Better: Gwamba to donate K0.5 mil to orphanage

Spoken words remains words until a hand is added to build a wall. In his new gospel banger titled Better, baptised Gwamba sing of good life; he is giving a hope to the poor and oppressed.

Duncan 'Gwamba' Zgambo: Better

Duncan ‘Gwamba’ Zgambo: Better

In the new development of hope giving, Gwamba who is now living Christ life is moving mountains with his hands following his move to donate a sum of K500, 000.00 to Pashello Charity Trust in Ngabu, Chikwawa to help towards building of an orphanage house.

According to the artist who was welcomed to gospel arena with over 30, 000 downloads for Better within 24 hours, the official donation is scheduled on Friday, 12th February.

“I Just thought it Godly to share the little am blessed with so that I somehow make Malawi a  better living for someone,” explains Gwamba

He continued:”It is everyone’s responsibility to share and grow a better place for our brothers and sisters in need, so on Friday am invading Ngabu with some funds to help in constructing a shelter for our in need of it.”

In addition, the gospel rapper, Gwamba says the donation is also part of thank-giving to the nation for accepting him as for his music switch and promises more good deeds as God instructs.

“I just want to thank God and all Malawians for the support and love they have rendered on my gospel genesis and also on my  new song Better. Honestly, it hasn’t been easy but now, we are there,” thanked Gwamba who has a number of good deeds in his account including hope giving Nabola Kusache hit long before meeting the Christ.

Gwamba’s goodwill can also be translated as a calling to his fellow musicians to journey into positive mission where their hands will work their music rather than wasting  energy and resources on the hate.

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firstly, let me salute my brother gwamba for such brilliant decision i think, i personally am touched and eager to join gwamba. people misinterpret the bible too much. akamati dzanja lamazere lisadziwe it does not imply people to see, how are we going to learn giving? it means giving the best of you with all your heart


thats good Gwamba

99.9% of those who are negative about this am sure they aren’t into giving. Hence, by airing their negative views they just want to clear their conscious. To some of us its an inspiration that we also need to start reaching out to the needy with the little we have. Gwaba, not only are you to touch the lives of orphans but there is also a spill over effect on us to also do something. The negative people you will always have in this crooked world. Even for those who are negative, if they stand out to do something for… Read more »

Thumbs up”the analyst”. Being born again rests on building your relationship with the mighty Jehovah. You announce a donation even before giving it , sure? What if you die before you get to Friday? Have you written it o n your will?

The Analyst

Thanks . . .
And thumb up to the even more wise questions you have asked.


ts anew strt gwamba n wne calls sm1 o wat ppo cn say wu not avoid o stop God frm collng u thats nc in God thea z evrythng


Haters Haters Haters! Hate will only hurt u. Is he the first one to announce a donation? If u can’t join him then leave him alone. With u or not he is donating. Forward ever Gwamba, we don’t stress with noise makers. Iyeeerrrr!

innocent guy


Zizakhala better

I dont see anythng wrong with the announcement.


GWAMBA WOYEEEEEE?? IYEEE!!! Aise, osawamvwera enawa ansanje awa. Pure Malawian thinking. Very backward. Inu a analyst munaperekako olo mchere kwa a neighbour anu? Olo ka nsapato to someone wihtout. Vuto lake la anthu who have nothing to show in their sad lives, trying to feed off Gwamba’s misery, he will never be like you sad faces. So take a sit and let the kinf og HipHop reign. Gwamba ndi mbolaaaaa… Eya ndi chi sting cha njichi… Simunatitu hating, you will hate mpaka ma ulcers ana a njoka inu.


And none of you fellas have never assisted anyone in your lives, koma ntchito kumabwera pano to find faults. You have never shown kindness to anyone, even your brother and sisters; not even your mothers. Mfana wapanga zabwino aise. Achina Analyst awa, achina Felix ndi anzawo apanda ayinawa have no lives. They feed on your misery and so try at any cost to induce it. You have done well bigi mani. GWAMBAAAAA WOYEEEEE!!!! IYEEEEE!!!

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