Auditor General gets fierce criticism over contradictions in Malawi ‘grand corruption’ forensic audit

Malawians are up in arms on social media against government failure to release names of seven cabinet ministers allegedly involved in the K577 billion plunder of public resources at Capital Hill and the contradictions with figures Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa has presented in his report.

Kamphasa:Branded bootlicker

Kamphasa:Branded bootlicker

Kenani:  Auditor General is playing

Kenani: Auditor General is telling us lies

The government on Monday said it would release names of the cabinet ministers on Tuesday but they have been shielded.

And the forensic audit summary report presented to parliament, the Auditor General says about 90 percent to the look – K555 billion – occurred during the PP led government.

But the same Auditor General says K577 billion (about $856 million) plunder of public money between 2009 and 2014 has been reduced to un-reconciled amount of K236 billion.

The forensic audit was conducted by RSM Risk Assurance LLP of the UK.

Geneva-based social-economic commentator Stanley Kenani took to Facebook to blast the Auditor General.

“The current Auditor-General is either a crook or downright incompetent and unfit to hold the office he currently holds,” Kenani wrote.

“Look at how he is failing to say what the truth is about the K577 billion Cashgate Scandal. At first he said K577 billion was not the money missing but a cashbook figure to be reconciled (a mere ‘audit query’ – that’s how he attempted to trivialize it).

“Then he said K264 billion was the money actually missing. Today he says over 90 per cent of the K577 billion was misappropriated during the Joyce Banda administration, thus acknowledging that K577 billion is the amount that is actually missing.

“The truth does not change like a chameleon’s colours. This auditor-general is telling us lies, and thinks we are all stupid,” the Geneva-based writer stated.

Kenani’s post attracted comments from others include Eddi Manda who called the Auditor General a “bootlicker.”

Sangwani Gondwe also posted his comment: “What a liar!! He should be ashamed of himself.”

Adding his voice, Atusaye Mwalwanda posted: “It is just that he is a parrot for the current administration. You cannot bite the fingers that feed you.”

And Daud Mufti Adam wrote: “These are lunatics who highly need patriotism and integrity.”

Politician Ackson Kalaile Banda also attacked the Auditor General as “a very crooked person.”

In his comment Ephraim Kapanga Lenard Frazer wrote: “He is learning on how to play with the minds of innocent Malawians.”

The audit has revealed that there have been collusive activities in the way government has been awarding its contracts confirming that bid rigging and manipulation has been plaguing the Capital Hill – the seat of government in Lilongwe.

It also reveals that K83.5 billion was paid to 44 of the businesses which were selected as part of the sample of 50 businesses which matched to the bank transactions.

The report says to date, 13 businesses and K17.08 billion have been subject to review and that of these 13 cases alone have allowed the audit to identify at least $19.6 million in possible savings and recoverable costs.

These are $14.2 million in overpayments for goods and services; one duplicate payment of $5.45 million which the report says should be subject to immediate recovery; and $29 166 overpayment on shipping to wrong locations.

According to the report, there is evidence to suggest that a number of cartels are winning contracts through restricted tender and single source procurements sometimes to supply quantities that do not reflect the actual needs of the MDAs.

“These groups of suppliers are owned by the same individuals with the majority of trade being inter-company implying that limited actual trade exists,” reads the report,  adding:“This suggests ‘layering’ a method sometimes used to hinder or prevent investigations in accurately tracing the source or destination of transactions and flow of funds.”

It reports that the use of bank cheques to move funds between related suppliers could be seen as an attempt to deliberately conceal the audit trail.

“Of even more concern is that we have gathered evidence which suggests that manipulated procurements have taken place as late as December 2015 and are therefore likely to be continuing,” says the report.

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Either the Auditor General did not thoroughly read the report and understand it or he totally lacks integrity.Like others have commented alot of contradictions are coming from the Auditor Generals Office. Hahaha…..We need to audit the information from the Auditor General to establish the truth.


As usual Malawians listen to half cooked nonsense from paid up journalists and opposition clowns, and when it turns out to be rubbish, they blame government and Auditor General. As usual barking, barking, barking and barking some more……for nothing!

tozer tsono
Mr Kamphasa, after Foreign Auditors have figured out what has gone on with K577 billion looted money, does it make sense that you won’t simply state the results of the audit? If you cannot provide straight forward information, you obviously don’t take seriously the suffering of Malawians due to looting. In which case, resign. You are no better than the looters who are just as mercurical. Your statements so far to quote from your report, “suggests ‘layering’ a method sometimes used to hinder or prevent investigations from accurately tracing the source or destination of transactions and flow of funds.” Resign… Read more »

This country called Nyasaland

Hanz Dawun

DPP yamuyika kuchingwe Kamphasa. He’s never impressed me. Can’t even lie properly.


Wanga Gwede, which government said this: “The government on Monday said it would release names of the cabinet ministers on Tuesday but they have been shielded.”? And through who? Was it Akweni? Where?


And what did the commentors here on Nyasa Times say?
You people have a problem. Whenever you talk about social media commentors on national issues, why does it seem difficult for you to acknowledge comments from your own page? What can you lose if you just pick up one or two random comments from your own page, to show appreciation for the commentors’ participation on your platform? If the issue is authority, do some of the quoted names have any authority on anything? Mumalakwa!

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