Calling a spade a spade – United Malawians must rally against Taifas ‘boat’ ideas!

I read somewhere on the net written by some crazy American humor journalist that Abraham Lincoln once said, “In life, what counts is the size of a man’s heart, not the size of his disproportionate willie.”

For those who do not know ‘willie’, perhaps you also believe babies are bought from hospitals; otherwise ‘willie’ is the ‘waldo’ who savaged someone to have your presence on earth. Simple and straight forward.

That is also, you must be a Taifa, someone who is like a Thoma Diddimo from the Baibulo who cannot tell where ones national borders start and of course where they must end. So whatever Lincoln with his round glasses said, may just as be Japanese as it may be Hitler German for Kikwete and crew across our lake.

We all know that the guys on the other side of our fresh waters are bent at pulling our leg, and that if we do not do anything, at this point, we might as well be saying, ‘go ahead get that part of the lake’, which for most of us, all of us Malawians, is another fat joke.

Many writers, historians, and what have you have researched and told the world the truth behind that lake. And I am not going to delve into that history. Helgoland Treaty, ranting of both the founding fathers in the OAU and now passed over to the AU (if you have been to school, you know the full names behind the acronyms or abbreviations OAU and AU, so shut up).

My duty today is just to wonder out loud at how Malawians can come together and build a formidable wall against those that, God forbid, are trying to harass us for no apparent reason. I know Form Two’s may still be at it harassing Form One’s through their first year at secondary school. I also know the Form Three’s may be party to that and that the Form Four’s are working counter this so-called ‘tease’ animal. That is historical, current, and may remain so for the future.

But I do not understand why the league of former heads of states and governments, the so-called SADC Forum of the same, are doing about this issue. We, well, with the Tanzanians sent our joint official letters to have them mediate our issue over ownership of Lake Malawi (the name already shows who owns it, anyway). For starters, it was another Taifa working there at the Forum, who received our side of the matter, and who knows, fed his brothers and sisters across the lake our grounds, so that they delayed submitting their as they may arguably might have been making amends based on our, Malawian, stand.

And the agreed days are flying fast and the Joachim Chissano crew seems to be dozing off the matter. Now we have the Taifas making noise they are going to float their boats on the very same lake we are busy trying to discuss the matter over through that Forum. Something must be wrong. Someone at that Forum might be feeding the Taifas the wrong information and that is why they are behaving like this – rabid dog. Hasty and brain-dead!

This matter has been written about and told around for many times and varying versions. So lets stop here.

The only thing we can do as Malawians, since Chissano and crew, and the vexatious Taifas are giving us a raw deal, is to unite and fight for what belongs to us. Mama JB must stand firm and throw aside her PP, call on John Tembo, Peter Mutharika, Atupele Muluzi, Kamuzu Chibambo, Katsonga, and all those political party leaders to throw aside their misery party dogma and come together with her – call upon their supporters to wear Red, Black and Green and make that rising sun burn the naughty Taifas to ashes.

All the paramount chiefs should call on their people to come together and speak with one united voice. A voice that will not know Lomwe, Tumbuka, Ngoni, Yao, Chewa, Lambya, Ngonde, Tonga or any other language apart from the Malawian language. And also the faith leadership should come together and preach only that is God’s message to the Taifas that His people shall not suffer in vain and that He, God Himself, will fight our war and lead us to the chosen land.

The faith based voice should forget its Christian, Baha’i, Muslim, indigenous, and indeed any other religion and move with the religion of oneness and togetherness against the perpetrator, Taifas.

All groups of purpose should bring their varying policies to the fore, build a united single front, that will crash the misplaced dignity that the Taifas are bent at building against Malawi and what belongs to it.

I am aware that there are many Tanzanians that are sane, God-fearing, and peace loving just as we Malawians are sane, God-fearing and peace-loving. I ask them to make it a point to their political, religious, and traditional and all other leaders that Lake Malawi belongs to Malawi and that as a good neighbor; you have always enjoyed its fruits.

It is only precarious that Kikwete, Membe and some stooges want to create an unnecessary matter just to win elections. Such Tanzanians should join hands with Malawians to make Kikwete and his political party fails the elections come 2015 in Tanzania, so that his careless ways shall not bring the great nation into disrepute and shame.

The Tanzanian opposition must put it on their supporters that winning a place at State House wherever it is based in Tanzania is not by harassing and diverting the Tanzanian people’s attention to Lake Malawi, but is by brining in better policies that will benefit the larger populace in Tanganyika and across the country.

We have said it before, Malawi is small and this may as well be an opportunity to expand our horizons and gain more land and resources to ourselves. Before that can happen, we are already united to that cause and are merely offering our good neighbors a chance to remain as they are.

Failing which a united Malawi will unleash its might over the Tanzanians. They are begging for it and we shall give it to them if they truly and wholeheartedly crave for it. Those boats must never and will never touch the fresh waters of Lake Malawi!

United we stand and divided we fall. We are united in our political, cultural, traditional and religious diversity. Bring it on!!!!Masinga HA  HA HA

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