Best Casino strategies for 2021

If you are an experienced player or newcomer to online casinos, then you must be curious about what the withdrawal and deposit process typically entails. It is natural to be apprehensive of giving a financial body you are unfamiliar with access to your bank or credit card information. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the safe deposit.


You will find that through time and practice, you will be more than ready to tackle the casino and its mathematical edge. It is essentially all about the decisions that you make, so watch out and stand by! Once you have made notes of our tips, make sure to take a look at this online casino, where you can try out your strategies in real life!

Specialise within a certain game

This is a no-brainer. When you first start playing within a casino, you will need to select a game that you want to specialise in. The reason being is that, when you divide your attention across different games, you are making it extra harder to gamble and win. There is already a mathematical advantage against you to win within one game alone, why make it two?

Gamblers do lose most of their money when they gamble, that is a certain probability. However, there are things that you can do, to make sure you can have an easier path for yourself. First, is to know your favourite casino game, inside out and now all the rules that you face. For example, many of the top games currently within the industry, are from the biggest game developers in the world, such as NetEnt, Microgaming etc. They will always offer you free play options of the games that you can uncover and practice with, so why not?

Use maths

Casino games consist of all maths, meaning you will need to be comfortable with making calculations within your head to figure out the house edge for example. Casino games and odds must always equal 100% for example, so you will need to figure out based on the odds, what that is in percentages. If you have that, you can figure out the house edge for example, very easily.

By giving you an example you can relate to, you will figure out the house edge. If blackjack has a return to player percentage of 98%, the house edge is 2%. Knowing that, you can select games with a much smaller house edge than others in a casino’s portfolio, meaning you are giving yourself a bigger chance of succeeding. See what happens if you do not know simple maths? You could miss out on some very obvious details that are important to help with your gambling selections.

Know how to predict loss

Knowing how to predict loss is important. You need to be able to realise what you are up against, before a penny has been spent from your side. For that reason, make sure you take into account and repetitively get into the habit of doing the following three things: Know your return to player percentage, or the house edge, each wager size that you will do as an average and how many wagers you are planning to make all together.

Once you have these values, it will be your task to then multiply the house edge percentage by the size of your average wagers, and then by the number of wagers you are about to make. This should then reveal what your expected loss actually is. Once you know that number, you can really make the rational and wise decision, if you wish to continue and move forward.

Most losses are an average that changes, depending on the frequency that you wish to play. So, make sure you are fully aware before you commit to anything at all within your gambling habits. This will ensure that you’re playing in the most sensible way possible.

Avoid casino traps

Many casinos be it online or offline, have clever ways of making profits around every aspect of their offers. When you are online for example, the bonus promotions that are promoted will often be more than what meets the eye. Many of them have terms and conditions that really limit your gameplay, so they can make the most profit out of it.

For that reason, it is important to read every line of small print carefully. If wagering requirements that are associated with your offer for example, are huge and seem very unrealistic, chances are they actually are. Wagering requirements that are low, are just about realistic to achieve. Anything higher than that, will have some difficulties down the line, meaning you will struggle to make a profit for yourself and actually keep all your winnings by the time you have fulfilled the wagering requirements. Pay attention and know what you are signing away to!

Incorporate strategy 

When you decide to incorporate strategy, you will find that the casino games you play are much more likely to lower in house edge, the more you win as you play. The strategy involves you playing a certain way, and of course that doesn’t become instant knowledge. By reading online and taking the time to research various strategies, there you will be able to grow with time and attack with different expertise and game style. Each genre of casino game will have multiple strategies that you can try out for yourself, so what we would suggest is, before you invest huge amounts of money, slowly build yourself up. It never hurts to have a notebook to write down your moves and their results too. This way you can look back and evaluate everything in a more calculated way.


You just need to build a confidence and understanding of how casinos roll. Many casinos will hide details from you, knowing you are a beginner and easily led astray. Make it your mission to look into all the kept secrets before you expose yourself and become vulnerable cash wise within a game. As soon as you pick up some math, and know where to use it, you will be very much right as rain, and at the top of your game in no time!

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