Black Moses against State freeing  Chasowa killer suspects: Minister Tembenu rubbishes Justice Nyirenda’s inquiry

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Samuel Tembenu has said the state will not prosecute Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa killer suspects but the murder victim’s friend, Moses Black described Tembenu’s statement as the government ploy to protect DPP officials and the police.

Black Moses: Police killed Chasowa, it was State sponsored murder

.Tembenu punched holes on the Robert Chasowa commission of inquiry led by the now Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda.

“The evidence was flawed, we need to have a fresh investigation,” said Tembenu.

The detailed commission of inquiry names former southern region Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regional governor Noel Masangwi, other DPP operatives and police officers as suspects in the murder of the political activist.

Tembenu said the state could not rely on the inquiry report and said it would be hiring foreign investigators to probe the murder.

However, Chasowa’s best friend, Moses Black described Tembenu’s statement as the government ploy to protect DPP officials and the police.

“We all know what happened. Why can’t the state bring the suspects to court? I am ready to face the judge and testify because I know how my best friend was killed,” said Black.

He said he knows how the police picked him from Blantyre to Lilongwe to give  him money to foil protests, how he was driven back and later killed.

The commission of inquiry says Chasowa was abducted from Polytechnic campus, killed along Lunzu road and brought back to campus to show as if he committed suicide by falling to his death from a pavement roof.

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16 thoughts on “Black Moses against State freeing  Chasowa killer suspects: Minister Tembenu rubbishes Justice Nyirenda’s inquiry”

  1. clement says:

    U would rather come out from the biginning of this issue if you really know that chasowa was ur best friend
    But u just keep quiet mpakana pano! N know u claim that you know who kill chasowa, a u saying the truth or what?

  2. wakuphili says:

    mavoti Ali kumudzi dhala kumeneko nyasatimes kulibe NDE 2019 DPP boma kale.

  3. chancellor wa Chancellor says:

    Stupid are Malawians if at all they voted DPP into government in 2014. Still Malawians are stupid because they knew DPP did not win the 2014 elections Ref: the crying of Mbendera who knew that he was to announce false results and Malawians showed their stupidity by not rising up that time to stop Pitala to be sworn in as President. Malawians should learn to be proactive and not reactive. Malawians like talking and talking without action. Go to the streets for days on end until this stupid government is taken out. Pitala alibe mzeru it is the chola boys who are protecting him. He failed as a minister how can he perform as a president. Why do you Malawians not see the writing on the wall. CSO if you are really for the civil society then mobilise people to country wide demos to make these thieves resign.
    Malawians are suffering out there. Commodities are expensive. The cost of living is so high but they are phwiiiiiii and stealing. Wake up Malawians. Malawi is your country defend it.
    Incidentally Pitala is fooling you he is professor. There is no university in America that has acknowledged him. They are ruling because Malawians you have given them the impression that you are docile, sleepy and stupid. Show them what you did to Kamuzu Banda in 1992 and 1993. Do not delay or you will fall from pavements and die or have sudden heart attacks.
    Dzuka Malawi Dzuka. Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Once beaten twice shy says:

    I don’t know if Pipo from southern region think properly. You’re the same Pipo that elect those criminals and you’re crying. In 2019 you will do the same thing. I think you’re possessed with demons.

  5. mphadwe says:

    mmmmmm zobvuta izi misozi idakali mmaso mwathu njaunju kulibe chasowa kulibenso kma mulungu ekha ndi amene akudziwa basi tango onani aliense amene mmanja mwake muli mwakuda pokhudzana ndi imfa za anthu amenewa mmmmm ndi awa angopita mmodzimmodzi basi

  6. Ntumbuka says:

    Why did the JB regime fail to close this matter? She told us on entry that “ndikulira ndi njembele inzanga”. It was all fake as it turned out to be. Wamalilila kazhighet.

  7. Chuchuchu says:

    Ndinapita kwa sisita(mlongo wanga jeriya ndipo pa kanema wa TVM a mwaluka ndikumawerenga kalata ija amati adalemba wakufayo asanadziphe mmaso mwawo muli gwaa!
    Koma ine ndinayamba kutsutsa kuti izi akuwerenga amwaluka sizoona ngakhale komwe zimachitikira zinthuzo ineyo kunalibeko. Ndinadabwanso anjauju munthu wofunika waudindo wake wa dziko olo munyuzi osawalengeza mmasiku oyambirira titamva za imfa yawo.

    Apitala chonde malawi asakhale police state yotumikira kupha wanthu ntchito yawo ndikuteteza moyo. Linda gasa zinamveka kuti mwana duwa amaperekeza chanthunya kuti adutse ku border tinamve kuti ali ku cuba abambo aduwa asanafe anapita ku cuba ndikudzamva kenako kuti chanthunya ali ku South Africa. Mudziwe kuti sitikuiwala mpang’onong’ono pomwe. Ndalama za antchito ogwira mundamu zisakupangitseni kukhetsa mwazi. Maizegate ndiye nkhangaa zaonatu zitsirunu. Mwadziika kumbuyo kutsogoza ndalama tikakwiya mudziwanso.

  8. Zumbe says:

    Malawians should swear never to elect thieves and murderers again. In 1994, the country elected a known convict to be the President of the country despite being warned by the “Malawi Democrat”. Ten years down the line, we repeated the mistake to elect another thief who stole from COMESA .The report from the Eminent states men clearly convicted somebody who became our President. When he passed on, we proceeded to elevate somebody who stole from Women World Banking to be President of the country. Whilst not much is known about the current one, there is ample evidence that the carry over traditions of thieving, murdering opposition and silencing critics are being carried over by this CABAL of people. No wonder the murder of Robert Chasowa’s will never see the light of day.

    Come 2019, it will be the duty of every Malawian to scrutinize every public elected official starting from counsellor to ensure that we don’t elect any thief again. TAVUTIKA KOKWANA.It becomes worse when the same are also murderers like we have seen in the case of Njauju and others.

  9. The Partriot says:

    When intellectuals join politics they start thinking like Politicians.
    Malawians are not surprised by the verdict from the Minister of Justice….there is NO way the DPP government can allow its own members to go to jail for murder.
    Malawians should pray for God to intervene….the blood of Chasowa is crying for Justice.

  10. Binali says:

    The DPP government has done all the evil in this country sometimes you wonder it is in government. It has killed people. It has torched markets and homes of opponents. It steals cash from government. It discriminates against people from minority tribes. Eish! Mulungu alikotu koma! DPP is a big liability to the nation.

  11. jangiliya says:

    boma limapha ma critics kulikonse. Izi sizachilendo. Funsani dziko lilonse world wide

  12. Mphondo Zagadabuka says:

    Uyu mwana Black Moses is very crooked and very dangerous. He is making a kill out of his friends death. Masangwi gave him a car to silence him. He used to get a hefty allowance from Masangwi when JB was in government but that immediately stopped when Peter Mutharika took over. Now he knows that he can’t get anything from Masangwi (ali muboma and protected).

    Black Moses really knows what happened but once palm oiled he will never utter a word against the killers. Uzafa imfa yowawa.

  13. Omex70 says:

    DPP government is a big burden to many Malawians. We are just praying that the Almighty God who delivered the Israelite from the hands of Pharaoh, will one day deliver Malawi from the hands of DPP led government. God will do that in His own way which we can not imagine. Commission of enquiry was established and the truth was known but the government wants to protect its thugs by establishing another enquiry which will be endless. This is a ploy by government to buy time. If government can not trust the findings of the commission of enquiry why establishing the commission of the same nature for the maizegate? Will the government accept the findings if Chaponda and Mulumbe are found to be on the wrong side of the Law?

  14. Malawiana says:

    Zifukwa za nation-wide demo zipose apa? Ngaunje’s murder zero, Tractorgate zero, Chasowa’s murder zero. And ma demo a 2 hrs satithandiza. Need sustained demos. This govt!

  15. PK says:

    I can see that Black Moses will be the next on the queue to commit suicide by falling from the pavement.

  16. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    This DPP government shields criminals. Very bad in the history of our beloved Malawi

Comments are closed.

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