Ben Phiri secures K22m from China for girls school hostel in Thyolo

Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Operations and Field Marshal, Ben Phiri, who is former presidential aide,  has secured K22 million for the construction of a girls hostel at Mpinji Community Day Secondary School in Thyolo District.

Ben Phiri receiving a cheque from Chinese  ambassador to Malawi, Wang Shi-Ting

Ben Phiri presides the launch of the project for girls school hostel

Learners celebrate the development

The development comes as a timely intervention as students from around the school travel long distances of up to the radius of 20 kilometres. This anomaly alone has prevented girls from attaining good education due to absenteeism that mostly comes as a result lack of proper hygiene.

The whole Thyolo district has only two boarding schools namely Thyolo and Luchenza secondary schools.

Phiri says he has been knocking at a various doors to solicit help to improve livelihoods of people in Thyolo which is his home district.

“I have been approaching several institutions and individuals both local and international to find ways of how best they can help us the people of Thyolo. Our district is facing a lot of challenges that require interventions from all fronts. I am therefore very grateful to the government of China through its embassy in Malawi for responding favourably to this noble cause,” said Phiri.

Added he: “The new hostel at Mpinji  CDSS will therefore help provide decent shelter and reduce absenteeism among girls. The modern infrastructure is expected to be completed and ready for use in January 2018.”

The field marshal, as he is famously known in political circles due to his skills and shrewdness, further thanked members of parliament from Thyolo district for their efforts in uplifting the living standards of people in their respective constituencies.

He specifically recognised Bapu Khamisa,  who is member of parliament for Thyolo Central constituency which stands to benefit from the girls hostel project,  for the good work he is doing in developing  the district.

“What I am doing is simply to compliment various development initiatives taking place in all the constituencies of Thyolo initiated by legislators of those respective areas. Any cause that is aimed at directly benefiting mankind must be commended and encouraged,” concluded Phiri.

On his part, Chinese  ambassador to Malawi, Wang Shi-Ting, said he was moved by stories of girls traveling long distances to and from school thereby failing to perform well in class.

Shi-Ting said he decided travel to Thyolo district together with Phiri to see with his own eyes the severity of the situation.

After touring some parts of the district, the Chinese ambassador therefore pledged to provide funds for construction of girls hostels at Mpinji which is few kilometres from the boma.

Ambassador Shi-Ting said: “They say if you educate a girl, you have educated an entire nation. That is why I am here in Thyolo to have first hand experience of the challenges the young girls are facing. We are assisting the government of Malawi in various sectors including education.

“Mind you China 30 years ago was worse than Malawi but we managed to improve the situation by educating the population. The hostels, once completed, will therefore help benefit girls in Thyolo district for many generations to come,” added Ambassador Shi-Ting.

Phiri has for years been at the centre of development projects and social programs in his home area.

Currently, he is running a sports trophy in Thyolo Central constituency to the tune of K10 million. He also disclosed that he has secured funds for a quiz competition targeting all schools in Thyolo district, both primary and secondary.

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It is a shame that we are still relying on handouts for the country’s basic developmental projects. How many hostels could we have built around the country with the cashgate funds? The other day I saw an article about the CEO of National Bank and the Mayor of BT presenting Boreholes to Chichiri and Ndirande Primary Schools. A Borehole at an inner city school??? When I went to Chichiri Primary School in the 80s we had proper plumbing facilities. It is a sad that we can’t repair our facilities, we steal everything from the government coffers and without shame go… Read more »
You shouldn’t rush into thanking Ben Phiri, but you should ask a question as to whose bank account this money will go to? If it is Ben Phiri’s personal bank account what would stop him from abusing the funds if account number one is heavily is heavily monitored is being abused by his masters? You should wait what quality of girls hostel he will build with this amount of money – most likely, it will be substandard and will use the rest of the money for a campaign in 2019. The problem with the Chinese that they are not so… Read more »
Prince Yamie
“That kind of Brotherhood” In the Bible,there is amazing and astonishing story in the book of 1 Samuel 20 vs 1 ….about #jonathan n #KingDavid … How true friends ought to love and die for each other; the “One for Two and Two for One tings” it really moves me to see the unconditional love they had for each other… When David was still a meek n elastic boy full of life and God’s grace,King Saul was envious of him and continuously tried to do a “Sangala and Matenje tings on him” but due to the bond of true friendship… Read more »

on behalf of girls in Thyolo i say thank you to the Chinese government and thank you Dr. Ben Phiri. do this to many other schools


tiyeni amalawi tidzitha kuyamikira zinthu zabwino. uyuyu Ben Phiri uyu wachita chamuna. it just pains me when people focus on bringing others down instead of encouraging them


i am a thyolo resident and i know what challenges the district is facing. i really like when young people like Dr. Ben stand up and contribute positively towards eradicating challenges in the education sector especially girl education, Dr. Phiri you have a great future remain blessed.


@ Gogodasi sometimes learn to think and look at things positively. What is wrong with the Malawi China flag? kodi ma hostelwo adzikagonamo Ben Phiri ukumuti private citizenyo? mesa muzikagona ana asukulu. olo zitakhala kuti akupangira kampeni chokawika ndichani sibola chitukukoko chafika kumudziko?


awa anachokeranji ku statehouse? nowonder the centre is failing to hokld in the presidency. big up Dr. Phiri


malawi needs more Ben Phiri’s osati ambiri omwe amakhala busy basi kungokhala phwiii mmaoefsi kulephera kupanga zinthu zopindulira dziko lawo.


Though am MCP koma izi zokha ndazikonda,big up Ben you are a star,my fellow youths lets support our fellow youth,nsanje singatithandize

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