Why the African Cup of the Nation is an Opportunity for a Malawi Football Player

When it comes to the African Cup of the Nation, this may be a big deal in all African countries, but it is also something special for those that live in Malawi. This is because since the inception of the games, the nation has only qualified 3 times. However, they have qualified this year and may be on a rise for the future as well.

How AFCON Could Be An Opportunity for Malawi Football Players

Yamikani Chester missed two seemingly easy one-on-one chances.—Picture courtesy of FAM

The African Cup of the Nation games, which are also known as AFCON, have been played since 1957. During that time, Malawi has only qualified to play in the games 3 times.

In 2018, there was a push to focus on recruiting and working with more young footballers, to increase the number of players that have a chance to help the country get to AFCON. FIFA awarded the country more resources than before to accomplish this. It was considered to be a positive step in getting Malawi on the map for football.

This may be the case too since Malawi is in the 2022 games and has already defeated several teams. Additionally, this may be the start of a promising upturn for football players in Malawi.

With the future promises of Malawi possibly becoming a powerhouse for football in the future, there may be more career opportunities for a football player in Malawi. If you are considering a career in football, you should take steps to strengthen your body and sharpen your skills. You can read articles at this site and consider these helpful tips.

How to Strengthen Your Football Game

Here are a few techniques that you can adopt when you are trying to become a stronger football player.


While it may seem quite apparent that you need to exercise when you wish to be a professional athlete, this is one of the most important aspects. You will likely need to be exercising or training every day.

Manage Your Diet

You will also have to watch what you eat closely. If you aren’t putting in healthy foods, you probably won’t have enough energy to get through your training. It can be difficult to intake enough calories when you are an athlete, so you might want to conduct research on what you should be eating. You could also speak to a trainer, if you have one, for advice about meals plans.

Get Some Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep can be advantageous for your body and mind. It should also allow your muscles the proper time to heal in between your workouts. Always do your best to sleep between 6 and 8 hours each night.

Be a Team Player

Something else that may help you when you are a footballer is to work on being a team player. After all, you are on a team, so you need to be able to work well in conjunction with others. This might be easy for you if you grew up with siblings, or you have to work in groups at school. However, if this isn’t something you are skilled at, try to remember that you don’t have to do everything on the field alone. Your teammates are there to lend a hand.


It may be a great time to be a football player in Malawi because they have invested resources in order to train youth to be strong footballers in the future. This might give more people an opportunity to represent their country at a professional level. Think about this if you are considering becoming a football player and try to integrate the tips mentioned above to assist with your goal as well.

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