Bishop Bvumbwe riles PAC officials

Former chairman of Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe has riled present a quasi-religious body and governance watchdog officials for declaring that the government has failed.

Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe: PAC needs to review its mandate

Bvumbwe, speaking on Sunday, said PAC has no moral standing to be judge and declare that the government has failed.

“I always weep and pray when I see PAC taking a militancy stand against the government instead of advising the government in a friendly manner,” he said.

He said there was now need for “soul searching” on how PAC is run so that it repositions itself according to the current political dispensation.

Bvumbwe said PAC was formed in 1992 during the one party state therefore there was need to review its mandate.

“I know there is rampant poverty in the country, corruption is record high, the economy is not doing well, these are the things that all politicians from all political parties, both from the opposition and ruling party acknowledge.

“As PAC, there should be a way of telling the government. You cannot declare and pronounce judgment that the government has failed because of these issues,” he said.

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole could not be drawn to comment on the issues raised by Bishop Bvumbwe.

The Bishop is now the chairman of Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) but denied he is the Democratic Progressive Party puppet.

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33 thoughts on “Bishop Bvumbwe riles PAC officials”

  1. Mbuyache says:

    A Bvumbwe please dont let Board Chairperson-ship allowances corrupt you. You are a respected Clergy but now I see no brave leadership in you and that other Anglican Bishop amatokota zosamveka uja. You churches and follows are the ones may be who can clap for this mediocre and nonsense. Thus total nonsense from you bishop.

  2. mtete says:

    I have said it and will repeat it. It is not right for Bishops, Priests, Sheiks and the like to head, or be appointed to, Boards because, invariably, decisions and resolution’s at meetings are not always based on truths but on lies, something at odds with what the men of God value and advocate.

    I do not think what the bishop is saying is the truth, nothing but the truth. It is said to please the ruling party. I wonder at what benefit to him.

  3. mtete says:

    I have said it and will repeat it. It is not right for Bishops, Priests, Sheiks and the like to head, or be appointed to, Boards because, invariably, decisions and resolution’s at meetings are not always based on truths but on lies, something at odds with what the men of Gods loath.

    I do not think what the bishop is saying is the truth, nothing but the truth. It is said to please the ruling party. I wonder at what benefit to him.

  4. msoma says:

    vumbwe is right, pac cannot assume the role of a judge. what does mulomole mean by the govt has failed? dont pretend men of God that u were not in malawi to witness the impact of cashgate and you it can be fixed in 2 yrs.God does not use manna for His ppl any longer and malawi is no exception.let us make realistic is the ppl who forced bingu to devalue the kwacha and this time the same ppl cry foul.what exactly does pac want?

  5. mbili ya bakha says:

    mmutu modzaza ndele waona dpp yamulemetsa. cisilu ca nkhlamba

  6. Ronnie Mvula says:

    Thank you Dr Bishop Bvumbwe. A leader must say it plainly like you have said. This PAC needs redefining indeed.

  7. Mipando says:

    If Bishop bvumbwe is a board chairman of mera then he must leave the position of Bishop to capable young ones to run a Church. He is very political and power hungry. His interview leaves a lot to be desired. He is a real culprit of political insanity in the country. Your DPP is not even bringing any meaningful development to Malawians. Uluke u Bishop , ulowe ndale uwone ngati azakusankha anthu.

  8. peter from mbayani says:

    why are we Malawians myopic to know that truth when presented calmely goes a long and good way? whats the difference between those you are saying are wrong ang you the ones mukutukwananu? honestly amene mukutukwananu muli ndizolinga zoipa. ngati kulikupsa mtima its too much.lets respect leaders. baseless claims will not take us anywhere christians and muslims

  9. Wha I waonder is that today people talk bad about PAC coz they are now in Government side. Yesterday when they were in the opposition side they rallied with the very same PAC and cheered it, what kind of hypocrisy is it now?

  10. DOBO says:

    Of all what PAC has said, I find all of them true.PAC was not judging the DPP Goverment but reminding them. of what in DPP Manifesto. To day you have failef is not judgememt since judhement is followed by punishment. Bishop Bvumbwe ndi tsabola wakale,palibe cha nzeru chimene anganene..Komanso a Malawi ena mitu yao sigwira.Zowona munthu wazeru zake kumanena kuti izidzudzula opposition.ngati ali pa chiwongole.DPP ndi imene ili pachiongolelo..All of us including Opposition are under the DPP control not opposition.DPP is the one in driving seat. and controlling Government machinarx.

  11. banda says:

    Well said Bishop Bvumbwe. PAC has lost direction – it is heavily politicized by selfish people. Too bad.

  12. Alex Nyalapa says:

    Bvumbe is a bishop of doom. If you had the spirit of God your eyes would see how Malawians are in pain, poverty and continue to suffer.

    God is watching you and you will not hide anymore. Corrupt pastor has no place in the kingdom of God. You have joined camp of satanic DPP the party of darkness and death. Should we say you are the one who master minded the plot against Father Mulomole. The spirit of God will fight you . Quit you are not fit to be a man of God shame shame shame.

  13. syababo bene isi says:

    He is childish

  14. magufuli says:

    Mdala wadyela UYU. Ana Ake osokonekelaso

  15. santana says:

    Truth hurts. How many influencial people and organisations have lambasted PAC on its militant approach to govt? PAC cannot hide that it is being used by the opposition. The unfortunate thing now is that their agenda for this month’s meeting will be very difficult to chose. Why is PAC accepting to be manipulated like that? It is this leadership in PAC which gave ultimatum to Bingu saying his party has failed Malawians, but what lesson can it learn from the 2014 elections in which people voted back the DPP?

  16. wakuphili says:

    Koma anthu RNA DPP amadana nayo koopsysa but whatever you say MCP singawine chisankho piano mavuto Ali tho mu chipanl mukadalira muona. 2019 DPP Bpmaaaahhhh.

  17. Mkwapu says:

    Fake bishop bvumbwe

  18. chikoti says:

    Well said bishop, what will militant approach benefit this country? Kodi nkhani za poverty etc, mmesa tulo ndi ma MP otiimilira Ku nyumba ya malamulo bwanji angokhala chete osapangapo Pac is our representative instead of our MPs? Have they abandon their we should look up to PAC for our wellbeing?

  19. wa mwale says:

    Disgraceful Bvumnwe, bvumnwe ndi mphaka akakalamba. Palinso chanzeru pmenepa? When gvnt is all corrupt and some bishops has been put on pay what can you expect

  20. Omex70 says:

    We know Joseph Bvumbwe is a DPP puppet. This guy is an opportunist. He is defending government because he was chosen by the president to chair MERA’s Board. Though he is my fellow member of the clergy, I have no respect for Bvumbwe because he doesn’t side with the suffer but he always makes sure that he defends the government even on wrong things in order to protect his position as chair of parastatal organization. He is both power and money hungry.

  21. Stephano says:

    But the truth is PACs has been diluted by political manouvering both from opposition and government. As a result it is no longer focusing on the common good of Malawians. Malawians need actionable targets and not someone who will just stand and tell them this and that has failed.

  22. rev mayilo says:

    olo pemphero lani a Vumbwe mulungu sayankha. you are there enjoy at the expense of poor Malawians. One day muzaona polekera

  23. chatonda Mvula says:

    OH NO, Was he dead or alive when speaking like this? it must not be the Bishop himself coming out with such childish comments. Is it because he is on government payroll? Strange and when others are crying, do you laugh at them or simply keep quiet? Utakwera pansana panjobvu usamati kulibe mame. I am very sorry to hear this from Bvumbwe. Uyu Bvumbwe wakweradi patsekera.

    Stop talking nosense bwana and pray for God’s wisdom from now on. The country is watching you.

    God must forgive you if you are indeed a bishop.

  24. Kabiniko says:

    This witch is so useless….mene udayambila kupha azibusa ako uzabona liti…galu…..ufiti ndiwako DPP for sure is doing nothing

  25. Mine says:

    He is speaking as board chair ,shame ,ndalama zikamalankhula chilungamo chimakhala chete,bad

  26. Isake Jombo says:

    why us Malawians

  27. Dzambo says:

    This is another sell out Bishop like Malasa.

  28. Dzambo says:

    This is another sell out Bishop like Malawi on government pay roll. He is always buying favor from high offices inorder to benefit personally. His church is among the smallest in Malawi with under 250,000 people in all.

  29. Natty Prince says:

    Abvumbwe maso atsekeka makutu angotha chimbadzi chilukoma zedi mulibe chikondi ndi dziko lanu tabadyani koma osamalimbana ndi chilungamo mudzaziona

  30. Bishop Bvumbwe has a point.Militant approach is not the best way to dialogue,although Iam a Catholic and ex seminarian but father Mulomole has gone too far and he is behaving as if he has forgotten his logical concepts

  31. h says:

    A Bvumbwe musatipusitse chifukwa cha kasikoni komwe akunyemerani a Dpp mbava zokhazokha

  32. concerned Citizen says:

    Amenewo ndi atidyenawo palibe chanzeru chimene anganene. Kulibwino kungokhala chete osalankhula. Pokonza zinthu sanyengerela.

  33. jaba says:

    So Bvumbwe gets a payday hahahahahaha. Malawi wa lero

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