It’s my bad, son in law exonerates Kachama from his track business

Son in law to Malawi’s inspector General of Police Lexen Kachama, Frank Banda, has disassociated his father-in-law over reports that he is the one who owns Kings Group, a company whose trucks were impounded by the security agencies over maize exportation saga.

Police chief Lexon Kachama: It is son in law whose trucks were impounded

Maize according to Malawi goverment is a protected crop meaning that the crop is not allowed to be exported unless permission from Government agents.

Banda said his father-in-law does not own any of the trucks.

“King Group is a family business owned by Mrs Grace Kazembe and Jones Banda and me and all the trucks are registered in my name. Since I am the one managing the trucks we bought these trucks through Bank mortgage and you can verify with them if you want,” said Banda.

Banda said he started running transport business even before he got married to a daughter of police chief.

On reports which alleged that his vehicles were impounded while trying to smuggle maize to Tanzania, Banda said the truth was exaggerated.

“I entered into contract with Willie Kitha to transort maize from Kanengo warehouses to Kitha warehouses in Chitipa. And my first vehicle LL6440 was impounded while offloading maize at the warehouse while my second truck was impounded while offloading outside the gates of the Kitha warehouses,”said Banda.

Meanwhile, Banda has disclosed that he is not happy over the way how the whole issue has been handled.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times has established that IG Kachama is not happy with the whole issue saying his image has been bruised for being implicated when he is innocent.

On 26th March this year, Police in Chitipa intercepted 17 trucks and arrested its drivers on suspicion of smuggling 270 tones of maize to the neighboring Zambia and Tanzania.

Banda trucks were intercepted a day after President Peter Mutharika ordered the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to ensure that maize and tobacco does not cross the borders of Malawi.

Banda’s trucks impounded were; LL 6440 driven by Lemiton Chavula and LL 6255 driven by Madalitso Mgumba.

Each one of them was impounded while loaded with 300 bags of the staple food.

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21 thoughts on “It’s my bad, son in law exonerates Kachama from his track business”

  1. mjiba says:

    Kachama probably the richest Polceman find out how rich this man is Malawians you will be shocked??????????

  2. solomon says:

    azakumange ndiomwewo mmbale!likawomba wothelatu

  3. solomon says:

    nafe tizabeleka
    IG kac wamva!

  4. Kagolo Chikaphonya says:

    Mr IG, why were you always at Kanengo inspecting the TATA truck being turned into a van which you are now disowning? Frank Banda, do not act like a parrot…. just be quiet

  5. yohane phiri says:

    An artist lies by saying would marry me am now battling for the court to get back my money he abused and he is challenging and have i have told him

  6. Kamvamgugu Kalimwayi says:

    it appears this is not the first time the big man has compromised himself. First, he allowed (excuse the maxim that love is blind) his two or three daughters to be married by foreigners, of suspicious characters making the organisation pregnable to suspicious influence. Anywhere else this would not be allowed to protect state integrity.

  7. Keen Observer says:

    So the son-inlaw has got the powers to demote officers?????

  8. Sandram says:

    And demotion of officers has got a very bad picture of you IG.
    We are seeking for the truth about this hide and seek tricks, this should be having some understandings of cashgate coz there are dirty tricks on this matter

  9. Ndasauka says:


  10. Paul says:

    Apolisi akuchitipa aonjeza amazitenga ngati iwowo amagwira bwino ntchito. Ndiponso Akachama chonde achoseni onse apolisi apa chitipa,akhaletso makopolo onse.

  11. benjones says:

    To many question no answers.

  12. Dum Magulajena. says:

    Why demotion why? Officers were doing good job, had it been other vendors and not Kachama’s son in-law these officers were to be promoted promptly for the job welldone.

  13. There is more what the eye can see in in the Kings Group.Mr IG tawuzani mtundu wa Malawi kuti a police amene mudachita demote and transfer adalakwa chani? Sizokwanira kuti spokesperson wanu angoti “transfers/ demotions in police service are normal”.Mwina a police wa awona izi chifukwa akukhudzidwa in corrupt activities when they were allowing maize trucks to pass thru the border and pocket K200,000 per truck.Tatitambasulirani pamenepa bwana IG otherwise your name and integrity will be turnished.

  14. Beston chagala says:

    But are the officers really demoted?What is the connection then?Is it because now things have gone sour that you are looking for a scapegoat?Tiziona m’mene zithere.

  15. John says:

    Can the police chief set aside so that investigations can be done in a free and fair manner otherwise the intimidation that started of transferring police officers will lead to unfair investigations

  16. John says:

    If indeed the police chief was not involved in the illegal business why did he transfer the police officers who did the good job instead of promoting them? What was he trying to hide?

  17. That’s how innocent officers out there are also implicated,Malawians like implicating others without knowing exactly what happened,they come to you with lies and you rush into making decisions without inquiring what actually happened,there are a lot of victims out there but are suffering in silence without committing any sin.

  18. Tawona says:

    Always verify the facts before they are published. You goofed. That’s unprofessional.

  19. Ishmael Maulana says:

    So this guy Frank Banda doesn’t fear much coz of His father in-law

  20. nGaNgA says:

    So why the demotion of those officers?

    1. Sponono says:

      Indeed, ? The demotions?

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