Bishops Bvumbwe, Malasa and Sheik Chabulika face PAC suspension as mother bodies  query governance watchdog

Public Affairs Committee (Pac) mother bodies on Thursday  had a discussion with  the quasi-religious grouping’s executive committee members over  accusations that they were being militant and political  in their approach on national issues.

Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe: PAC needs to review its mandate

The mother bodies urged  PAC not to use next week’s All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference to advance any hidden political agenda.

Pac is expected to meet on Monday June 5th two days for the ‘future of Malawi’ conference.

The governance watchdogs also plan  to suspend Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe of Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bishop for Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire, Brighton Malasa and Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) spokesperson, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika who have recently been criticizing PAC’s  executive committee.

In a meeting that took place in Blantyre on Thursday, Pac mother bodies comprising of Episcopal  Conference  of  Malawi (ECM), Muslim  Association  of  Malawi (MAM), Quadria  Muslim  Association  of  Malawi (QMAM), Malawi  Council  of  Churches (MCC)  and Evangelical  Association  of  Malawi (EAM) demanded for an early Annual General Assembly, accusing the elected executive committee of behaving like a political party.

Nyasa Times’ sources privy to the meeting revealed that tempers flared up during the discussions and that the meeting came to a stand-off over intentions to suspend the three just before the conference, with the mother bodies criticizing the executive committee chaired by Reverend Dr Felix Chingota of trying to gag the church.

“Surely as religious bodies we are losing trust in the elected committee. We are diverting from our path of building the nation, instead we are dividing it. Pac was formed to advance human decorum and steer our nation to prosperity. But that is not what is happening now,” bemoaned one of the mother bodies’ members.

PAC Executive Director, Robert Phiri while confirming the Thursday meeting referred this reporter to the grouping’s Publicity Secretary, Father Peter Mulomole who played down issues raised by the mother bodies.

“We met the mother bodies to discuss their own issues and not about anybody else. The issues being pointed out are completely not true. We did not discuss such issues,” said Mulomole while refusing to highlight what was discussed instead.

Mulomole dismissed suggestions that he was defending the executive committee but confirmed about the meeting with Bishop Bvumbwe, Bishop Malasa and Sheik Chabulika on Monday to decide their fate.

“We cannot suspend them without listening to them first.  We don’t judge until we hear their side of story. They have been speaking against Pac therefore we have to meet them before any decision is taken against them. We follow rules of natural justice,” added Mulomole.

Bishop Bvumbwe, Bishop Malasa and Sheik Chabulika have been criticizing Pac for taking strong stand against President Peter Mutharika’s administration, accusing the quasi-religious grouping of lacking moral standing to be judge and declare that the government has failed.

In April this year, Pac gave Mutharika’s government a fail grade, claiming the President and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have performed dismally to tackle socio-economic and political issues since elected into power in 2014.

Pac will hold All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference from 7th June to 8th in Blantyre where it is expected to push for change of government as indicated in its statement in April where it called for a new political and state architecture.

The grouping influenced change from one party s to multi-party system of government in 1992. It has at least 35 member organizations that form an Annual General Assembly which appoints and elects its 7 Board of Trustees and 9 Executive Committee members respectively. These members have 3   years as tenure of office and serve two consecutive terms.

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28 thoughts on “Bishops Bvumbwe, Malasa and Sheik Chabulika face PAC suspension as mother bodies  query governance watchdog”

  1. mkandawire says:

    Mwaona kuti chisakho simungawine,ndiye mwati mugwetse boma.sorry u you will regret

  2. what you have to know is that josephy Bvumbwe ,chabulika and Malasa have receved some huge of money from government thats why they are agaist PAC.These three people will make sure that the agenga of this group is distabled.These three people they are not representative of malawians but of the government therefore PAC must suspend them.

  3. igama lami says:

    The current DPP government is the worst Malawi ever had in multi-party democracy. It is not surprising therefore that it is on collision course with PAC. … with so many scared corrupt cows and this happening on the watch of APM. So he should face the music. that’s what leadership is about. PAC do your job. DPP make PAC jobless by serving Malawi not yourselves.

  4. Rift Valley says:

    Trouble with some people with blind loyalty is that they like to tell our leadership what it loves to hear and not the truth.

    Everyone knows that there are problems with our education system, electricity/water supplies, adequacy of drugs, payment of salaries in a number of cases, management of public financial resources, ACB operations etc etc

    . All the above issues, and several other shortfalls, are of concern to the affairs of the public. Now, can the likes of Bwana Benson Phiri tell us what is political in bringing these issues to the attention of APM and his DPP? Better still, can those criticising PAC remind us what its mandate is? To me, highlighting what is short of the public’s expectations falls into the ambit of PAC.

    It is very sad that people like Bishops Bvumbwe and Malasa, entrusted with ensuring the nation’s well being, are in the forefront castigating their colleagues. These are a very good. examples of what stooges are. Such people are misfits in PAC.and shout be expelled.

  5. hatton says:

    Manyi, ask your brothers from the north: where are the stadiums, universities etc that were constructed by those that you rate highly? Zaulukhu basi. Don’t disturb Peter.
    A PAC, mukuiyambatu treason!!!

  6. Maso Mwamba says:

    its known fact that the main objective of PAC is to push for change of government. koma aziziwa kuti bwato sakwelera pakati pa nyanja. Chakwera and JB and their team misleading this group. Its high time PAC is turned into political party other than fooling us that they are fighting for our own good.

    1. Citizen says:

      Don’t confuse us, Galu iwe chitsilru. U mean u can’t see that the DPP led government has failed? Don’t say anything if u have nothing to say. Bvumbwe wachabechabe iwe, sycophant! Stop fooling Malawians forthwith!

  7. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:


    Being someone who knows principles of journalism, I have serious problems with the way this story has been written. It seems to have been written by someone who has an agenda contrary to journalism. He is suppressing his sources unnecessarily and yet he is reporting on serious national issues regarding a serious national organization. Actually, his attempt to use a blind source “Nyasa Times sources privy to the meeting” turns the whole story into a joke that serious-minded people cannot accept. To be fair, this seems to be a mere hoax – someone’s figment of the mind. Unfortunately, the matter being discussed here is of serious nature that can cause serious divisions in our statehood. An emotive national matter, so to speak. I hope that the writer will improve in his next piece. While the content COULD be true, I have serious problems with the way it has been presented. You see, journalism is about the truth and nothing but the truth. But, I read more things between lines in this story. I may be wrong and sorry if I have stepped on someone’s toes. But, this is my honest opinion. I expected more from the writer.

    As a citizen, let me also say that those who are older will agree with me that the present PAC has in on way deviated from its original spirit. During the one-party state PAC told the then MCP government what public opinion was and it was even more blank than it said it to Prof. Mutharika’s government. During the UDF era (during the Third Term debate) PAC minced no words but told Bakili Muluzi and his UDF what public opinion was and the situation was even more tense than it is now. During the Bingu wa Mutharika “fuel saga” PAC told Bingu what public opinion was. It even gave him 60 days to improve things failing which he was supposed to resign but, unfortunately, Bingu collapsed before he acted on PAC’s recommendations and the rest is history.

    It is, therefore, wrong for anybody to claim that the current PAC has a political agenda for telling Prof Mutharika and his government that things are moving from bad to worse. This is what some of us believe PAC was formed for. To raise a red flag each time those is government deviate from the task of serving Malawians. It is in this same spirit that the modern-day PAC, led by the Right Reverend Felix Chingota of the CCAP, is telling Prof. Mutharika that his government has failed to run the country to people’s expectations. By the way, PAC is not making this pronouncement from the blues because all human development indicators and studies that have taken place since the Mutharika government took over are showing that poverty levels in Malawi are worsening. The front page of today’s (2nd June, 2017) Daily Times is carrying a story on World Bank’s study that is showing that poverty among Malawians is worsening; a few days ago, Save the Children launched a report that revealed that our children are among the poorest in the world.

    The Afrobarometer also told us the other day that 90% of Malawians feel that things under this government are worsening. Should we say that church leaders are not reading these reports? Are they not old enough to compare the present with the past? I would, personally, be surprised to hear that mother church bodies were not agreeable to PAC’s verdict on the performance of the DPP-led government. The question I would have for them if they said this is: which study has shown that people’s lives have improved under the Mutharika government? What we all know is that study after study is showing that the livelihood of Malawians is sinking. In fact, over 50.7% of Malawians are living in abject poverty like it has never happened before. Is this something a sensible someone can refuse?

    So, in my view, there is nothing that mother church bodies would hold against PAC Executive Committee because a) what PAC said about the DPP-led government is exactly what it has always said to failed systems in the country b) all studies are showing that Malawians are becoming poorer and poorer c) Every Malawian can feel it that under the DPP government nothing has moved forward. Take the state of education and university education for example. Nothing is moving. A constituency college can remain closed for over 6 months. Is this government serious with anything? So, those of you who want us to believe that PAC is behaving abnormally, know from today that is what the majority of Malawians expected PAC to say to this government. They have failed big time.

    Just my opinion.

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre

    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre

    1. Citizen says:

      Well articulated & presented. Kent, u are a true son of Malawi. Keep it up. I wish I could have your contact mobile number. U are a great citizen!

    2. Chikakula patuka says:

      Am in support of your opinion bwana

    3. kuchikweza says:


    4. kawonga says:

      you deserve a credit and a journalist with good skills of analysing things..PAC has been there long tym ago, but our current political system siilibwino

    5. fair says:

      I LIKE THIS. you’re worth my credit! PAC is just doing the best thing; representing majority Malawians not just free cash gaters who say the so called dpp is making progress!

  8. Real Citizen says:

    Good decision s always comes late. A lay man like me knew of these three sometime back. I support the idea 8677%.

  9. MANYI says:




    I DOUBT !!

  10. thats god i dears

  11. C10 says:

    I saw this coming on Brighton chabulika and his friends .
    Kukonda publicity anganyawa , ndiye taonani MSAKA wakusiyani padzuwa.
    lnfact learn to be principled, osangoti tabwerani kuno mudzaonekere pa MBC mukuyatsamula kukamwa mutadya zibanzi , panonso munanyela kale zimene mudatafunazo……

  12. Lovey says:

    Tangokambilanani.Ma suspention amenewo sangaphule kanthu.

  13. santana says:

    Father Mulomole and Rev Chingota should just accept that their evil move has been cut in the bud by the wide-open-eyes of the three members, Chabulika, Malasa and Bishop Bvumbwe. Every sane Malawian knows that this grouping went overboard in their April meeting in which they showed their vendetta against the ruling DPP. There was nothing tangible in their resolutions except open jealousy. They just wanted to bulldoze this coming meeting in farvour of Chakwera and Joyce Banda who are their polical farvourites. The three members were just reminding Mulomole and Chingota that this Committee is a religious one, so it is spiritually wrong to use it for personal gains.

  14. ndondwa says:

    Those that are against PAC are automatically against all Malawians these are the ones that are advancing their political interests by siding with Muntharika adminstration, those who have eyes to see can see that this country is going astray.

  15. Concerned Citizen says:

    PAC and religious bodies will be held fully responsibke in the event that there is chaos in the country . As Malawians we will bring them fully responsible. How will they call for National Prayers for the situation they have caused themselves. Malawi is poor yes, but peaceful. Peace is the Treasurer God gave us but what Churches are provoking is a very dangerous situation. These politicians may look understanding, torelant, cool and non violent during this peaceful environment come that time they will close their ears and hear nothing from groupings like PAC. So let us tred carefully. Kodi atsogoleri a mipingoyi alerowa atani anthunu?. Kuona kutariko, ayi ndithu kukuchititsa mantha ndithu.


    We are in a multiparty democracy. The electorate will determine which party to be in government after voting. How is PAC going to push for change of government. Why was PAC formed? To push for change of government? Let us be serious, please!

  17. Rabson Phiri says:

    If there is an institution that has lost track and moral ground it is PAC. The Leadership has hidden intentions as per how their executions are concerned. The mandate of PAC now seems to be a mouth piece of political parties working against the government. They should not speaking on behalf of Malawians as if they carry the views of all Malawians. We will not be taken for a ride just because they are masquerading to be a religious institution in actual fact it is a political institution.

  18. Omex70 says:

    I am totally in support of the decision to suspend these 3 DPP boot-lickers.

  19. george says:

    There is no democracy in PAC such that they r failing to contain different views. So should we expect the nation to have vibrant democracy? why is it that the same PAC has different views? do u really meet and discuss issues of nation importance? or you r there just to promote your person interest.

  20. chatonda Mvula says:

    Good decision PAC. Fire the trio because as a country we have been surprised with the conduct of the three. They are political and receive money from DPP. Malasa all leaders that come, he wants to side with them and not the poor he intends to lead in his church. Bvumbwe is a true Bvumbwe indeed nayenso. How does he defend the obvious when he calls himself a pastor? Government should stop appointing members of the clergy as board members because Bvumbwe is a lost sheep in DPP/MERA money. One day, we will walk together on foot Bvumbwe and your friends mentioned.

  21. Chisanga Phiri says:

    God uses different styles to correct situation on the ground. If after prayer God showed the previous members what to do to correct situation at that time and it worked, the same can not work now. We need to go back to the Lord and understand his mind and plans for Malawi. Probably what we see is different from what God see as an issue to be corrected. Remember we always as God’s people achieve when what we plan to do is according to God’ s will. Prayers are always answered when asked according to God’s will. We need to know our enemy the devil and also the time we are in and we need also to read the signs written on the wall describing these last days we are in. While scientific approaches is good but God’s intervention in our problem and spiritual approach is the best above everything and you will never regret if you applied it.

  22. kasumbadedza says:

    Ican agree with the agenda, achoke tatopa nawo alibe value awa.

Comments are closed.

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