Busted: MIT students caught having three-some sex outside Reserve Bank of Malawi

Classes came to a halt at  Malawi Institute of Tourism following a sex  scandal involving two first year  students who were caught red handed having sex in a broad daylight behind the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

This is law breaking in broad daylight

The girl pulling up her trousers after being romped

Photos of a naked female student romping Shadreck Majamanda, a Guillever residence in Lilongwe  have gone viral on social media.

A student from MIT, who opted for anonymity confided with Nyasa Times that both students are classmates and that the  girl was celebrating her birthday.

In course of celebrating the birthday, Majamanda took an advantage with a friend buying beer for the three to enjoy.

They were taking the beer together  in broad daylight behind Reserve Bank of Malawi.

“After getting drunk  the boys took an advantage of the tippsy girl before  engaging in sex with her.

“They two guys were all having it from doggy to missionary styles  without condom,” said the student.

It looked the the girl did not consent to three-some sex or the romps that happened in that manner.

The students were captured  having sex along the street to Namiwawa.

She also said the other unfortunate thing is that the girl was menstruating that there were blood sterns around the place they were having sex.

MIT students had to intervene after a woman was seen “on her back” whilst romping the two boys.

Meanwhile, Majamanda has been arrested for the outraging public decency, while the other boy who was involved the sex act managed to run away.

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46 thoughts on “Busted: MIT students caught having three-some sex outside Reserve Bank of Malawi”

  1. fex says:

    zausilu ugalu wa ana a xool

  2. Manase Msowoya says:

    Hello Mr. President! Please continue closing down these colleges, see what they are doing now kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Mopiya Mulupare says:

    There is one thing you have not commented on – their homes. Who is there and what lives do their parents/guardians live? Most of these youth come from broken homes or homes without parental guidance. It could be single parents. These factors can tell you a lot about who cares for them. Support should start from homes to the child. Not all people who bear children have ability to mentally and spiritually care for them. It is time churches and social workers start supporting parents that are haunted by such children. The law might not solve the problem because prisons will filled as anarchic youth rages.

  4. Levison Thole says:

    mmmm who is the full between them?

  5. Pimp 101 says:

    Which fool think the girl did not consent? Can you see her hold her thighs and one of the bottom is up, kudikulira. You are fools, these are grown up they knew what they were doing do no just blame the boys.

  6. bengo says:


  7. andrew dimba says:

    Very shameful we are in the last days God almighty be with us

  8. noel phiri says:

    I clearly condemn this act these boys need to face justice the boys knew what they were doing coz this
    girl wasn’t in a normal state hence they took advantage of her

  9. Redge says:

    Malawian students whose their President is a champion of education in the Africa.

  10. lawrentgomeka says:

    The girl is reckless with her life. I think she deserves orientation course of life.

  11. josophat says:


  12. NOXY says:

    This is a planned rape.If the nation is not careful and culprits go unpunished it will trigger fast spread of hiv/aids.

  13. cornced citizen says:

    Women need to respect themselves and men will also respect them….its ashame while parents are struggling to educate them they are busy doing stupid things in the name of kusangalasa anzao anzao….gals need to learn to keep a distance from guys inde she was drank koma naye anali otengeka anzake anali akuphunzile iyeyo kuyiwala anabwelela xul osati birthday cerebrations…the guys surely must be punished for taking advantage of adrank lady in public…ambuye atithandize

  14. ADDE says:

    you want to excuse a woman because she was intoxcated what about a man? This is what they agreed to do. Girls sometimes are the ones who seduce men.

  15. Gandry Pensulo says:

    Part of life

  16. Anonymous1 says:

    All these youngsters are stupid. The 2 boys are definitely criminals & need to be prosecuted. The Girl is indeed a victim but was stupid and naive in the first place. Girls need to understand boys are after sex by hook or crook. Yet many stupid girls out there have what they call “male friends” whom they can go out drinking & to clubs, achina blues & basement etc. This isn’t the western world. Wake up!!!

  17. sibolicious kuchaga says:

    wat ashame to there families….. shed we say this is what they Paud for

  18. Aubrey says:

    Ndichifukwa mowa uli oletsedwa ndi kholo la machimo

  19. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    If the boy was my nephew I would have given him a sound beating in tandem with Zulu or Nguni culture. It seems that he my have developed the act long before attaining the age of 5 such that he has taken sexual encounters of that nature as normal. The law should indeed take its course for outraging public decency. Rape charges will not stand for the girl may have washed away the evidence on her body. But scene of the crime may leave police investigators scratching their heads. Pictures taken would suffice. But court require certain procedures fulfilled if at all they are going to be tendered before court. Then DNA to link the specimen to the girl. It seems that the beer she consumed effectively reduced her mental reasoning thereby succumbing to the act. Adultery? No. In event the matter is dropped, if am a girl I will seek damages for humiliation …

  20. Nambwewe says:


  21. maiden mbewe says:

    mowa wakeso chibuku super kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma guys

  22. Apao Kugola says:

    Why not teach Chaponda a lesson?

    After finishing Form 4 and now studying for their tertiary certificate these students not minors. This is a true reflection of Malawi Society today. But Malawians are too much into denial that they can’t accept it and seek solution from the base – family disintegration.

  23. Yahya says:

    Nyasatimes is not just read in Malawi, rather around the world. Lets not comment in such an issue with the sense of humour or encouragement of such to be hapening repeatedly, as well, we are witnessing on the Government of Malawi and malawians being active on war against new cases of HIV infection and AIDS. Dear all lets not leave this to pass unpunished. Let this set an example to others who are palning such actions to the young generation, like for the first year year girl who was caught and rounded up into actions unwillingly let alone her state of being menstruating. People, we are in the eyes of the world, also our off springs will judge us on our effortless state in fight against such motions. I, being a person who had leaved and grew up my children in Malawi am in the junction whether to come back to Malawi where even in its National Anthem talk of turning down every enemy of the Nation. Enemy can be even from among the society in the country. Lets unite Malawians, lets catch this culprits,lets darg them to the Court and let them be sentenced accordingly. To my opinion “THESE CULPRITS HAVE TO REMAIN IN CUSTODY FOR LIFE”

  24. OD says:

    Shupiti boys!

  25. ambuje says:

    MIT is a home of prostitutes if you love your girl kid please find a better institution but NOT MIT.
    Parents watch out!

    1. Donald Trump says:

      true man.the girls are doing nothing but prostitution there.I work close to MIT and I just see how they behave

  26. Pida says:

    slaughter all of them

  27. Makamuchiwo says:

    Abominable, Tregic, Shameful, Criminal! What a away to celebrate her

  28. mbuje says:

    This is rape! Clearly the boys took advantage of her intoxicated state! These boys need incalceration for 10 years!

  29. Douglas Ndindi says:

    For a long time we have been reading and hearing about Sodom in the Bible. Now Sodom has caught up with us. Sodom is right here in our midst! In other words, we are now living in Sodom!

    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      I know. Yet it can get so much worse. Look at overseas where they legalise and promote sodomy and abortion (which Malawi’s government is trying to legalise right now!!!). Those are the downfall of any regime.

  30. Kambalame Eli says:






    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      Kambalame -do society a favour and kill yourself.

  31. Imeyo says:

    glorifying rape!

  32. joze says:

    aTumbuka chigololo ndi masana omwe

    1. Telin says:

      you are a racist, Atumbuka zawakhudza bwanji?

    2. hjs j kjs says:

      Hey Joze dont be a tribalistic we are malawians

    3. Zeze01 says:

      A Joze ndi osazindikila!.. it’s people like you holding back progress in Malawi!… an atrocity like this happens and that’s a comment you see worthy!… shame on you Bro!

    4. Joze Wasankho says:

      Joze watch your smelling mouth. Is Majamanda a Tumbuka. Don’t be tribalistic like your failed grand parents. A tumbuka zakhuza pati

  33. joseph benika says:

    They know what they are doing because they are not toddlers!

  34. Zembo says:

    What a shame. Where are we heading to? These are the clear signs of the end of the word.

  35. chikoti says:

    Kkkkkkk. Ana Ali Ku school..hmmmmmm….shameful generation..nde nkumati atsogoleri amawa amenewa? Haaaaaaa..ambuye bwerani msanga basi…

  36. Kalembeni Kathawe says:

    This is disgusting. If the woman was intoxicated, surely she was not in a state to give consent. And if she didn’t give consent, the boys forced themselves on her and sexually assaulted her. It is called RAPE!

  37. Chiheni C. says:

    Very shameful eish
    …but why doing this?
    Teach them a lesson!

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