Business Ideas for 2022

Much of the world is still experiencing the effects of COVID and the pandemic that it has created. One effect is many people being out of a job and looking for work. This could lead you to consider opening your own business in Malawi. Here’s a list of a few that may be lucrative.

Why 2022 is a Good Bet for Starting a Business

A top executive in Malawi suggested that residents should consider opening a business versus working for someone, especially if they have completed university. This is something to think about.

If you have ambition to start your own business or series of businesses, this is something that you should strive for. Use this drive to start your own business and take steps to make this a reality and meet your goal. Ambition is something that can cause a person to work hard and meet the marks they set for themselves, which may give them a sense of accomplishment as well.

Young Innovative Entrepreneurs.

For articles about ambition, you can refer to this website.

Business Ideas

Here are a few business ideas that may have merit in 2022.

Sanitization Services

One business that may be quite popular for years is a sanitization business. You could take care to sanitize homes, office buildings, and even vehicles. Many individuals or companies might be interested in making sure the spaces where they are the most are sanitized and safe to be in. Specializations could include keeping surfaces germ-free and cleaning up the air in a house or building.

Laundry Services

Another idea is laundry services. This is similar to sanitization services, but instead of cleaning different places, you would be able to concentrate on laundry. Keeping laundry and linens clean and disinfected could be your priority.

Tour Guide

Tourism in Malawi is quite important since the area sees thousands of visitors each year. For this reason, being a tour guide may be a business you might want to ponder. While some jobs in the tourism industry aren’t enough to escape poverty, it you work for yourself as a tour guide, this might not be the case. Consider taking tourists to some of the most popular spots or starting a business that provides walking tours or hikes in certain regions.


Like in other parts of the world, drivers are also needed in Malawi. Freelance driving companies that are governed by smartphone apps may be the type of business that you are interested in starting for yourself. This could come in handy if you already have a car in good working condition and are looking for a business that is quite flexible. You may decide to drive a few days a week, or every day at certain times of the day.


There are multiple businesses that could be helpful to start in 2022. The ones listed above are a good place to start, but you may also want to brainstorm and come up with additional ideas. Keep in mind that starting a business doesn’t have to be outside the realm of possibility for you, especially if you have the ambition to succeed.

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