Bakili Muluzi vis-a-vis Bingu wa Mutharika

Most people hated him passionately – Bakili Muluzi – the former President of the Republic of Malawi.

And most people adored him, Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika – except for a few voices who expressed skepticism from the start like the doubting “Toms” Likambale and Chiumia in particular of this world who urged people to wait until the second term is well on course.

Until recently of course! The icing on the cake being the battle for the soul of (un)Democratic People’s Party which has become a classic handing over parade for the control of the “Mutharika Proprietary Limited Company”.

Then the issue of shortage of Forex and its ancillary services like medicines, fuel et cetera. Then Callista Chapola burst on the scene with her bogus allowances. Then the 19 (reported) deaths as result of the world headlining 20th July, 2011 demonstrations. Then the “four CHANCO lecture rebels” advocating academic freedom and ending in the mysterious death of the young freedom fighter, Robert Chasowa. The problems seem to be endless for the embattled leader.

Our elders earlier noted that even among “anthu atatu okuda alionse, m’modzi amakhala oyelelapo”(“among the blind, a one eyed is a king” as the Queen’s language put it?)

Muluzi and Mutharika

This author makes no apology to declare that if the so called Doctor of Economics, Bingu wa Mutharika, were to be matched, pound to pound with the multi Honorary Doctor ‘of all sorts’, Bakili Muluzi, at his lowest-rated time as a President, Bakili Muluzi would come out Canonized as Mother Theresa, compared to the worst political years that we are currently facing under the incumbent President.

When the electorate chose Multi-Party System of governance in 1993, people voted with their souls, joined in spirit with their foregone politically inclined martyrs with a hope for a secure future of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Malawi will never be a dictatorship again and any leader who initiates an exclusive “Family & Friends only” system of governance is honestly wasting his time and resources. Besides, the resources that such a leader garnishes his loved ones will just take him straight to prison soon after his tenure.

And if Murmur Gadaffi’s demise is anything to be read into, then amassing worth for oneself while depleting state’s resources is something every sane leader would avoid at all cost now. And if our stubborn and arrogant Number One Citizen ever thought that he will have a peaceful retirement at our Ndata ‘Time Share’ Government Hostel, then he better heed this advice and start refurbishing his next home – Zomba Central Prison.

A word of advice to the following people populating out political space:

  1. Peter Mutharika – that there will be no other president in Malawi by the name of Mutharika for the next 99 years. That is the servitude that each citizen tacitly agrees with anyone in blood and consanguinity relations with a President. Bingu may have won in the battle to put you as the face of the DPP but you will never win the war to convince the electorate that you can do better than your brother. Who doesn’t know that, mwana mbuuu, make mbuuu? (birds of a feather rejoice and get sizzled over a bottle of Chivas whisky together).
  2. Atupele Muluzi – for the same reason as above. If Hon AA is not a qualified lawyer (as some people in the know on this forum do comment), and he wants to waste his youthful years as a politician, the best that he will achieve forever will be somebody’s deputy. Just another JZU who will come very close but so far away.
  3. Hetherwick Ntaba – isn’t it time you consulted your Pension Fund advisor how much you have in your reserve? Don’t let the sun rise on you abusing someone throughout the night. Even witches know when to quit. Find God before you die and meet the Savior as Paul not a Saul – reigning supreme over Nyau, there is God, you know?
  4. John Zenasi Ungapake Tembo – what are we going to do to this Daza boy because he stands between our standing for a ‘Third Term’ and going into retirement – you are not 80 yet, are you? President Michael Sata may have given hope for the many aspirants who have tried again and again to be presidents but for you, you will have to be content that Sanjika will always be a distant dream.
  5. Callista Chapola – I will call you “Chapola” because I came to your Chipengule village in November 1989 when your “very Catholic” dad, Emmanuel, passed on and in March 1990 when your brother Lieutenant Anselmo, who was a pilot in the Army, also passed on. Chinua Achebe said that “a man who cannot control his wife is a wicked man”. Make hay while the sun shines but don’t make enemies. “Chindele” chidyeleni achemwali!
  6. Joyce Banda – Isn’t it time you went to USA and meet the owner of the ‘Yes We Can’ Intellectual Property Rights, stopover at OR Tambo Airport – meet the ailing Madiba and get the blessings of Tutu; then in Liberia to re-fuel and have a bite with Sir-Leaf Johnstone? While it may be early to start predicting the title contenders for the 2014 presidential marathon, most people will agree that you have an advantage to grab the gold medal because all your contenders who have raised up their hands for the marathon are either too aged for use or carry the sins of their ancestors for a curse to carry them through the entire race. Don’t miss the Constitutional advantage of being a President with a simple ‘Majority Vote’ and not a ‘Two-Thirds Majority’ rule now!

To the readers; suppose our Supreme Constitution was different, and you were given a ballot paper to choose between these people that you know, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and (Dr) Bakili Muluzi, who would you choose to lead you for the next 5 years?

Note: the way you have voted hereinabove will have the same impact in May 2014 should, God given the survival of the wild machetes, screw drivers and weaponry roaming our streets for want of different political voices, our presidential hopefuls turn out to be Peter Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi.

Which boils down to what Mark Anthony said at Julius Caesar’s funeral in William Shakespeare’s book that ‘the evils that men do lives after them and the good is oft entered with their bones’. Besides, one religious and spiritual mentor warned me that it is Biblical that the sons live to pay for the sins of their fathers – I am yet to find that verse though. Given that Peter has been decently fathered and spoiled by Bingu – what need I say?

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