Bingu’s first term was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Writing in The Times of the United Kingdom, Oliver Kay wrote;   In one of his most famous speeches, John F. Kennedy said:

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity”. That interpretation is the subject of debate to linguists.

Bingu Wa Mutharika’s tenure in office has reached a ‘crisis’. The danger is that people are planning to go to demonstrate in streets; the opportunity is that things can improve, especially if Bingu ditches a few philosophies.

When arguing about Bingu’s leadership in his second tenure of office, Malawians always refer to what they call his successful first term. We say no, there was no such a thing as a successful first term; it was just like a wolf in a sheep’s skin.

Just as Malawians are making merry about Bingu’s successful first term, our revelation destroys the party.

Mutharika: Mr Unpredictable

For all the  praiseheaped on Bingu’s successful first term, it is easy to forget that cabinet worked as a unit then. Former Transport Minister, Khumbo Kachali, said about cabinet working with one accord in the first term, sentiments echoed by former Justice Minister, Henry Dama Phoya.

Bingu must have been doing something right. Why do people commit to memory his first term? Yes, Bingu was quite, he was not ranting as he is doing now; this is why his first term should be forensically revisited. A pity, it was fundamentally inconsistent.

Why did Bingu hide in sheep’s clothing? The man (Bingu) was under huge nervous tension from the opposition. And, we all know that Bingu panics when pressure piles.

Two things were enough to stitch the wolf in sheep’s clothing;

a) The opposition wanted Bingu impeached,

b) The opposition were refusing to support most of the bills in parliament, and this included the budget. As customary to Bingu, like he did when the British High Commissioner, Cochrane Dyet, exposed his dictatorial traits, he turned to Malawians to solicit their support, and said to them, “if someone attacks me, it means that he has attacked you Malawians”. This is Bingu’s style.

When former President Bakili Muluzi, the one who handpicked Bingu, was campaigning for him in 2004, Bingu, like a cornered lion, put his tail between his legs and exposed his fangs not during his first term of office, but his second. Again, that was the Bingu style of hiding his true colours.

Put under pressure during his first term, Bingu had to play the wiser.

To cover his sharp appendage, the President penetrated inside guiltless Malawians hearts, telling them that he was a victim of circumstances of the times; Bingu went further and portrayed himself to Malawians as a “son” of GOD who was just being persecuted by the “Jews” because he was trying to bring development to Malawi.

Certainly, development is what marries Malawians to Bingu’s first term.

What development did this President bring to Malawi during his primary sitting in office? Bingu was busy developing one region, in particular, his home district and Malawians could not see all this, reason? They were busy sympathising with a wolf in sheep’s clothing- the self proclaimed “son” of God.

Today, there is a growing political revolt among Malawians; they want the President to change or step down. Led by civil society leaders, Malawians are organising demonstrations against the leadership of President Mutharika. Malawians have now realised that the sheep there were seeing in the first term was actually a wolf, and indeed, the wolf has now gone wild.

Today, Bingu is notoriously bad at speaking English. The President is using the English word “war” at his own people. The  people who voted for him to win a landslide victory over the opposition.

We, the Timau Crew, unlike John F Kennedy, do not know how many characters the word ‘crisis’ and later on, ‘war,’ are represented with in Chinese. All we know is that it is dangerous to use the word ‘war’ on your own people.

Perchance, with an eye to GOD, the demon that has engulfed our President will set him free and Malawians will be happy once more, otherwise, the President has to ditch a few philosophies if the nation is to get on track again. “Who let the wolves out”?


In case you don’t know Noel Masangwi, he is the ruling Democratic People’s Party Regional Governor for the South. He is a businessman. He told Capital radio’s Straight Talk presenter, Brian Banda, that he sometimes drinks wine at Limbe Country Club where he plays squash. He is a married man.

Recently, Masangwi was in the news for three reasons:

1-He said that Malawians were not ready for a female President.

2-There were revelations that he uses his position to pester MRA authorities

3-He was attacked by his own boss, Peter Mutharika, Minister of Education and a law Professor, that he, Masangwi, is a smuggler and uses his position to harass people at Malawi revenue authority (MRA)

It is this third point that is of interest to us.

In a secretly recorded conversation, by one of Malawi’s most talented investigative journalists, Joseph Mwale of MIJ radio, the law professor, Peter Mutharika, was recorded telling a friend that Masangwi is a smuggler and uses his position to get in the way of people at MRA. Where is the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) here?

By virtue of his prominence, Peter Mutharika is a Law Professor and his brother, Bingu, the state President, wants Peter to become President of Malawi. Peter Mutharika is well informed and when he says that his Regional Governor is a smuggler, he means just that. Why would Peter want to destroy his reputation by being two-faced against Masangwi?  It is ACB, destroying their reputation by not investigating one Noel Masangwi.

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