is also revealed that the Lebanese woman was frequently communicating with dodgy characters from Mozambique who are involved in human trafficking and kidnapping.

Nyasa Times also learnt that the police thoroughly went through her contacts and discovered that she was talking to Moshin Rafik Mussa of MG industries unusually often and for a very long time.

According to records obtained the calls between Rola Rabah Nasr Eldinne and Mussa would last even more than one hour per one slot and could have more than 20 to 30 calls a day.

However, Nyasa times has gathered that when the police interviewed Mussa on the matter, he denied any wrong doing criminally, but confessed that the two had a sexual relationship and nothing more.

Mussa is said to have told the police that he used to meet and even go to the gym together but there is nothing criminal in nature that the two of the them engaged in. However, the woman, who is divorced did not corroborate his story which the police find wanting and lack of substance.

But Mussa insisted and confessed that he only knew Rola Rabah as a girlfriend and never got involved in her other side.

Although the police were not satisfied with Mussa’s illogical explanations, they let Moshin Rafik Mussa go but told him that they will call him back in soon an as a state get more information from him.

“Rola Rabah Nasr Eldinne and her team of blood-thirsty hooligans from Mozambique and Malawi have been targeting business persons by threatening them, kidnap and abduct them for a ransom .

Four months ago one of the shareholders of Shayona Cement was kidnapped. Millions upon millions of Kwachas was spent.


There has been fear among Malawians from Asian community following a spate of abductions and attacks targeted at them in some of the country’s major cities.

Just recently, a Malawian of Asian origin, Aniz Ammad Kali was attacked at BCA Hill in Blantyre and robbed of large sums of money which he was taking home from his shop.

He later died at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital where he was receiving treatment as he had been seriously injured in the attack.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) national spokesperson James Kadadzera said in a statement that they are following up on the matter.
“MPS detectives are following all the leads to arrest the criminals, he said.

The law enforcers are also yet to get to the bottom of the abduction of Shayona Cement Company boss, Rajesh Patel, who was abducted in February this year.

Sources said Patel was released after paying a huge ransom that was allegedly demanded by the abductors.

Kadadzera said the police are still conducting their investigations to get the abductors and bring them to book.

“All I can say is that he [Patel] was abducted, blindfolded, kept and dumped. He did not know the people that abducted him and the place they dumped him. We are still investigating to break through the leads,” he said.

Leader of the Asian Community in Malawi, Rafiq Hajat told the local media that that Patel had gone on leave abroad because he fears for his life, disclosing that Patel went to Dubai and other places which he did not mention but has since returned.

Asked if Patel paid ransom for his release, Hajat said: “I believe something was paid.”

The abduction of Patel and recent attack of Kali and others has sent shivers to Asians living in the country as they fear for their lives and businesses.

Hajat said members of the Asian community get a lot of threatening messages from unknown people to abduct them and choke their businesses.

“As a community we are working very closely with the police to bring the perpetrators to book,” Hajat said, when asked what the community is doing about the threats.

In 2018, an Asian national Atul Maneck was kidnapped after a criminal gang reportedly captured him at the entrance of his house in the opulence low-density suburb of Area 9 in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

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1 year ago

I am lost for words. This is not the Malawi I left behind 40 years ago. I remember we were a small community, everybody helped and another, in thick and thin. These ppl are not one of us and they are foreign MOBS who believe they are above the law. I also believe that there are enemies within who are equally responsible for widespread LOOTING of MOTHER MALAWI. I call on the government to smash all those sucking dry the country’s wealth through corruption and other illicit activities. I left Malawi 40 years ago without one TAMBALA in my pocket.… Read more »

1 year ago

This level of crime is very worrying and unsettling. The police should investigate this matter urgently and thoroughly to apprehend all involved parties. The courts should impose harsh punishment to deter others.

1 year ago

Abduction criminal activities are popular amongst Asian community in the world.

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