Bogus hiring of construction machinery: Malawi govt ripped

Millions of money that was meant for the Malawi government coffers is going down the drain perpetrated by individual bosses at the Water and Irrigation Department who are hiring out high quality construction equipment at exorbitant prices to individual and some construction companies and the proceeds of the same goes to into personal pockets, Nyasa Times has established.

One of the machinery  which some officers are accused of illegally hiring for private gain

One of the machinery which some officers are accused of illegally hiring for private gain

According to Nyasa Times source within Tikwere House which are the official offices of these department, the two Departments owns high quality equipment which includes Drilling Rigs, Water Bowsers, Water Pumps, Dozers, Excavators, Front-End loaders, Carriers, Rollers, Tippers and Dredgers among others which were donated by JICA when in fact the sole mandate of keeping such equipment belongs to PVHO.

These individuals hire ou equipment to private companies they in turn also sublease to other construction companies who are working on government projects. What this means is that government is losing out twice as much.

“The individuals and companies hires out at twice the rate that PVHO would hire out. Then these companies share the proceeds with the government officials,” said the source.

Nyasa Times source said that according to Section 30 (2)of the Public Finance Management Act stipulates : “There is hereby established the Public Finance Management (Plant and Vehicle Hire and Engineering Service Fund) PVHO hereinafter referred as the “Fund”) which shall be used for the purpose of acquiring fixed assets and working capital for the provision of general engineering services to government, private firms and individuals, including hiring and maintenance of machinery and vehicle on commercial basis and for no other purpose.”

“As you can see from the Public Finance Management Act the equipment in the Water and Irrigation Departments is wrongly placed and that is why it is being abused. For the equipment to be profitably utilized it should go to PVHO. What it means here is that there is conflict of governments Policy Direction. Why is PVHO in existence when these Departments own such high quality equipment? This is the reason why the proceeds from hiring out of the equipment is questionable,” queried the source.

Water and Irrigation Department spokesperson Mercy Jalazi admitted that it is indeed true that occasionary these equipment are hired out to individuals and construction companies who are charged based on prevailing PVHO rates.

“The proceeds of the same are deposited into Irrigation Trust Fund at the Reserve Bank of Malawi. The Department then writes RBM if there is need to utilize the resources,” said Jalazi.

However, at Tikwere House the Nyasa Times sourcessaid very little money is deposited into this fund because the rest is pocketed by individual bosses and a selected few officers who work hand in hand with them.

Water and Irrigation Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development is mandated to oversee the development and management of water and irrigation in the country and this entails that they champion the development of water related infrastructure such as dams, water harvesting structures, dykes, irrigation schemes.

“PVHO is deliberately being incapacitated for whatever reasons. Government policy gave the mandate to PVHO. Yes it is true some equipment is supposed to be used by these Departments but the core duty of PVHO is to take care of the equipment and maintaining. You may wish to know that the utilization of these equipments is not benefiting government and the same government shoulders the maintenance expenses,” said the source.

Jalazi also admitted that it is indeed true that the mandate of hiring out of such equipment rests with PVHO but that does not stop other government ministries owning various construction plants because of the nature of the service they provide..

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Irrigation is a wicked dept. For years swindling BADEA money meant for development of Nkopola scheme and Lweya scheme kumpoto in Nkhata-Bay, sizinakukwaneni? Kubela otsauka! Lucky u ur in Malawi, in the name of fake Engineers.


its true irrigation is being mismanaged by few officers headed by the PS

Dambudzo mwasanya

Ndiye reform ya Saulosi Chilima ili pati.Reform just by mere words on the paper when there is no proper system and accountability in the govt.Iyenso pa declaration of assets anangoti several houses zokanika ndikuwerengera.Probably we should sell this tiny country to the US to be the 51 state.Aliyense angolota kuba basi.Chiwewe chakuba chavuta pamalawi.Ku Singapore munapitako heavily controlled corruption that why they became Asian tigers.Pamalawi timbava tama cadhgate are walking scot free and all the evidence destroyed.Stop burning jet fuels for nothing and wasting our taxes buying taxes.It doesn’t require travelling that far on such conscipiquous things.Malawi is really doomed.


we blame foreigners for our woes when it is our own civil service…. Corruption has become a norm… Christianity and Islam forbid corruption, yet we supposed adherents of the two Abrahamic faiths choose to ignore!


Free for all as long as u r close to the govt cashbox.pple r poor and receiving miserable salaries so u want to bring reforms where akulodza


Free for all.How can we do reform when every civil servant is stealing from government?How can we develop like this when we are led by a government of thieves, for thieves who thieve ndi mchenga omwe.No wonder we are the least developed country.

Bwanji tipangise rent Malawi kwa Kagame for just one year.Our prisons will be full, Malawi will develop and we will also build double the prisons we currently have.Almost all civil servants will be in jail kuyambira nduna zomwe.


Kupanda a Ngwazi tikanakhala Ndani Ife?(K.N.N.I.)Pelekani za Kesale kwa Kesale.Give what belongs to P.V.H.O.Zikutheka bwanji kuti zimaplantszo zizipezeka ku ma ministrieswa?


It’s not surprising. Even in other depts like land resources, two people wanted to fight over seven million and forty three million cashgate. Hey acb what are you doing? Knock on their doors, aba kwambiri. Get information from some officers there who know what has been happening.


Thare is rampat corruption at this Dept ACB and Fiscal Police need to go there to find out whether its true.


Mr Mundango Nyirenda , I appreciate if you can report to ACB. Act like a good citizen. I am sure you once studied Civics.

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