Atupele Muluzi renewed journey towards 2019 Malawi polls

United Democratic Front (UDF) party president, Atupele Muluzi, on Sunday called on people in Mangochi to unite and desist from segregating each other on the basis of religion, tribe and culture.

Atupele Mulzui on the move to reposition himself and UDF for 2019 polls

Part of the UDF supporters that attended the Atupele Muluzi rally

Muluzi, who is also Minister of Health (MoH), made the appeal at a political rally held at St. Augustine 3 Primary School Ground in Mangochi.

The UDF president described politics of discrimination as primitive saying, as a party that ushered democracy in the country, UDF, believes in tolerance regardless of cultural, tribal, religion or political differences.

“I want to urge you all to live in harmony with everyone regardless of their religion, tribe, culture or political affiliation. Ndale zonyozana ndi kusankhana mitundu ndizachikale (politics of segregation is very primitive),” said Muluzi.

Moreover, Muluzi stressed that UDF was, and would, always be there because it is not for Atupele, Dr. Clement Chiwaya, or Lillian Patel but it is rather a party for millions of Malawians who love it.

The UDF President said that the fact that he is a minister and working with the government of the day did not mean that he had sold the party as others want people to believe.

Muluzi told the UDF party die-hards who gathered at the rally that he would go to every corner of the country from Chitipa to Nsanje to preach about UDF and unity among all Malawians.

On development, Muluzi said he would be the happiest person to see Mangochi, among other districts, developing adding that he would make sure to achieve that.

“I will be very happy to see the Mangochi – Liwonde Road, Mangochi – Makanjira Road and Balaka – Chilipa Road well-constructed and tarred,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi also appealed to the people in Mangochi to go for the national identity card registration exercise when it commences in the district for them to be counted as Malawi citizens.

Speaking earlier, UDF Parliamentarian for Mangochi Central and Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dr Clement Chiwaya, hailed Muluzi and all UDF party members, including Lillian Patel for being loyal to the party.

“We have seen people leaving UDF to join other parties but people like Lillian Patel have never changed party colours; we are UDF, and UDF is our identity,” said Chiwaya.

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Even if UDF clings to DPP, the combination of Mia, Chakwera, Msowoya, and the damaging stage performance of Lucious Banda is enough to kill the Yao inclination to DPP. Those Yaos are just being used by selfish and brainless Ngulus. No matter what the DPP leadership tries to do to hoodwink people, it’s gonna get tougher and tougher for them. Whether they like it or not, support for the ruling party in the south will be reduced by a projected 40% and that is a bonus vote percent for MCP. This prediction will come to pass. The fact is that… Read more »

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Wakwithu politics is killing Malawi. For real, that crowd is regarding Atupele as a true leader with the brains to transform Malawi? I think MCP is the only party in Malawi that doesn’t belong to any family and therefore, deserves to be a national party.

I can not imagine a son of one of fighters for democracy could be reduced to following haters of democracy. SHAME!!!

Have you ever thought of UDF coming closer to MCP? Bakili Muluzi tried to band UDF to MCP in 2009 but 90 percent of the UDF supporters laughed it off and gave JZU a wakeup call during the elections. MCP supporters are angry with the young Muluzi because he refused to join Chakwera in his plans to frustrate govt plans soon after the 2014 elections. This time around the MCP is trying to woo all opposition parties for an alliance in 2019 but they know that any alliance without the UDF, MCP cannot make it in 2019. MCP is banking… Read more »
Kunena Mosapsyatila

These people have no leader. Allow a serious minded person to lead them. Achinangolo kweleko kuMangochi ana tijauleje kosope jutinyakwile mbepo ja che Muluzi. Yeleyi yamazanje!!!

This young man is a gold digger and an opportunist. UDF supporters mufela dzina loti “Wakumangwetu yomweyo” while the Ngulus use you as their slaves to amass votes. Its high time you came out of the cacoon amangwetu.


Atupele born with a silver spoon doesnt know Mavuto he cant be a leader


This young man is confused and does not know what he wants. I feel sorry for the supporters who are being fooled into believing that Atupele stand for the poor. This man is greedy and he minds his affairs only. He should not fool people. He is an opportunist. Follow his at your own risk.


Yellow and blue who will stand here in 2019. This is disaster to udf no future any more.


You have the potential Atupele but politics of protecting your father from going to jail has hit you hard. We know you were forced by your father to join this good for nothing government and now you have waken up after the Biwi mystery . Your 2019 road is too narrow to navigate as Saulosi seems destined to be running mate again as he lacks options as well. Tough luck!!

I love Malawi

He’s buying votes for DPP.MCP osangozisiya bwanji?simulimbatu olo mutani.Central ija ndiye pano ilowedwa koopsa moti you’ll be disappointed come 2019 general elections.muzingonyadira kuti amalawi anakupatsiranitu udindo wa u main opposition party umene palibe angakusuntheni.let me congratulate you in advance for that position

chaponda mchimanga

Some dpp zealots will always castigate MCP in their comments. I think Dr. Chakwera akukuvetsani mmimba. Nanga MCP ikawin ma by-elections onse kuphatikiza ku nsanje muta? Mutsekula mmimba inu a Dpp the maize gate party.

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