Body condemns acts of violence among women over side chicks

Family Rights, Elderly and Child Protection (FRECHIP) has condemned violence taking place among women in the country surrounding issues of infidelity saying this portrays lack of respect for one another.

Tembenu: Unacceptable conduct

Executive Director for FRECHIP, Esmie Tembenu, made the remarks in a statement issued on Tuesday following the circulation of videos on social media depicting women undressing, insulting and assaulting fellow women alleged to have slept with their husbands.

“FRECHIP is failing to understand why Malawian women have lost respect for themselves and their families. What women must know is that when they undress a fellow woman, they are somehow undressing themselves since women are biologically made in a similar way,” said Tembenu in the statement.

She said such immoral behavior discredits their husbands instead of protecting them.

“We are further advising married women to be protecting, upholding and defending their families when they suspect something bad from their husbands,” said Tembenu.

Tembenu said FRECHIP’s concern is on the children of the women who are being undressed and their videos posted on social media saying the children are able to see their mothers in such a degrading state.

The rights body also pointed out the law educates us not to be taking the law into our own hands and this is the reason why the Malawi Government established law enforcement offices like the police, Ombudsman, courts and human rights organizations where the women who were offended could have taken their cases.

One of the videos that went viral recently involved a woman who was undressed by a group of women who took turns to beat her up brutally and mercilessly with clay pots, chairs and other household items for cheating with one of the women’s husband.

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Keen Observer

Not that since women are made biologically in similar way, all women are the same they’re just women the same applies to men are the same are just men. So there is no logic in undressing anyone of the same sex in the name of shaming them it’s nonsensical. Respect for one another is the only thing that needs to be embraced.


True but too late to save jerusalem.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

All this boils back to leadership problem-kugona thu machi. Malawians have no respect for their police, chiefs and now the president himself. Zimayamba pang’onopang’ono kenaka anthu amawona ngati ndim’mene zimakhalira. Those who take the law in their own hands should be arrested and be locked in for a very long time. If we do not have the necessary law to agree with that, thats the MPs job to enact that sort of law. Let them do that to my sister or daughter, you will find them all dead before the story is published on Nyasa Times.


We salute you mum …mmaitha


Koma ziphuphu kumasoko adona, mfunseni Obama Chiumia akuuzeni kuti anayuza chani kuti asalaleko pano eishhh kuopsa

Bodza la N\'nanu
The statement made by frechip is appalling and an insult to women. Why should women be blamed for the actions for defending what is lawfully theirs- the husband? It’s lack of security and protection that women being the wife or sidechicks have that compels people to take the law in their own hands. These are the kind of statements that fuel men’s promiscuous behaviour and lack of integrity and honesty by their continous flirtatious and immoral behaviour that expose their wives to stress, stds, hiv etc? It’s time organisation such as yours rally behind women and address the unpalatable behaviour… Read more »
It seems foolish advice from FRECHIP. Women need to get out of abusive marriages. If a man cheats, a woman should live that man instead of fighting a fellow woman. It is for this reason that women need to be educated and financially independent so that they can say no to the promiscuous behavior of men (husbands). In fact, another way is for married women to find a side guy to fill up for the neglect (sexual, emotional, psychological and financial) that they face when their husband has an extramarital affair. The idea that women should bottle it up when… Read more »

What happened to her face?????

GN Phiri

Koma is it fair Kumadya katundu wa mwini? honestly people are simply reaping what they sow……


Nokhanokha .Waiting for another placard showing that message

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