Believe Kasambara at your own risk: Malawi’s enigmatic ex Justice Minister

A story is told about envy that went viral in Heaven. And when it spiraled out of control, the consequences were, as we have all heard, disastrous.

Lucifer is the fellow that was at the centre of this Heavenly episode. It is said that this guy was an Arc-Angel. In other words, he was the Chief Angel – a Chief Secretary of the government of the Republic of Heaven.

Thus, he was the link between Angels and the Abbey of God.

The story goes on to say this fellow was quite handsome.

One passage or the other suggests that he was the most handsome of all created beings.

Ralph Kasambara
Ralph Kasambara

Besides, he was endowed with talent. It is said that he had a musical voice, and could do all the singing voices simultaneously – a complete orchestra loaded in one individual.

Suffice it to say his position, the glamour associated with it, the talent he hadand his looks distinguished him. This was not a problem.

The problem was that this feeling of singularity crept into his head and conquered his faculties. As a consequence, he indulged it and started feeling he deserved more.

He started demanding more homage from the fellow Angels, although he was already revered. He wanted more acknowledgement and recognition.

Pride distended in his chest. For this reason, he started assuming he deserved to be a member of the God’s Abbey.

He questioned why Jesus, the son of God, was ahead of him in terms of hierarchy, and yet he possessed all the endowments that naturally made him a super-creation, deserving more grandeur and etiquette.

So he decided to start undermining authority. He could no longer see Jesus as his senior or superior. He felt they were at par; expect that Jesus was just being overrated by His father to appear artificially higher in terms of precedence.

When he realized that his misgivings were not being noticed, he started grumbling openly.

He managed to win the loyalty of some angels. Together they tried to arrange a revolt and topple the Government of God.

They should have known. They were dropped from the cabinet of God, stripped of all privileges and trappings of power and banished from the precincts of Heaven.

Not only did Lucifer lose his glory, he lost his name too.

Since then has been known as Satan and other uncomfortable names that speak to his indiscretions. He has not stopped fighting, though. He still vainly cherishes the hope that someday he might wrest powers from God.

There is nothing wrong in being good and intelligent. Our society is scarcely looking for more of such people in order to meet enduring and lingering challenges that retard our progress.

What is wrong is when being good or intelligent gets into your head and you begin to think only you have the monopoly of brains and ideas. What is wrong is when being good or bright conquers your reasoning and manipulates your brain to start believing that only you are capable.

What is wrong is when being successful gets you into a conviction that without you nothing can work, and without you the centre would not hold.

Such feeling distends your ego and exaggerates your sense of self-worth. You start feeling you are bigger than your real size.

It is this over-estimation of self that is the undoing of one Raphael Kasambara.

That Mr. Kasambara is a lawyer of note does not need any elaborating. What needs elaborating is the air that Mr. Kasambara wears suggesting that he is the fulcrum of law in Malawi, and therefore he must be feared and left untouched.

He has used the success he has registered in his practice (although some of it is attributed to subterfuge) to intimidate people and get some of them to believe that touching him is dangerous and grievous.

Raphael Kasambara has used the law to create this myth of intimidation around himself to the extent that it has enabled him to subdue clear cases against him.

He has used the law to terrorize people. He got away with sexually molesting a girl called Rubina using the law.

Many parents of the girls he has victimized are helpless to secure justice for their children because Kasambara uses legal fraud against them.

As Attorney General in the Bingu wa Mutharika’s administration he terrorized politicians, journalists as well as fellow lawyers.


Then Vice President Cassim Chilumpha was prevented from functioning due to a case Kasambara hatched up that Chilumpha had plotted to assassinate Mutharika.

Mutharika sacked him when he failed to provide tapes where he had claimed the evidence had been recorded.

He embarrassed Mutharika by letting him accept the constructive resignation letter of Chilumpha which Kasambara had authored purporting that Chilumpha had resigned because he was not reporting for duties.

And yet Chilumpha could not report for duties partly because he was under house arrest for a case of treason that Kasambara had invented.

Journalist Dickson Kashoti was arrested by police and locked up at the instigation of Kasambara because of running a story in his paper which alleged that Kasambara was connected to the missing of a laptop at a lakeshore resort.

Kasambara made lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale struggle to get his dues when he successfully defended Parliament’s rejection of Mary Nangwale’s nomination as Inspector General of Police.

While Attorney General he orchestrated the removal of the security detail for former President Bakili Muluzi.

When the ex-president challenged this, Kasambara demanded that he should appear in court to testify.

Despite satisfying his desire to embarrass the former Malawi leader during cross examination, the courts ruled against Kasambara and his cohorts.

When he was locked up for allegedly masterminding the torturing of individuals at his office, Kasambara demanded that then President Bingu wa Mutharika should testify during the case.

Mutharika dismissed the demand, damning it as a mere ploy to abuse the courts to settle political scores with him and rubbishing Kasambara as a “crook who masquerades as a human rights lawyer.”

This week Kasambara has been at it again, demanding that President Joyce Banda should testify in a case where he is being accused of conspiracy to shoot at Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo in September.

Before anyone sees any credence in the demand, the point that needs to be understood first is that this is not the first time that Kasambara has asked to face anyone associated with the office of the President.

He did unsuccessfully with Muluzi. Mutharika rubbish it a ploy of a crook. Today, he is daring President Joyce Banda.

Kasambara’s obsession with trying to embarrass Malawi’s Heads of State (previous or incumbent) is marked – he can only be taken seriously at one’s own risk.

In his head, he feels he is the size that should take on people in the stature of Heads of State!

That is what untamed ego can do.

But as Satan would testify, certain fights are better left unprovoked!


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