Bafana star Mabunda reveals how Major 1 revamped his soccer career

Sundowns and Bafana Bafana star Tiyani Mabunda has opened up as to why he always thank Prophet Shepherd Bushiri whenever he attains success.

Man of the match dedication to Major 1
Tiyani: God sent a prophet Bushiri to deliver me

The star has never been shy of thanking Prophet Bushiri for his success as a soccer star.

Speaking after emerging the man of the match in Sundowns’ Monday game against Orlando Pirates, the star said: “I have come to understand the importance of having a spiritual covering. The Israelites were in a difficult situation in Egypt but God used the prophet Moses to get them out of Egypt.

“They then remembered Moses and the law he gave them at all time because they knew that God had sent Moses for their benefit.

“I too was in a similar situation not only in my career, but also in my life where like any young man in today’s generation I was more into the things of things of this world like wild parties etc, but God sent a prophet to deliver me from that way of living to my Canaan.

“I thank God every day for remembering me and sending His prophet Major 1 to come and lead me in the path that God has predestined for me here on earth.

“That is why I remember Major 1 all the time in my success because I dont know where I would be if God had not sent him for me.”

Mabunda, who calls himself ‘Prophetic Son 1 of Major 1’, also explained more about the question people ask him on why he always mention Major 1 as “my spiritual father” and barely mention his biological father as much.

“I then searched for a similar situation that resembles this scenario and found it in the book of 1 Samuel 2:11 GBN, which reads: ‘Then Elkanah went back home to Ramah, but the boy Samuel stayed in Shiloh and served the LORD under the priest Eli’.

Explains Mabunda: “I then went back home and spoke to my dad about the above verse. I then ask my dad to come with me to international visitors program and he agreed. We met Major 1 together and I had so much faith that this scripture had been fulfilled in my life. What made me believe even more is that my other name is also Samuel.

“My biological parents have accepted Major1 as my spiritual father, and they too have become members of ECG.”

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3 years ago

Not strange powers, but spiritual gifts which even you if you desire them, God almighty can impart to you, the Bible says desire the gifts

Truth Pains
3 years ago

Yah I used and still i don’t like this generation of prophets but to say the truth mmmh this young man Bushiri has his own power. Wether it’s God’s blessings upon him or not its all about God to judge that and not me.

You have achieved alot Bushiri and assisted thounds of people as individual, keep on doing a good job of praying for the sick and helping the needy.

daniel theu
daniel theu
3 years ago

Yeah. This man is talking sense and even on the radio he talked the same. Sugar Mabunda is a strong Sundowns Football player and also plays for Bafana-Bafana along side Kekana and Vila, Zuma etc. He loves MAJOR ONE TOO MUCH and most of all; GOD THE FATHER.

3 years ago

munthuyu wangokhala okayikitsa koma anthu ena who are not members of ECG but visited him at one point while he was still here in Malawi back then confess that this man really has some strange spiritual powers

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