Malawi football fanatics using social media for a good cause

The social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp is awash with many groups in which its members share one common cause. Some of such groups can be despicable because they are created for malice and slander but many have proved to be very noble in their final actions. 

I have in mind of some latest development involving Malawian football fans for two of  the English Premier League sides, Liverpool and Manchester United, who created their respective Whatsapp groups, whose motive is to share their joys when their teams do well or their frustrations as well as analysing where they are getting it all wrong and so on.

During one of their discussions, these two groups separately suggested that they add some more value by contributing money to purchase something to be donated towards charity.

During the festive season, Manchester United fans raised MK1.2 million which they used to buy various medical items, especially those for the theatre which were donated at Kamuzu Centre Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe while those of Liverpool, last week raise over K500,000 which was used to buy sanitary pads worth that were donated to needy girls of Namalimwe Primary School in Ndirande, Blantyre.

This is commendable and touching development — very good use of the social media than what others do by trying to mudsling others in a disguise using untraceable Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

With assistance from the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Girl Empowerment Network — which specialises in helping needy school girl pupils — the Liverpool fans were touched that most needy girls in primary schools usually miss almost a week of classes every month because they lack sanitary pads when they are menstruating.

This is so because the girls cannot comfortably go for classes in their conditions because they are filled with embarrassment and apprehension just as any woman would be.

The Man United fans, they realised that the theatre departments is always in need of basic needs which the hospitals don’t adequately have in their stores and thus they thought it prudent to donate whatever small they could as just some relief supplement.

Well done, guys, it’s much appreciated and like what Raffique Maru said on behalf of the Liverpool fans, they only followed what others have done before but they want to create an epidemic where everyone else would start thinking of the needy girl child and do something about it.

When the citizens start doing this kind of initiatives, it means there is something wrong with our society and that somewhere somehow the powers that are entrusted with some of the services the country is supposed to provide to its citizenry.

But let me not be political but just applaud all those, who like the Manchester United and Liverpool fans have done, are using the social media for noble cause.

Late last year, someone posted on a picture of a kid in Ntcheu who was wearing a ragged T-shirt on which he had written with a marker Gaba — in reference to the Malawi international Gabadinho Mhango, who is plying his trade with South Africa Premier Soccer League (PSL) Bidvest Wits.

Gabadinho saw the post and was impressed that the little kid worships and adores his excellent style of play. So he went to pains to try and locate exactly where the kid is based and he silently flew into Malawi to meet this kid he described as a ‘hero’. He honoured him by treating him to a sumptuous lunch and presented him with a new Bidvest Wits jersey with Gabadinho’s name written on it.

That’s how we should try to do on social media. The person who posted the picture of the kid was simply happy to see that the lad admires Gaba and he just wanted the nation to know that Gaba is touching and inspiring many upcoming players but it ended up with the kid benefitting from such an action.

Keep it up to those who use the social media to touch the lives of some needy people out there.


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Cat Turner
7 years ago

I think this is a lovely idea. Far too often Social media is all about promotion these days or even worse, used for people to attack each other so it’s refreshing to see it being used in such a nice way.

7 years ago


Mmalawi weniweni
Mmalawi weniweni
7 years ago

Very nice indeed, however I would have loved if this was happening locally, people tend to support teams from the UK at the expense of our own teams. LET Me tell you,you so called Liverpool, Manchester kaya whichever team ku Azunguko, you will remain Malawian. Those teams in the UK are 70% funded by their Fans(Azungu) pamene if tikusiya kuthandiza ma Team athu. if we were doing this to our own teams, I’m very positive our local football would by now be somewhere. MAYBE you want to be noticed by the UK teams so that they can start funding your… Read more »

7 years ago

Very nice article Mr Duncan. Inu ndi alembi enieni. Again, a big up to the Man U and Liverpool fans who have done this commendable job. osamangotukwanana mma whatsapp mu, we can use the social media to enhance development.

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