Cashgate: ACB summons Ndilowe, intensifies fishing evidence against JB

The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has intensified the summoning of various individuals, including former top government officials during the Joyce Banda administration, for what an inside source has described as “serious questioning” over the looting of public resources from Capital Hill, also known as the ‘Cashgate Scandal’.

Ndilowe: Interrogated

Ndilowe: Interrogated

ACB insiders told Nyasa Times on Thursday that some of the individuals, including the former Chief Secretary to the Government, Hawa Ndilowe, have been grilled specifically on what they know about the role the former Head of State Banda, played when millions of Kwacha were lost through the abuse and manipulation of the government central paying system called, IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management and Information System).

Ndilowe is now Malawi envoy to Tanzania.

“They are being questioned for hours on end on the alleged involvement of the then President. These individuals are being thoroughly grilled on what they know about President Banda’s personal involvement,” he said.

He said that it is “an open secret” that the Cashgate matter was the DPP administration’s prime plot to ‘corner’ Joyce Banda with. However, he said, it seems this ‘plot’ is no longer a viable weapon as there is no ‘direct’ evidence linking her to any wrongdoing.

The ACB source disclosed that the bureau has so far failed to ‘solicit’ any evidence from the interviewed individuals, which directly links Banda to the Cashgate scam.

Despite obvious intimidation tactics on the part of the ACB interrogators, most of the individuals have stood firm and have given their honest answers “and to the best of their knowledge,” he said.

According to the high-ranking ACB source, it is most apparent that the DPP government is intent at using the ACB as a mangy dog to get at political opponents in the current political endgame.

It is obvious that the former President is the main target, with a view to “embarrassing her in the light of her ever-rising local and global profile”.

“What is more unfortunate though, from what I have gathered in the course of our work at ACB, is that it seems the lack of evidence against former President Banda will not stand in the way of President Peter Mutharika persecuting his predecessor for political ends.

“It looks more and more apparent the DPP administration will leave no stone unturned to lock up Joyce Banda and some of her closest political allies like Brown Mpinganjira, Henry Phoya, Ephraim Chibvunde, Moses Kunkuyu, among others,” said the ACB source.

During the past two weeks, the ACB has been involved in a fellowship of arrests, rounding up a horde of people that were allegedly involved in Cashgate. Among those that have been arrested include former Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance Paul Mphwiyo, his wife Thandi, former Deputy Inspector General, Nelson Bophani, former spokesperson of the People’s Party (PP), Hophmally Makande and newly-appointed Assets Director, Christopher Tukula.

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The reporta only wrote what he found, we shld not blam hm & its how ndale za kumalawi zimayendera kumangolondana basi.


i think its now time malawians must learn to appreciate the fact that prosecution is not persecution jb was overall incharge of government affairs how then can she know nothing it therfore relevant to dig deeper and establish the truth and bring to book everyone involved am also worried with nyasatimes most of your repoters are political basically you always stand against DPP regime this if continues will hav negative images of publication


who ever wrote ths article is stupid & dnt deserve 2 b a reporter of this highly rated on-line publication..the cashgate scandal hapened under the leadership of whats wrong of investigators askin if she was part of it..after all she was da big boss of evrythin..this is nt political,ts about gettin 2 the bottom of the truth,but u mr stupid reporter,u r political..plz if u r reporter dnt chose sides jst report exactely as it is..evrybdy z innocent until proven guity.


Ofcourse I expected an edited list!! Stupid people would believe that dpp was not involved in the money stealing! ! Why is everybody only talking about 2013???

I challenge you, let someone bring out the audit report from 2010 and see who the real devil is!! This whole thing is 100% not right! !

Amitabe Shashame

The writer of this article is an asshole, a motherfucker,and a fag.How do you write that Cashgate is there to target PP cadres?Elsewhere when a scandal like this all the bosses from the institutions involved including the president were supposed to resign!!Even Tchuka,you mean he thought everything was normal when in an economy like ours banks continued requesting abnormal,collosal and huge amount of cash from RBM

charles Langton

Pena ndimachita manyazi kuwerenga nkhani za Nyasa chifukwa anthu ake ankumangokhala ngati mkalasi sanapite namo patali. Olo kuda munthuko, chifukwa chiyani simulembako nkhani mwa chillungamo? Amalawife tikudziwa nchifukwa chake bodza lanu silidzapindula lai konse. Kawauzeni agogo anga nkhani zanuzo akachita kukulodzani chifukwa cha bodza. Mungokhala ngati ndinu a zipempbedzo zomapha anathu zija kulimba mtima kwanu pa lunena bodza ndi kulimbikitsa zoipa. Taonani pa nkhani zalembedwayi ndi angati amene achita like olemba zoikira kumbuyo zoipa zanuzo? Cashgate inakhudza amalawi ndipo ngati munaba nawo tili mbuyomo tikugwirani posachedwa ndipo mudzamina kuti mfweeeeee!


Kodi sugar akugulitsa bwanji tsopano?

wilfred ziba

Amayi woyeeeee. A mayi 2 points APM 0, try harder but you will never bring this woman down, your brother tried but he failed and you will fail too. Just imagine she is more popular now while she is no longer the president, do you remmember what happened when you were both in USA, it’s like you were not there mr president. Just accept it and just maybe she might help you with the running of the government because honestly this seem to be too big for you.


This Hawa Ndilowe publicly told the world that they were cerebrating that cash gate was revealed and she called that as victory. She never disclosed what the victory was when people were dying when there were no medical supplies in the hospitals. Martha Kwataine told the world that Malawians respect the dead more than they deserve when people were crying of the disfunctional mortuary in Lilongwe. hen people are crying, you do not accuse them them but you sympathise with them which Maertha Kwataine failed and accused the crying poor widows and orphans. God will judge.

Chitani Manyazi

Tapangani zomwe mwapeza muzichita manyazi. Mayi wathu ngati akukhudzidwa zimukhudza basi pakali pano musiyeni kaye mayi wangayo.

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