Bapu refuses to comment on Mwawi’s conditions: Malawi Queens shooter demands ‘reflective discussion’ with NAM

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has refused to comment on Australia-based goal-shooter Mwawi Kumwenda’s stand made by her manager Hlupi Chalamba that the conditions for the player’s return to the Queens, who are in camp to start preparations for test matches against England this month, is that there should be a meeting to thrash out their acrimony.

Bapu:  No comment

NAM recalled Kumwenda into the Queens’ squad for three international test series against England.

But last week in a strongly-worded letter to NAM general secretary Carol Bapu, Chalamba demanded  the association to first explain the circumstances surrounding the player’s expulsion.

Chalamba requested  a meeting with NAM to “have a better understanding of what transpired during the last call up which led to her expulsion from camp.”

But Bapu has refused to comment on Chalamba’s conditions.

“I cannot comment on that,” said Bapu.

She refused to publicly declare NAM’s position on the matter.

When pressed on whether they will accept Mwawi’s legal adviser for a meeting, the NAM secretary general; said: ” No comment. I can’t say anything on the issue now.”

In her letter to NAM, Chalamba said: “Much as Mwawi is always excited to represent Malawi as her manager and legal adviser, I have advised her to wait until we have a better understanding of what transpired during the last call up which led to her expulsion from camp.”

Chalamba said her concern was the manner in which NAM handled the incident by chasing the player out of camp without hearing her despite that she gave an explanation for reporting late for training which coach Sam Kanyenda duly accepted.

Netball analyst Wesley Namasala advised NAM to accept the meeting request.


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chipatso mbewe

Msanje a Carol Bapu, akudziwa kuti iwo atha kale sangapitenso patali amai amenewa. Moti msinkhu wawo ndi wa Mwawi, aaa kutali tali, no wonder jealous. Anachitabe manyazi atabwera ndi ma zero awo ajatu ku fast5 kuja, ndiye they didn’t want to swallow their pride, but this time awona kuti eee, tingomuitanabe nanga titani ndi mmene anthu ayankhuliramu, ndiye mudzamva treatment yomwe azikamupatsa kumeneko, BRAVO MWAWI!!!! Osadandaula nawo emenewa, anthu wamba uzingowaona nkhopezo, kunyansa!!!


Yankhani fuso inu, taonani dzimatsitsizo ngati chiwanda.


Solve these issues behind the scene and not using media


Bapu and your committee is killing netball in Malawi. Your rude answers make us sick. Don~t be arrogant.


Hu is being arrogant, I this this Mwai girl has grown so big than NAM, She got punished for coming late it was over. now amuitana akukana kupita, what should they do agwade, kodi kulibe ‘”FIFA'” ya Netball amupange report. Just use achina Joice omwewo olo Mwaiyo apite Tikaluzabe


There were reasons for reporting late which NAM is aware. It was supposed to be the coach sending her back and not NAM


I think akulu inu mutu ndi wowuma kobasi; FAM sithamangitsa player ku training ground;its the Coach. Here we have a Coach who was communicated to beforehand through FAM about her delay; Coach accepts the situation and welcomes her then the Jezebel comes in and kicks her without instructing the Coach kuti amuthamangitse or to a discplinary hearing. this time of approach kuwatenga achinyamata osewela mpira ngati antchito akuyumba its bad. they represent all of us

Lewis Mponda

This time around no comment…..we thought you were clever…go again to meet Chalamba and hear her side of the story…..mumazimva shuga ……


Carol Bapu no problem. Tell the nation about the balances in the money card where allowances for the queens are loaded when ever they travel abroad. I challenge you this is another CARDGATE. Those in authority check and reconcile. Check with the bank. gate statement. I stop here

6 double 6
Please Carol Bapu just leave Mwai alone. If she does not want to play for her country, there is nothing you can do. My old adage says, you can managed to force a hoarse in water but you can not force it to drink. Time has come for Malawi as nation to forget issues which have to do with Mwai. Report this to international netball body.Mwai can be punished immediately. Mwai was punished for reporting late by excluding her from the competition.That was the end. Now you have recalled her for another competition, then she is making herself very important.… Read more »
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Mwai was humiliated in front of her fellow players. The manner in which a NAM official acted left the player in total embarrassment. The girl decamped without retorting. In normal circumstances, the coach was the one to eject her from camping after according her a right to be heard. The coach would later on report to NAM about her expulsion and reasons for doing so. When it is an official from governing body going to the camp to effect the expulsion, then, it is an act of interference. FAM has never gone to Flames’ camping site to expel a player.… Read more »

Carol Bapu and Mwai Kumwenda are on verbal war like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un

I think your argument is not based on facts. I suggest that you should read the letter that Mwayi’s legal adviser wrote to NAM to get a clear picture. Please note that it was not Mwayi who refused to be recalled to the camp this time around. Her legal advisor advised her not to go there before understanding what happened. Again, Malawi will continue to be poor because of being so jealous that others are being successful as you have portrayed here. Let me ask you one question: What does international netball bodies have to do with the fact that… Read more »

I agree

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