Bingu stadium not for charity -Ning’ang’a

Bingu National Stadium (BNS) operations manager Eric Ning’ang’a  has said the facility is exclusive in terms of its operations that requires to generate own income for maintenance and cannot  offer the venue for free to charity events.

Ning’ang’a: Bingu National Stadium has its costs

Ning’ang’a said this after he snubbed Football Association of Malawi (FAM) over the hosting of Chifundo Charity Shield that will involve Nyasa Big Bullets and Kamuzu Barracks (KB) in Lilongwe this Saturday.

FAM has asked BNS management to forfeit its 25 percent cut from gate revenue as part of their contribution towards the charity cause.

But Ning’ang’a  said Bingu National Stadium has costs to meet  and cannot be used without paying the recommended fee..

“If people want to fundraise at this [Bingu] stadium, they need to meet our conditions; the facility is exclusive in terms of its operations. It is an entity that requires to generate own income for maintenance and there is no way we can just offer the venue for free to charity events,” Ning’ang’a is quoted in the press  saying.

“By the way, who told FAM to organise the charity activity in the first place? Was that not their idea? There is no way we can sympathise with them because despite being a government facility, BNS has costs to meet. For instance, we incur over K3 million to maintain the facility each time it hosts a match.

“Nobody should take advantage of the facility being a government entity to exploit it. We will not allow anybody to encroach into our management system little by little until our operations are crippled,” he said.

FAM has now switched the match to Civo Stadium, which has agreed to surrender their cut alongside Bullets, KB, FAM and Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS).

This year’s proceeds will go towards the purchase of physiotherapy equipment for patients at BeitCure International Hospital in Blantyre.


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Zinenani Zoona

Ningángá is not a proffessional. He is a mulakho hired because he made noise when the opposition refused to pass the budget of 2011. Nanu a Nyasa Times muziyika background za anthu ngati awa polemba nkhani.


Bravo Mr. Ning’ang’a. way to go. Where on earth does it say that you dont incur any expenses when fundraising for Charity? You need to meet all your expenses like accomodation transport food and venue. The balance is donated to charity. Malawians we are so fond of getting almost everything for free. This kind of thinking is killing the country and encourages lazzifare altitute.

ya_smooth DJ

Bravo Ning’ang’a. Way to go. Who says that when raising funds for charity you dont pay for expenses like food accomodation and venue? where on earth does this sort of thing happen? Fund raising does not mean you get everythinng free of no no. Ypu pay for all your costs and then the profits you donate to charity..its as simple as that. This thinking of getting everything free of charge is what is killing Malawi.


I’ve seen social football games being played inside stadium.are they also paying millions?

kondwani simbeye

that is our own property let us use it


That’s correct Mr. Ning’ang’a. That stadium is very expensive and should not be used for free otherwise it will be destroyed very soon. There is need for frequent maintenance of the stadium.

Business ya DPP

Koma m’mene zikumvekera nkhani zake stadium iyi akuyiwonabe ngati yakuntundu osati ya a Malawi Ayi.A Ning’a ng’a iyi ndi Charity Shield ndalama sizikukapindulira FAM iyayi koma mbali ya a Malawi imene boma last DPP likulephera kuthandiza. “such tendencies”destroyed Kamuzu Stadium, which tendencies.Ndikukayika ngati stadium iyi tipindulenayo, makamaka zolowa mumatumba amapuleya. Tsono a FAM akasiyiratu kuyikako maswera kustadi imeneyi sitizamva kulira kuti a FAM alowetsa ndale ku mpira

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