Bushiri soldiers on with maize distribution in Malawi: Feeds 14000 households in Madisi, Dowa and receives 700 ha land 

At least 2500 households, translating to almost 14 000 people, went home all smiles in Madisi, Dowa, on Thursday curtesy of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s on going national relief maize distribution exercise.

Prophet Bushiri helps to carry maize bags for a person with disability who benefitted from his ‘beacon of Hope’ charity initiatives

Some of the disadvantaged who came to receive releif maize from Prophet Bushiri in Dowa

Bushiri carries the maize of the beneficiary

The exercise is a response to Presidential call for assistance as 8.5 of the Malawi’s 17 million are experiencing acute food shortage.
The leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), who gets involved in the distribution exercise from the start to the last person standing, underlined that he will only rest if he manages to reach out to as many as he can.
The billionaire Prophet said it does not make sense to preach love without showing.
The greatest love of all, said Prophet Bushiri, is reaching out to a neighbour in trouble.
His sentiments were echoed by Dowa Disaster Risk Management Officer Frank Kanyanja who, reprensating the district commissioner, saluted Major One’s gesture as representing the spirit that many should emulate.
Kanyanja underscored that there are many in the district facing food shortage and has appealed to the Prophet to reach even to more.
He further said the district will do all it can to ensure that the distributions are conducted in a fair manner.
Traditional Authority Chakhaza, on whose area almost 500 village heads benefited from the exercise, thanked Prophet Bushiri not just for the exercise but the conduct of ECG members in his area.
The traditional leader, in a show of gratitude to ECG, has since donated 700 hectares of land to be used by the church to enhance the ministry in his area.
“In our culture, when a visitor of goodwill comes in your area, we receive them by giving them land to stay forever. We want our Prophet to stay here for good,” he said.
The exercise in Dowa is just a continuation of the national exercise which began last week. So far at least 8 000 households have been reached in Dedza, Ntcheu,  Mzuzu and Mzimba districts.
The exercise ends next week in some selected districts in Rumphi and Chitipa.
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20 thoughts on “Bushiri soldiers on with maize distribution in Malawi: Feeds 14000 households in Madisi, Dowa and receives 700 ha land ”

  1. McKEE says:


  2. Afana Zedi says:

    The people of Dowa must be idiots. You are suffering from hunger and you donate 700 hectares of land to one man? So how do you expect y to produce your own food? Or you’re hoping that Bushiri will produce it for you and give you more handouts? This Malawi is a land of very dull people no wonder it’s the poorest in the world. I’m so ashamed to have been born in this country! Maybe in my previous life I was a sinner and God punished me by making me to be born in Malawi (according to Hindu belief).

  3. Esther Majawa says:

    That’s my major 1.

  4. Dickson says:

    Thank you Lord God for giving us Major 1, continue blessing him so that many people benefit.

  5. New Ngonde says:

    i want to enlight you on the issue of Paramount Chief Kyungu for Karonga and Chitipa against Karonga andChitipa Cultural Heritage group.The issue is about chieftess wrangle. The Heritage members are coming from Mwahimba family. They feel that they were the right ones to inherite the Kyungu Chieftess unfortunatelly it went to Mwakasungula’s family, so they vawed not to respect the current Kyungu chieftessy that is why they formulated Karonga and Chitipa Cultural heritage to fight underground war. You can also see that this grouping has not recieved any blessing from any of the chief in Karonga and Chitipa. Now, my question is how can it be acultural heritage without the blessings from the chiefs? The Katili issue has just come in while there was already existing disagreement.How can we poor people fail to recieve development becoz of anthu ozikonda? Heritage has vawed not to agree to any development agander ordered by the Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga and Chitipa .

  6. alex wonde says:

    Mphatso yanu Bwana Bushiri yigwire ntchito and if you see some weakness in our governance you can lead us and you are most welcome but not form any political party. However my worry is that bible limati tisaweruzane padziko lapansi chifukwa woweruza ndi Mulungu, now munthu akazalakwa m’boma lanu mwakuba ndalama sazamangidwa? Ndatero chifukwa vuto la ife a Malawi ndi kuba ndalama even you can ask dziko lonse lapatsi.

  7. Vwemu Galanyina. says:

    Mupangedi zomwe Mulungu amafuna osati kuti tiziva kuti ati akuyimira upulezident a Bushiri, ndiye tobaccoyo.

  8. Lovemore jonga says:

    Thank you so much major 1 my God bress you so much the work you did ,pple r suffering expecialy to find food eitha to find sma coin so tha they may find food its not easy bt only God bress you for he job you did.

  9. Frank Lisaupata says:

    [email protected]
    I have to thank you Major 1 for the very best gesture that you are understanding.
    May I also take this opportunity of asking you man of God extending this gesture to Mangochi, Monkey bay area particularly the villages of Mthunya, Nkope Nkhudzi in the area of T/A Nankumba.
    I know these areas are not on the target list, however there is aluming hunger in the mentioned villages.
    Ambuye akudalitseni a Prophet

    Frank D. Lisaupata

  10. Mulopwana says:

    Please confirm the size of the land. I don’t believe we have such empty land in Dowa to give to just one man but if there is prenty why not?

    1. Bk phiri says:

      Its 7 not 700 ,i think it was a typo!

  11. gadaffi says:

    gud job major one

  12. CHIZOMBWE says:

    Titakhala ndi Atumiki angati Bushiri eeeeeeee sipingapezekenso m’malawi wa njala,man of GOD keep it up

  13. Fletcher Simwaka says:

    Blessed is the hand that gives. God should keep blessing Major 1

  14. Elder Sage III says:

    a Nyondo all that at Nation Publications …. and pumping up of ECG Ministries and Bushiri was an interview to the Bushiri PRO Team?

    lets hope it lasts…..

  15. john says:

    Good job. May the Lord continue blessing you as He did with Abraham, Jacob,Joseph etc.
    Those who have eyes, let them see that God is love.

  16. mtolilo says:

    hahahahahahha bushit yeniyeni, munthu akupatsa chakudya iwe ukampatsa munda umene mumatuluka chakudyamo. palimzeru amalawi pamenepa, tasukusulani ma guys.

    1. Jen says:

      Ndipo inu. And i dont think hectare bwana Nyondo amaidziwa…700 hectares Mwati?

      1. Jones Gwembe says:


    2. Muonosile says:

      Mukupasa munda kuti muzipemphesabe? Mmesa malo mukupasawa ndiwo polima panu, Mbuzi za kumalawi zimenezo. Kuzolowera zolandira basi.

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